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OSRIC - Wiki and Other Goodies - Index

Hello! This is PresGas; also known as Pres-Gas or Robert Freeman-Day

If you have any requests or issues, you are welcome to email me at “presgas(at)disroot(dot)org”

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OSRIC Main Wiki Page

Credits OSRIC

Text © Stuart Marshall 2006-08 or contributing author 2006-08 and used with permission—see the Open Game License, Section 15

Illustrations and maps © respective artists 2006-08, used with permission

“OSRIC”, “Osric” and “O.S.R.I.C.” are trademarks of Matthew Finch and Stuart Marshall

Final Author and Editor in Chief: Stuart Marshall

Initial Author: Matthew Finch

Initial Developers: David M. Prata and Allan T. Grohe Jr

Contributing Authors and Editors: John Adams, Nick Bogan, James Boney, Chris Cain, Floyd Canaday, Mike Davison, Mark Evans, Trent Foster, Vincent Frugé, Jeremy Goehring, Chris Hopkins, B. Scot Hoover, Fabrice Philibert-Caillat, David M. Prata, Daniel Proctor, Robert Ross, Bill Silvey, Matthew James Stanham, Matthew Steward

Text conversion: James D. Kramer

The authors would like to express their sincere gratitude, admiration and respect to Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, who originally created this hobby and devised many of the algorithms used in this game; and to the regulars at the Knights & Knaves Alehouse for much support.

Legal Note: The authors of this document are not affiliated in any way with Wizards of the Coast, Inc. (WOTC); any use of a trademark of WOTC or any other party is unauthorised, inadvertent, and is not intended to infringe upon the intellectual property rights of such parties.

Nothing in this document is to be construed as legal advice. For legal questions you should retain a solicitor or attorney to advise you. FOR FREE UPDATES, ERRATA AND OTHER OSRIC SUPPORT, VISIT:

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