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“Let kings stack their treasure houses ceiling-high, and merchants burst their vaults with hoarded coin, and fools envy them. I have a treasure that outvalues theirs. A diamond as big as a man's skull. Twelve rubies each as big as the skull of a cat. Seventeen emeralds each as big as the skull of a mole. And certain rods of crystal and bars of orichalcum. Let Overlords swagger jewel-bedecked and queens load themselves with gems, and fools adore them. I have a treasure that will outlast theirs. A treasure house have I builded for it in the far southern forest, where the two hills hump double, like sleeping camels, a day's ride beyond the village of Soreev. “A great treasure house with a high tower, fit for a king's dwelling—yet no king may dwell there.  Immediately below the keystone of the chief dome my treasure lies hid, eternal as the glittering stars. It will outlast me and my name, I, Urgaan of Angarngi. It is my hold on the future. Let fools seek it. They shall win it not. For although my treasure house be empty as air, no deadly creature in rocky lair, no sentinel outside anywhere, no pitfall, poison, trap, or snare, above and below the whole place bare, of demon or devil not a hair, no serpent lethal-fanged yet fair, no skull with mortal eye a-glare, yet have I left a guardian there. Let the wise read this riddle and forbear.”

- Fritz Leiber

Swords Against Deviltry














Artifact Generation


Random Magic Items

Magic Item Creation

New Magic Items


Arrow 1d6 1d6 4/dozen 2gp/dozen ABCaFPRThTr
Arrow, Silver 1d6 1d6 4/dozen 2gp/each ABCaFPRThTr
Axe, Battle 1d8 1d8 7 5gp ABCaFPR
Axe, Hand 1d6 1d4 5 1gp ABCaFPRW
Axe, Two-Handed 1d10 2d8 12 10gp ABCaFPR
Bolt, Heavy Crossbow 1d6+1 1d8+1 4/dozen 4gp/dozen ABCaFKPR
Bolt, Light Crossbow 1d4+1 1d6+1 2/dozen 2gp/dozen ABCaFKPR
Club 1d4 1d3 3 2cp ABCaCDFPRThTrW
Cosh/Sap† 1d2 1d2 3 3cp ABCaFPRTh
Dagger 1d4 1d3 1 2gp ABCaFIKMPRThTrW
Dagger, Main Gauche‡ 1d3 1d3 1 10gp ABCaFIKMPRThTrW
Dagger, Poignard 1d3 1d4 1 5gp ABCaFIKMPRThTrW
Dagger, Rondel 1d2+1 1d2+1 1 5gp ABCaFIKMPRThTrW
Dart 1d3 1d2 ½ 2sp ABCaFIMPRThTr
Flail, Heavy 1d6+1 2d4 10 3gp ABCaCFPR
Flail, Light 1d4+1 1d4+1 4 6gp ABCaCFPR
Halberd 1d10 2d6 18 9gp ABCaFPR
Hammer, War, Heavy 1d6+1 1d6 10 7gp ABCaCFPR
Hammer, War, Light 1d4+1 1d4 5 1p ABCaCFPR
Javelin* 1d6 1d4 4 5sp ABCaFPR
Knife 1d3 1d2 1 4sp ABCaFIKMPRThTrW
Lance* 2d4+1 3d6 15 6gp ABCaFPR
Mace, Heavy 1d6+1 1d6 10 10gp ABCaCFPR
Mace, Light 1d4+1 1d4+1 5 4gp ABCaCFPR
Morning Star 2d4 1d6+1 12 5gp ABCaCFPR
Pick, Heavy 1d6+1 2d4 10 8gp ABCaFPR
Pick, Light 1d4+1 1d4 4 5gp ABCaFPR
Polearm * 1d6+1 1d10 8 6gp ABCaFPR
Shield, Spiked Buckler‡ 1d3 1d3 1 10gp ABCaFPR
Sling Bullet 1d4+1 1d6+1 4/dozen 1gp/dozen ABCaFIMPRThTrW
Sling Bullet, Silver 1d4+1 1d6+1 4/dozen 1gp/each ABCaFIMPRThTrW
Sling Stone 1d4 1d4 2/dozen Free ABCaFIMPRThTrW
Spear* 1d6 1d8 5 1gp ABCaDFKPRTrW
Staff 1d6 1d6 5 Free ABCaCDFIKMPRTrW
Sword, Bastard/Claymore 2d4 2d8 10 25gp ABCaFPR
Sword, Broad 2d4 1d6+1 8 10gp ABCaFPRthTr
Sword, Foil 1d4+1 1d6 2 10gp ABCaFPRth
Sword, Long 1d8 1d12 7 15gp ABCaFPRThTr
Sword, Rapier 1d6+1 1d8 20gp ABCaFPRThTr
Sword, Scimitar 1d8 1d8 5 15gp ABCaDFPRTh
Sword, Short 1d6 1d8 3 8gp ABCaDFPRThTr
Sword, Two-handed 1d10 3d6 25 30gp ABCaFPR
Trident * 1d6+1 3d4 5 4gp ABCaFPR


* Long-hafted, pointed weapons, such as the spear, lance (when used dismounted), pole arm, or trident, inflict double damage when set to receive a charge and the foe actually charges. The lance inflicts double damage when used by a character riding a charging heavy warhorse or similar animal; if the attacker is mounted on a normal riding or cavalry horse, the damage should be reduced.

† A cosh or sap attack does 1d2 damage in most circumstances, but has a special attack. If the target is a human, demi-human, humanoid or animal and the attacker has surprise or is in position for a backstab, they may attempt to knock their target unconscious by hitting them on the head. The target's head is treated as AC6 or AC1 if wearing a helm. On a surprise or backstab roll 1d6 for damage and apply any backstab modifier. If this exceeds the target's current hp, then the target is knocked out; otherwise damage is result of 1d6/3.

‡ A main gauche or spiked buckler improves the wielder's AC by one point against one attacker only.

Atlatl with dart‡ 1d4 1d3 2 35' 3 ABCaFPR
Atlatl with javelin‡ 1d6 1d6 1 30' 3 ABCaFKPR
Axe, Hand 1d6 1d4 1 10' 5 1gp ABCaFPRW
Blowgun 1 1 2 20' 1 20gp ABCaFPR
Bow, Long† 1d6 1d6 2 70' 12 60gp ABCaFPR
Bow, Short† 1d6 1d6 2 50' 8 15gp ABCaFPRThTr
Club 1d4 1d3 1 10' 3 2cp ABCaCDFPRThTrW
Composite Bow, Long† 1d6 1d6 2 60' 13 100gp ABCaFPR
Composite Bow, Short† 1d6 1d6 1 50' 9 75gp ABCaFPR
Crossbow, Hand‡ 1d3 1d2 1 20' 1 ABCaFPR
Crossbow, Heavy* 1d6+1 1d6+1 ½ 60' 12 20gp ABCaFKPR
Crossbow, Light 1d4+1 1d4+1 1 60' 4 12gp ABCaFKPR
Dagger 1d4 1d3 2 10' 1 2gp ABCaFIMPRThTr
Dart 1d3 1d2 3 15' ½ 2sp ABCaFIMPRTh
Hammer 1d4+1 1d4 1 10' 5 1gp ABCaCFPR
Javelin 1d6 1d4 1 20' 2 5sp ABCaFPR
Sling, Bullet 1d4+1 1d6+1 1 35' ½ 5sp ABCaFPRThTr
Sling, Stone 1d4 1d4 1 35' ½ Free ABCaFPRTrW
Spear 1d6 1d8 1 15' 5 1gp ABCaFPRTrW
Staff Sling‡ 2d4 2d4+1 ½ 30' 5 ABCaCFPR


*Heavy crossbows may not be used from horseback; only a footman can brace them correctly before firing.

† Some specially-made bows (sold at special cost if at all — GM's discretion) permit the user to add his or her strength bonus to damage inflicted with the weapon. Otherwise the strength damage bonus with missile weapons is restricted to hurled weapons (axes, hammers, clubs, darts, javelins and spears).

‡ Hand crossbows, atlatls and staff slings are cultural weapons used by dark elves. In most campaigns they are uncommon or unknown on the surface, so many GMs will not permit surface-dwellers to gain proficiency in them unless and until the party meet dark elves in the course of adventuring. Some primitive or Barbarian tribes will use atlatls with darts.


Some monsters such as lycanthropes, undead, demons, and devils (as well as others) are susceptible to damage from specially-forged “pure metal” weaponry, when non-magical weapons would otherwise not harm them. Specific pure metals will vary from campaign to campaign, but often include one or more of the following ores:

Adamantine: A silvery black ore of incredible resilience. 25% heavier than steel, but does not rust and is immune to any kind of corrosion from acid. Adamantine is only found deep underground and is very rare, costing 1000% more than normal. Adamantine does not hold a sharp edge so is typically used for bludgeoning weapons and armour only.

Aurichalcum: An golden alchemical alloy containing copper, zinc and other trace elements. Like magicum it holds an enchantment well and is used for creating exceptional magic weapons, armour and other items. Items made from aurichalcum cost 100% more than normal.

Cold Iron: Cold-iron weapons are forged by dwarfs at lower than normal temperatures. These weapons are particularly useful against demonic, diabolic and fey creatures. Weapons made of cold-iron cost 200% more than normal. Enchanted cold-iron requires an additional 2,000gp cost.

Magicum: This is an alloy (similar to electrum) including gold, silver, mercury, copper, tin, iron, bismuth and brass. It can only be created by experienced alchemists. It is very soft but holds an enchantment well and is often used as an ingredient when creating magic weapons, armour and other items. Items made with magicum require 300% more than normal. Weapons and armour better than +2 require magicum.

Meteoric Iron: A rare metal containing both iron and nickel and mined from meteorites. Due to its natural composition, meteoric iron is equivalent to steel and has the same properties as cold-iron. It is incredibly rare and weapons made from it cost 500% more than normal.

Mithril: An extremely rare silvery metal found only in the deepest mines. It is highly prized by both dwarfs and elves. Mithril is stronger than steel but only half as heavy. Like adamantine, mithril is immune to rust and corrosion. Mithril weapons or armour cost 1000% more than normal.

Silver: Silver weapons are particularly useful against demonic, diabolic, or fey creatures and lycanthropes. As silver is very soft, it is generally used as plating over a steel or iron core. Silver weapons cost 200% more than normal. At the GM's discretion, such weapons may need regular and/or costly maintenance to maintain the silver plating.

Some campaigns may require magic weapons to be forged from pure and unalloyed metals, or to be alloyed with other metals (such as aurichalcum, magicum, precious metals, etc.), or to be specially-quenched using holy or unholy water or other special coolants, or to utilise other campaign-specific conditions, rituals, and/or blessings as part of their manufacture. These guidelines are not exhaustive, and in some campaigns specially-forged weaponry may be created using non-metallic materials (special woods, other-planar materials, etc.).

The net effect of forging such pure metal weaponry is that the cost of weapons and armour is significantly higher. Given the additional cost and time required to forge pure metal weapons, most will probably need to be commissioned and may not be readily available to purchase off the shelf.

The specific effect of a specially-forged pure metal weapon upon a monster will vary from one monster to another. Silvered weapons may be required to damage some monsters, while the same weapon may not have any effect upon others which require meteoric iron to be damaged. Unless otherwise noted in a monster's description, magical weapons of sufficient potency will always damage a monster regardless of the materials that they are constructed from - so a magical silver arrow +1 would still damage a creature requiring meteoric iron or magical weapons to be hit.


Banded Armour 350 90' 4 90gp BCCaFPR
Brigandine 350 120' 7 120gp ABCCaFPRTTr
Hoplite Panoply (Lorica Musculata) 400 90' 6 160gp BCCaFPRTr
Lamellar 200 90' 6 100gp BCCaFPRTr
Leather Armour 150 120' 8 5gp ABCCaFPRTTr
Linothorax (Greek Armour) 150 120' 7 ABCCaFPRTTr
Mail Hauberk 300 90' 5 75gp BCCaFPRTr
Mail Haubergeon (Lorica Hamata) 120 120' 6 25gp BCCaFPRTr
Mail, Elfin 150 120' 5 N/A BCCaFPRTr
Padded Gambeson 100 90' 8 4gp ABCCaFPRTTr
Plate Armour 450 60' 3 400gp BCCaFPR
Plate Armour, Bronze (Chariot Armour) 450 60' 4 400gp BCCaFPR
Ring Armour 350 90' 7 30gp BCCaFPRTr
Scale Armour, Heavy 450 60' 5 120gp BCCaFPRTr
Scale Armour 400 60' 6 45gp BCCaFPRTr
Shield, Large 100 N/A -1 15gp BCCaDFPRTr
Shield, Medium 80 N/A -1 12gp BCCaDFPRTr
Shield, Small 50 N/A -1 10gp BCCaDFPRTr
Splint Armour 400 60' 4 80gp BCCaFPR
Studded Leather Armour 200 90' 7 15gp ABCCaFPRTTr


Ballista 75gp 1,000lbs. 0-400' 2d6 3d6 ¼ 2 2
Cauldron, Suspended 50gp 80lbs. N/A 3d4 3d4 ¼ N/A 2
Hoist 150gp 400lbs. N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 2
Mangonel (Med. Catapult) 150gp 3,000lbs. 150'-600' 2d12 4d4 ¼ 6 6
Onager (Lt. Catapult) 75gp 1,500lbs. 100'-300' 2d10 3d4 ¼ 4 4
Ram / Sow 500gp 3,000lbs. N/A 1d8+8 1d12+12 ½ 12 10
Siege Tower 800gp 12,000lbs. N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 12
Tortoise 350gp 10,000lbs. N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 10
Trebuchet (Hvy. Catapult) 500gp 5,000lbs. 200'-800' 3d10 3d6+2 ¼ 8 8


Ass 20gp 7,000 Griffon, Riding 35,000 80,000
Bear 100gp 10,000 Hippocampus, Riding 20,000gp 40,000
Bear, Dancing 300gp 10,000 Hippogriff, Riding 32,000 20,000
Boar 10gp 1,000gp Owlbear, Guard 10,000gp 75,000
Bull 20gp 10,000 Pegasus, Riding 40,000gp 10,000
Calf 5gp 500 Roc, Riding 100,000gp 250,000
Camel 12gp 9,000 Sea Horse, Riding 15,000gp 10,000
Capon 3cp 100 Wyvern, Guard 12,000gp 12,000
Cat 5sp 100 Wyvern, Riding 15,000gp 12,000
Chicken 3cp 100
Cow 10gp 7,500
Deer, Red, Doe 12gp 5,000 TACK & HARNESS COST WEIGHT
Deer, Red, Stag 30gp 7,000 Barding, Chain 500gp 3,000
Dog, Guard 25gp 800 Barding, Leather 200gp 700
Dog, Hunting 20gp 650 Barding, Padded 150gp 600
Dog, Lap 5gp 500 Barding, Plate 2,000gp 5,000
Dog, Sled 15p 800 Barding, Scale 200gp 2,000
Dog, War 100gp 1,000 Barding, Splint 400gp 4,000
Donkey 8gp 8,000 Grooming Brush 6sp 1
Dove 3sp 15 Halter 5cp 1
Duck 4sp 20 Harness 12cp 100
Eagle 500gp 500 Harness, Cart 2gp 100
Elephant 300gp 100,000 Hoof Pick 5sp 1
Elephant, War 1,500gp 120,000 Horseshoes 1gp 100
Falcon 600gp 80 Reins, Bit & Bridle 2gp 5
Goat 1gp 600 Saddle & Stirrups 10gp 200
Goose 5cp 65 Saddle, Pack 5gp 150
Guinea Fowl 2cp 20 Saddlebags, Large 4gp 80
Hare 25cp 18 Saddlebags, Small 3gp 50
Hawk, Large 150gp 400 Saddle Blanket 3sp 40
Hawk, Small 40gp 70 Yoke, Horse 5gp 150
Horse, Cart 15gp 11,000 Yoke, Ox 3gp 200
Horse, Nag 8gp 8,000
Horse, Palfrey 40gp 8,000
Horse, Rouncey 25gp 8,000
Horse, War, Heavy 500gp 13,000
Horse, War, Light 200gp 9,000
Horse, War, Medium 350gp 11,000
Llama 30gp 6,500
Mule 18gp 7,000
Ox 15gp 10,000
Partridge 5cp 15
Peacock 20gp 100
Peahen 5gp 70
Pheasant 7cp 25
Pigeon 1cp 15
Pigeon, Homing 100gp 15
Piglet 1gp 100
Pig 3gp 3,000
Pony 12gp 4,000
Rabbit 2sp 15
Ram 4gp 850
Sheep 2gp 500
Songbird 1gp 4
Swan 10gp 200
Yak 9gp 4,800
Apron, Linen 2cp 10 Shirt/Blouse, Linen 4cp 10
Apron, Woolen 1cp 20 Shoes, Common 5sp 10
Baldric 2sp 20 Shoes, Noble 30gp 10
Belt, Cloth 2cp 2 Shoes, Turnshoes 5sp 10
Belt, Leather 5sp 3 Skirt, Linen 5sp 30
Bodice, Leather 5gp 20 Skirt, Woolen 4cp 40
Bodice, Linen 3sp 5 Slip, Linen 4sp 5
Bodice, Woolen 5cp 6 Slip, Silk 15gp 5
Boots, High, Hard 2gp 50 Smock, Linen 12sp 10
Boots, High, Soft 1gp 30 Smock, Woolen 2cp 15
Boots, Low, Hard 1gp 30 Stockings, Silk, Pair 10gp 5
Boots, Low, Soft 8sp 20 Stola, Linen 3gp 10
Boots, Riding 3gp 60 Stola, Woolen 8cp 10
Boots, Sea 5gp 80 Strophion 1cp 5
Bracers, Leather 18sp 5 Surcoat 5sp 10
Breeches 2gp 10 Tabard 5sp 10
Cap 1sp 10 Toga, Linen 3gp 10
Cape, Fur 100gp 20 Toga, Woolen 7cp 10
Cape, Linen 5sp 10 Tricorne 5gp 5
Cape, Woolen 3cp 10 Trousers, Linen 5sp 30
Caraco, Linen 18gp 10 Trousers, Woolen 4cp 40
Cloak, Fur 200gp 30 Tunic, Banqueting 10gp 10
Cloak, Woolen 3cp 20 Tunic, Linen 4sp 10
Corset 30gp 10 Tunic, Woolen 5cp 20
Doublet, Linen 3gp 10 Veil 5sp 1
Dress, Linen 15sp 30 Veil, Linen 6sp 10
Dress, Woolen 9cp 40 Vest, Fur 50gp 20
Gaiters, Leather 24sp 5
Gauntlets, Leather 8gp 20 ORNAMENT COST WEIGHT
Girdle, Broad 3gp 10 Anklet, Copper 3sp 5
Girdle, Normal 2gp 5 Anklet, Gold 6gp 5
Gloves, Kidskin 3gp 5 Anklet, Silver 1gp 5
Gloves, Leather 5gp 10 Bracelet, Copper 2sp 3
Gloves, Linen 2sp 1 Bracelet, Gold 4gp 3
Gloves, Woolen 5cp 2 Bracelet, Silver 8sp 3
Gown, Linen 3gp 10 Brooch, Copper 6gp 10
Gown, Silk 50gp 10 Brooch, Pewter 3gp 10
Gown, Woolen 5cp 10 Brooch, Silver 15gp 10
Habit, Woolen 3cp 10 Chain, Fine Gold 40gp/ft. 10
Hat, Fur 50gp 10 Chain, Fine Silver 15gp/ft. 10
Hat, Linen 25sp 10 Cloak Pin 4sp 5
Hat, Straw 3sp 10 Cosmetics, Henna (oz.) 7sp 1
Hat, Woolen 1sp 10 Cosmetics, Kohl (oz.) 5sp 1
Hood, Fur-lined 5gp 10 Cosmetics, Rouge (oz.) 12sp 1
Hood, Linen 3sp 10 Crown 5,000gp 30
Hood, Woolen 5cp 10 Earring, Copper 1sp 2
Hose 1gp 5 Earring, Gold 15sp 2
Houppelande 5gp 10 Earring, Silver 6sp 2
Jerkin, Leather 1gp 75 Locket, Silver 10gp 2
Kirtle, Linen 25sp 20 Medallion, Gold 30gp 10
Kirtle, Woolen 1sp 30 Medallion, Silver 12gp 10
Liripipe, Jester's 2gp 10 Necklace, Amber 45gp 2
Loincloth 1cp 5 Necklace, Bead 1gp 3
Mask, Masque 10gp 10 Necklace, Pearl 60gp 2
Mask, Robber's 1gp 10 Pendant, Bronze 8sp 1
Mittens, Woolen 2cp 1 Pendant, Bronze 6sp 1
Motley, Jester's 15gp 20 Pendant, Silver 1gp 1
Nightgown, Linen 7sp 10 Perfume, Citronella Oil (oz.) 8sp 1
Nightgown, Silk 30gp 10 Perfume, Frankincence (oz.) 2gp 1
Peignoir 50gp 10 Perfume, Lavender Oil (oz.) 7sp 1
Peplose, Linen 18sp 10 Perfume, Myrrh (oz.) 2gp 1
Peplos, Woolen 6cp 15 Perfume, Patchouli Oil (oz.) 14sp 1
Petticoat, Linen 6sp 10 Ring, Copper 2sp 0.1
Robe, Linen 3gp 15 Ring, Engagement 60gp 0.1
Robe, Silk 60gp 10 Ring, Gold 26gp 0.1
Robe, Silk, Fur-trimmed 150gp 15 Ring, High Priest's 400gp 0.1
Robe, Woolen 6cp 50 Ring, Signet 175gp 0.1
Sandals 5cp 8 Ring, Silver 10gp 0.1
Sash 1gp 5 Ring, Wedding 85gp 0.1
Scarf, Woolen 2cp 5 Sceptre 1,000gp 50
Shawl, Linen 3sp 5 Tiara 750gp 10
Shawl, Woolen 3cp 5 Wig 12gp 10
Armchair, Ornate 25gp 600 Platter, Wooden 3cp 20
Armchair, Padded 10gp 500 Rug, Small 1gp 50
Armchair, Wooden 5gp 300 Rug, Large 3gp 300
Armour Stand 2gp 30 Salver, Silver 10gp 10
Bed, Double 60gp 1,500 Saucer, Clay 3cp 5
Bed, Four Poster 100gp 2,000 Sconce, Wall 8sp 50
Bed, Single 30gp 900 Scuttle 7gp 80
Bench, Fancy 6gp 200 Stool 1gp 50
Bench, Plain 3gp 150 Table, Banquet 250gp 4,000
Board, Game, Backgammon 12sp 10 Table, Dining 100gp 2,000
Board, Game, Chess 1gp 10 Table, Plain 50gp 1,000
Board, Game, Fox & Geese 7sp 10 Table, Trestle 4gp 75
Board, Game, Tafl 8sp 10 Tankard, Clay 2sp 15
Bookcase 5gp 1,000 Tankard, Leather 5sp 10
Bowl, Clay 2cp 15 Tankard, Silver 3gp 20
Bowl, Copper 9sp 20 Tankard, Wooden 3cp 10
Bowl, Silver 2gp 20 Tapestry, Large 150gp 1,000
Bowl, Wooden 3cp 10 Tapestry, Medium 75gp 500
Cabinet 5gp 500 Tapestry, Small 25gp 150
Candelabra 20gp 300 Tray, Wooden 4cp 1
Carpet 1gp/sq. ft. 20/sq.ft. Tub, Wooden 3gp 100
Chair, Padded 8gp 450 Urn, Clay 15cp 90
Chair, Wooden 4gp 250 Vase, Clay 5cp 40
Chest, Wood, Large 2gp 250 (empty) Wardrobe, Plain 30gp 650
Chest, Wood, Small 1gp 125 (empty) Wardrobe, Mirror 50gp 800
Cup, Clay 1cp 10 Wardrobe, Ornate 65gp 900
Cup, Copper 5sp 10 Weapon Rack 4gp 45
Cup, Silver 1gp 10 Workbench 10gp 300
Cup, Wooden 2cp 10
Curtains 3sp/sq.ft. 10/sq.ft.
Cushion 1sp 10
Cutlery, Copper 1sp/piece 1/piece
Cutlery, Pewter 2sp/piece 1/piece
Cutlery, Silver 3gp/piece 1/piece
Decanter, Clay 4cp 50
Decanter, Crystal 10gp 60
Decanter, Silver 5gp 60
Desk 40gp 600
Dish, Clay 4cp 25
Dish, Copper 12sp 20
Dish, Pewter 25sp 30
Dish, Silver 8gp 40
Goblet, Copper 5sp 10
Goblet, Crystal 4gp 10
Goblet, Silver 2gp 10
Mat 4sp 50
Mattress, Down, Double 10gp 300
Mattress, Down, Single 6gp 150
Mattress, Feather, Double 7gp 300
Mattress, Feather, Single 4gp 150
Mattress, Heather, Double 5gp 300
Mattress, Heather, Single 3gp 150
Mattress, Straw, Double 4gp 300
Mattress, Straw, Single 2cp 150
Mug, Clay 1cp 10
Mirror 15gp/sq.ft. 20/sq.ft.
Pieces, Gaming, Backgammon 2gp 20
Pieces, Gaming, Chess 3gp 20
Pieces, Gaming, Fox & Geese 10sp 15
Pieces, Gaming, Tafl 12sp 30
Pillow, Down 2gp 20
Pillow, Feather 15sp 20
Pillow, Heather 1gp 20
Pillow, Straw 5sp 20
Plate, Copper 7sp 10
Plate, Iron 1gp 10
Plate, Silver 3gp 10
Platter, Clay 3cp 20
Platter, Silver 5gp 30
Ale, Light (pint) 1sp 10 Spice, Herbs (oz.) 5cp 1
Ale, Dark (pint) 15cp 10 Spice, Paprika (oz.) 2sp 1
Apples (lb.) 4cp 10 Spice, Pepper (oz.) 3sp 1
Apricots (lb.) 10gp 10 Spice, Saffron (oz.) 4sp 1
Bacon (lb.) 1gp 10 Spice, Wolfsbane (oz.) 3sp 1
Beans (lb.) 4cp 10 Tea (lb.) 1gp 10
Beef, Roast (lb.) 1gp 10 Tobacco (lb.) 7cp 10
Beef, Jerky (lb.) 5gp 10 Turnips (lb.) 2cp 10
Beer, Small (pint) 1cp 10 Wine, Good (pint) 5sp 10
Beer, Strong (pint) 2cp 10 Wine, Mulled (pint) 12sp 10
Brandy (gill) 1gp 3 Wine, Table (pint) 3sp 10
Bread (loaf) 1cp 1 Whiskey (gill) 5sp 3
Butter (lb.) 1sp 10
Cabbage (lb.) 3cp 10 INNS COST
Cakes (lb.) 12sp 10 Banquet, 9 Course 12gp/person
Carrots (lb.) 4cp 10 Banquet, 7 Course 10gp/person
Cheese (lb.) 4sp 10 Banquet, 5 course 8gp/person
Cherries (oz.) 5sp 1 Bath, Hot 1sp
Chestnuts (lb.) 6sp 10 Feed & Stabling 5sp/horse/day
Chutney (oz.) 3sp 1 Meal, Common 3sp/day
Cider (pint) 2cp 10 Meal, Good 5sp/day
Crab (lb.) 3gp 10 Meal, Poor 1sp/day
Dates (lb.) 4sp 10 Pot Luck 5cp
Eggs, Duck (dozen) 2cp 25 Room, Common 12gp/month
Eggs, Goose (dozen) 3cp 35 Room, Common 5sp/night
Eggs, Hen (dozen) 1cp 15 Room, Common 3gp/week
Eggs, Quail (dozen) 1gp 8 Room, Double 20gp/month
Figs (lb.) 3sp 10 Room, Double 1gp/night
Flour (sack) 5cp 400 Room, Double 6gp/week
Firewood (day) 1cp 200 Room, Poor 8gp/month
Fish, Fresh (lb.) 5sp 10 Room, Poor 5cp/night
Fish, Pickled (lb.) 1gp 10 Room, Poor 2sp/week
Fish, Salted (lb.) 12sp 10
Fowl, Roast Chicken 4sp 30
Fowl, Roast Duck 6sp 20
Fowl, Roast Goose 1gp 65
Fowl, Roast Peacock 30gp 100
Fowl, Roast Pheasant 2gp 25
Fowl, Roast Swan 25gp 200
Garlic (bulb) 2cp 1
Grapes (lb.) 9sp 10
Ham (lb.) 11sp 10
Honey (oz.) 4sp 1
Leeks (lb.) 7cp 10
Lobster (lb.) 4gp 10
Mead (pint) 4cp 10
Milk, Cow's (pint) 2cp 10
Milk, Goat's (pint) 1cp 10
Mushrooms (lb.) 1sp 10
Mustard (oz.) 3sp 1
Nuts (lb.) 10gp 10
Oats (lb.) 2cp 10
Oil, Olive (pint) 6sp 10
Onions (lb.) 4cp 10
Peaches (lb.) 6cp 10
Pears (lb.) 3cp 10
Potatoes (lb.) 2cp 10
Pork, Roast (lb.) 8sp 10
Pork, Salt (lb.) 12sp 10
Raisins (lb.) 2sp 10
Rations, Trail (per day) 6gp 10
Rations (per day) 3gp 20
Rum (gill) 1cp 3
Salt (lb.) 3sp 10
Sherry (pint) 2sp 10
Spice, Belladonna (oz.) 4sp 1
Spice, Cinnamon (oz.) 1sp 1
Spice, Clove (oz.) 2sp 1
Spice, Nutmeg (oz.) 5cp 1
Adze 1gp 20 Earspoon, Bone 2cp 10
Air Bladder 15gp 20 File, Metal 2gp 10
Amphora, Clay 6cp 20 Fire-Starting Bow 7sp 5
Anvil 12gp 2,000 Fish Hook 1sp 1
Auger 1gp 20 Flask, Leather (empty) 3cp 2
Axe, Felling 2gp 100 Flint & Steel 1gp 3
Axe, Hatchet 6sp 30 Glass 8gp/sq.ft. 20/sq.ft.
Axe, Splitting 1gp 50 Glue (oz.) 5cp 10
Backpack, Leather 2gp 20 Grapnel 8gp 80
Bag, Leather 2sp 5 Grappling Hook 1gp 40
Bag, Woolen 3cp 5 Grindstone 5gp 20
Bandages 2cp/sq.ft. 5/sq.ft. Hacksaw 2gp 20
Barrel (50 gal.) 5gp 1,500 Hammer 5sp 20
Basket, Large 3sp 10 Hammock 2sp 20
Basket, Small 1sp 5 Hour Candle 9sp 10
Bath, Copper 5gp 150 Hourglass 20gp 10
Bath, Tin 3gp 150 Ink (oz.) 1gp 10
Bedroll 2sp 5 Jar, Clay 3cp 30
Beeswax (lb.) 2sp 10 Jar, Glass 6gp 30
Bellows (pair) 1gp 20 Jug, Clay 4cp 50
Blanket 5cp 20 Jug, Copper 8sp 50
Block & Tackle 5gp 50 Keg (5 gal.) 5sp 50
Bolt Case (crossbow) 1gp 10 Ladder (per 10') 5sp 200
Book, Blank, Papyrus (100pp) 20gp 50 Lamp, Bronze 1sp 10
Book, Blank, Parchment (100pp) 15gp 50 Lantern, Beacon 120gp 500
Book, Blank, Vellum (100pp)* 25gp 50 Lantern, Bullseye 12gp 30
Bottle, Glass 2gp 10 Lantern, Hooded 7gp 20
Box, Iron, Large (empty) 15p 750 Lard (pint) 1cp 20
Box, Iron, Small (empty) 8gp 350 Lens, Magnifying 100gp 1
Box, Wooden 1gp 150 Lock, Basic 20gp 10
Bracers, Leather 8sp 20 Lock, Secure 50gp 10
Broom, Besom 1cp 10 Lodestone 3gp 10
Brush, Hair 2sp 3 Mallet, Wooden 3cp 20
Brush, Paint 1sp 1 Manacles (pair) 15gp 20
Brush, Wire 7sp 1 Mirror, Small, Steel 20gp 5
Bucket, Wooden 3sp 40 Mirror, Small, Silver 45gp 5
Cage, Bird 2gp 50 Mop 2cp 10
Candle, Tallow 1cp 2 Nails, Iron (doz.) 1cp 10
Candle, Beeswax 1cp 2 Needle, Sewing, Bone 1cp 0.1
Candle Snuffer 1sp 15 Needle, Sewing, Gold 2gp 0.1
Cane, Walking 2gp 50 Needle, Sewing, Iron 5cp 0.1
Case, Scroll, Bone 4gp 5 Needle, Sewing, Silver 3sp 0.1
Case, Scroll, Leather 1gp 5 Oil, Greek Fire (pint) 12gp 10
Cask (30 gal.) 15sp 600 Oil, Lamp (pint) 1sp 10
Cauldron & Tripod 2gp 150 Paddle 2sp 30
Chain, Iron, Anchor 10gp/ft. 100/ft. Pail 2sp 10
Chain, Iron, Fine 12gp/ft. 3/ft. Paint (pint) 2sp 10
Chain, Iron, Light 2gp/ft. 5/ft. Paper (sheet) 1gp 0.1
Chain, Iron, Heavy 5gp/ft. 10/ft. Papyrus (sheet) 1sp 0.1
Chalk, Powder (oz.) 1cp 2 Parchment (sheet) 2sp 0.1
Chalk, Stick 1cp 0.1 Perfume (gill) 5gp 1
Charcoal (lb.) 2sp 10 Pen, Quill 1sp 0.1
Cheesewire (ft.) 1gp 1 Penknife 8sp 10
Chisel 1gp 30 Pestle & Mortar 7sp 2
Cleaver, Butcher's 1gp 1 Pickaxe 7gp 60
Cloth, Canvas 1sp/sq. yard 10/sq. yard Piton 1sp 5
Cloth, Felt 3cp/sq. yard 10/sq. yard Pipe, Smoking 1sp 5
Cloth, Linen 7cp/sq. yard 5/sq. yard Pliers 1gp 20
Cloth, Silk 20gp/sq. yard 4/sq. yard Pole (10') 2sp 80
Cloth, Wool 2cp/sq. yard 10/sq. yard Pot, Iron, Cooking 5sp 100
Coal (lb.) 15cp 10 Pouch, Cloth, Large (empty) 3cp 20
Comb, Antler 1sp 2 Pouch, Cloth, Small (empty) 1cp 10
Comb, Bone 15cp 2 Pouch, Leather, Large (empty) 4sp 20
Comb, Horn 7cp 2 Pouch, Leather, Small (empty) 2sp 10
Compass 10gp 5 Pulley 25gp 15
Cord (10') 1sp 2 Purse 1cp 5
Crampons 4gp 30 Puzzlebox 60gp 5
Crowbar 2gp 50 Quiver, 12 Arrows (empty) 1gp 10
Dice, Fair (pair) 5sp 2 Quiver, 24 Arrows (empty) 25sp 20
Dice, Loaded (pair) 5gp 2 Quiver, 12 Bolts (empty) 12sp 10
Distaff 9cp 1 Quiver, 24 Bolts (empty) 3gp 20
Drill, Brace & Bit 5gp 50 Razor 1gp 5
* Spellbooks must be vellum
Rope, Hemp (50') 5sp 80 Barge 500gp
Rope, Silk (50') 20gp 50 Boat, Collapsing 500gp
Rushlight 1cp 5 Canoe, Small 30gp
Sack, Large (empty) 15cp 10 Canoe, Large 50gp
Sack, Small (empty) 9cp 5 Canoe, War 100gp
Satchel 1gp 5 Caravel 10,000gp
Saw, One-man 2gp 30 Cart 50gp
Saw, Two-man 12gp 200 Carriage, Common 150gp
Scabbard, Bastard Sword 3gp 15 Carriage, Noble 7,000gp
Scabbard, Broad Sword 18sp 10 Chariot, Riding 200gp
Scabbard, Long Sword 2gp 10 Chariot, War 500gp
Scabbard, Scimitar 21sp 10 Coaster 5,000gp
Scabbard, Short Sword 1gp 5 Cog 10,000
Scabbard, Two-Handed 4gp 20 Corvette 12,000
Scale, Merchant's 5gp 60 Curragh 500gp
Scalpel 2gp 2 Cutter 40,000gp
Scissors/Snips (pair) 5cp 10 Dinghy, Small 75gp
Seal, Wax 5gp 1 Dinghy, Large 150gp
Sheath, Dagger 6sp 1 Dog-Sled 40gp
Sheath, Knife 4sp 1 Drakkar 25,000gp
Skin, Water (3 pint)(empty) 1gp 10 Dromond 15,000gp
Slate & Chalk 1sp 1 Galleon 50,000gp
Soap (lb.) 5sp 10 Galley, Large 25,000gp
Spade/Shovel 2gp 80 Galley,Small 10,000gp
Spike, Iron (doz.) 1gp 10 Galley, War 40,000gp
Spit, Roasting 1sp 40 Kayak 250gp
String (50') 3cp 10 Knarr 3,000gp
Sundial 8gp 400 Longship 10,000gp
Tacks, Iron (gross) 3cp 20 Raft 40gp
Tent, Canvas (6-person) 200gp 400 Sedan Chain 100gp
Tent, Canvas (4-person) 120gp 250 Wagon, Large 250gp
Tent, Canvas (2-person) 75gp 150 Wagon, Small 150gp
Tent, Leather (6-person) 50gp 500 Wheel, Wagon 5gp
Tent, Leather (4-person) 30gp 350
Tent, Leather (2-person) 10gp 200 NAUTICAL COST WEIGHT
Thread (50') 1cp 5 Anchor, Dead-Weight 25gp 4,000
Thread, Embroidery (10') 1sp 1 Anchor, Dual-Prong 100gp 8,000
Tinderbox 15sp 15 Anchor, Single-Prong 80gp 6,000
Tongs, Smith's 2gp 20 Astrolabe 150gp 300
Torch 1cp 10 Belaying Pin 2cp 20
Tweezers 7sp 0.1 Bell, Ship's 60gp 2,500
Twine, Linen (100') 8cp 50 Compass, Waterproof 12gp 5
Vellum, New (sheet) 3sp 0.1 Cross Staff 1gp 40
Vellum, Palimpsest (sheet) 2sp 0.1 Fishing Net 1sp/25 sq.ft. 5/25 sq.ft
Vial, Clay 1cp 25 Flags, Signal (pair) 15sp 200
Vial, Glass 3gp 30 Gaff Hook 5cp 200
Vial, Copper 5gp 40 Lamp, Swivel 4gp 150
Wallet 1gp 5 Oar, Common 4sp 200
Wax, Sealing (lb.) 3sp 10 Oar, Galley 3gp 1,000
Wax Tablet & Stylus 4sp 3 Paddle 3sp 50
Whetstone 2cp 5 Sail 20gp 1,200
Whisk 2sp 1 Scuttlebutt 2gp 1,250
Standard Set 30gp 10 Altar Cloth 10gp 20
* Chisels (5) 5gp 1 Aspergillum 12gp 30
* Lockpicks (12) 12gp 1 Beads, Prayer 1gp 5
* Bradawl 1sp 0.1 Chalice 50gp 10
* File, Small 2gp 0.1 Coffin 2gp 10
* Hacksaw 2gp 1 Flabellum 2gp 10
* Hammer 1gp 1 Font 100gp 750
* Hand Drill 2gp 1 Holy Symbol, Pewter 5gp 10
* Jemmy 1gp 1 Holy Symbol, Silver 25gp 10
* Keyhole Saw 2gp 0.5 Holy Symbol, Wooden 6sp 10
* Pry Bar 1gp 1 Holy Water (vial) 25gp 5
* Pliers 1gp 0.5 Idol 25gp 1,000
* Shims 4sp 0.5 Incense (stick) 1gp 1
* Twine (50') 3cp 0.3 Pall 3sp 10
* Wedges 7cp 0.5 Prayer Mat 5sp 40
* Satchel, Small 4sp 0.5 Sanctuary Lamp 10gp 40
Caltrops (each) 1gp 2 Thurible 30gp 10
Cards, Deck, Marked 4gp 1 Vestments 40gp 100
Cards, Deck, Straight 2sp 1 Wheel, Prayer 3gp 100
Hooked Wires 6sp 1
Mountaineer's Harness 15gp 5 TORTURE COST WEIGHT
Key Blanks (each) 1sp 1 Bastinadoes 1gp 20
Letterbox Claw 12gp 10 Branding Iron 1gp 30
Limewood Strips 2sp 10 Brazier 15gp 150
Listening Horn 3sp 1 Butcher's Hook 1gp 10
Mirror On Rod 20gp 2 Cage 120gp 1,000
Sheath, Wrist 1gp 1 Cat O'Nine Tails 2gp 3
Sheath, Boot 1gp 5 Choke Pear 1gp 1
Wire Cutters 1gp 10 Fetters 5gp 10
Head Clamp 12gp 60
Iron Boot 10gp 100
INSTRUMENT COST WEIGHT Iron Maiden 200gp 2,000
Bagpipes 35gp 60 Pillory 4gp 100
Bell 1gp 1 Pincers 2gp 30
Chimes 20gp 50 Rack 75gp 1,000
Drum 5gp 50 Stocks 45gp 600
Fiddle 40gp 40 Stool, Ducking 1gp 50
Fife 30gp 10 Strappado 12gp 150
Flute 20gp 10 Thumbscrews 10gp 10
Gong 20gp 250 Wheel, Breaking 6gp 750
Harp 100gp 120 Whip 5sp 2
Horn 35gp 40
Lyre 75gp 80 Bill Hook 8sp 25
Mandolin 50gp 50 Flatiron 5sp 60
Oboe 40gp 20 Fork 4sp 20
Pipes 5gp 10 Grain Flail 2gp 20
Tambourine 5gp 10 Griddle 12sp 15
Trumpet 20gp 50 Harrow 4gp 50
Whistle 8sp 5 Hoe 8sp 15
Xylophone 45gp 100 Ladle 6sp 5
Zither 35gp 120 Loom 12gp 50
Mangle 20gp 100
Alembic 8gp 30 Press, Wine 20gp 80
Beaker 2gp 10 Quern 3gp 60
Condenser 12gp 45 Rake 7sp 25
Crucible 5gp 50 Scythe 1gp 20
Cruet 2gp 10 Shears 1gp 10
Crystal Ball 250gp 100 Sickle 12sp 10
Funnel 15sp 10 Skillet 1gp 5
Pipette 8gp 5 Trowel 3sp 5
Prism 20gp 35
Retort 5gp 20
Retort Stand 5sp 10
Spatula 4cp 1
Spoon 1sp 1
Strainer 4gp 2
Test Tube 1gp 1


Backpack 25 300 325
Chest, Large 250 750 1,000
Chest, Small 125 375 500
Pouch, Large 3 50 53
Pouch, Small 1 25 26
Sack, Large 20 400 420
Sack, Small 5 100 105
Satchel 3 50 53
Waterskin (3-pint) 10 40 50


Drugs: Natural or manufactured intoxicants. Examples include plant-based herbal concoctions, leaves or flowers to animal and monster ingredients. Broadly speaking there are four kinds: hallucinogens, stimulants, narcotics and magical drugs. Hallucinogens typically affect the users' Wisdom and Intelligence, stimulants Strength and Constitution, narcotics Dexterity and Constitution, and magical drugs Intelligence and Wisdom. Depending on the type, drugs may or may not require a Saving Throw to resist the immediate effects or those of addiction. Lawful or Good societies may outlaw many or all recreational drugs. Certain religions or barbaric societies may esteem certain drugs for ritual or other purposes.

Toxins: Environmentally encountered biological, elemental or magical hazards. Examples include a plague-ridden town, a diseased tomb, underground pockets of methane gas, or radioactivity. Exposure to the environment itself will typically require a Save vs. Poison or several such saves depending on the length of exposure. The effects of toxins may either be immediately felt or gradual. Success indicates the individual is either immune to the particular agent or is unaffected for a certain duration of time. Failure requires treatment.

Venom: Plant or animal venoms. Examples include poisonous snakes, spiders, and plants and poisonous monsters like wyverns. While many venoms are quite lethal, they often spoil quickly once removed from the original creature or plant. Certain primitive tribesman and many humanoid tribes use animal and plant venoms on their weapons. Venoms generally require a single Saving Throw vs. Poison. Effects can include sleep, fear, paralysis, a set amount of hit point damage, and/or death.

Poisons: Concentrated, distilled or preserved varieties of venoms or toxins usually with the aim of increasing or hastening lethality. Examples include those poisons used by assassins, and potions of poison. May be delivered either by injection, inhalation or by simple exposure. A one time Saving Throw vs. Poison is generally required, failure delivering the full effects - generally a set amount of hit point damage, paralysis or death.

Contaminants: A food or liquid that has been infused with a poison (see above). The effects would be identical to the poison itself except that the potential victim may be allowed a saving throw to detect the contaminant (the slight smell of cinnamon, etc.) before willingly ingesting a dangerous amount.

Example: Our feckless hero, Grevous Phlegh finds a bottle of (poisoned) gnomish cockleberry wine in an old crypt. Being an avid boozehound, Phlegh immediately pulls out his corkscrew and pours himself a generous portion into an old skull lying on the floor. He raises it in a toast to his departed party members and…

Saving Throw #1: SUCCESS: As he brings the wine up to his mouth, he smells something wrong - the odor of cinnamon and donkey piss. He tosses the skull full of wine away in disgust. FAILURE: He cheerfully downs it all in one go and smacks his lips. PROCEED TO SAVING THROW #2

Saving Throw #2: SUCCESS: Despite gut-wrenching pain, the shakes, and explosive diarrhea for the rest of the adventure, Phlegh manages to survive, suffering only 1d10hp of damage. FAILURE: Phlegh is wracked by convulsions, pukes up blood, and expires.

Fractional Dosages: Some varieties of poisons or venoms may be delivered in a fractional dose. Effects can range from a fractional dose of a lethal poison would severely debilitate (-4 on all rolls), while one which caused paralysis or sleep would simply render the character lethargic (-1 on all rolls)

Poison Resistance for Thieves & Assassins: The Thief or Assassin must obtain 10 doses of poison and an additional dose of antidote/mixer, with a base cost of double the poison itself. The character must then imbibe a fractional dose alongside the mixer. Correctly preparing a factional dose requires a percentage roll based on character's INT x 5. Failure has an equal chance of producing a non-dose (no ill-effects but will not boost immunity) or a full dose. The process of preparing and imbibing this mixture repeatedly requires one month, at the end of which the character must make a Saving Throw. Failure results in effects as per somewhat less than a full dose of poison, success grants a +2 save vs that poison. This process can be repeated and can result in automatic saves. However the character may not attempt to improve immunity for more than 2 months running.


NAME (Slang Term) TYPE: Mundane/Occult Hallucinogenic, Narcotic, Stimulant FREQUENCY: As per monsters. Common > Very Rare COST PER DOSE: average cost in coin ADDICTIVENESS: expressed as a cumulative % chance per incidence of use DURATION: expressed in rounds, turns or hours EFFECT: varies. Description should include the method of use (drinking, eating, smoking, snorting, etc.) and the particular effects of intoxication and addiction (if any).

ALETH TYPE: Mundane Narcotic FREQUENCY: Common COST PER DOSE: 4sp ADDICTIVENESS: Nil DURATION: 24 hours EFFECT: A sedative concoction prepared from shellfish, commonly administered by orcs to their human slaves to make them docile. It reduces aggression and rebelliousness, causing a -10% penalty on morale checks.

AMORPHON TYPE: Occult stimulant FREQUENCY: Very Rare COST PER DOSE:1.400gp ADDICTIVENESS: 2% DURATION: 2d4 hours EFFECT: Amorphon is a concoction of fly agaric, purple toadflax, and pulverised froghemoth tadpoles that causes a person consuming it to become vulnerable to the spell polymorph other. When consumed, the drinker makes a Saving Throw vs. Poison. If this saving throw fails, the consumer receives no saving throw against polymorph effects for the next 2d4 hours—-but the upside is that their loss of morphic stability means they automatically pass the “system shock” minor Constitution test arising from the spell.

BLUE AMARANTH TYPE: Mundane Stimulant FREQUENCY: Common COST PER DOSE: 35 gp ADDICTIVENESS: 2% DURATION: 3d4 hours EFFECT: A preparation of blue amaranth causes hyper-aggression in bugbears and gnolls. The creatures gain a bonus of +10% to morale and +2 to hit while under its influence. The substance rapidly consumes their body reserves, so creatures which have used it a few times begin to take on a taut, gaunt appearance with sunken eyes. It also shortens their lifespan by approximately one year per dose, so once addicted the creatures do not last long.

DEVIL'S FOOT ROOT (Snake i'th'Pipe)

TYPE: Occult narcotic FREQUENCY: Very rare COST PER DOSE: >700 gp ADDICTIVENESS: 1% DURATION: 1d4+2 hours EFFECT: None, unless properly prepared. The exact process is secret, but is known to include being dessicated in a mummy's sarcophagus for at least a year and a day. If this is done, the root responds to strong heat (such as being thrown on a fire) by vaporising into a cloud of fragrant white smoke. Any mammal inhaling this smoke must Save vs. Poison at -1 or fall into a comatose, drugged state resembling sleep. Non-mammals are unaffected.

GOLDEN LOTUS TYPE: Occult Sedative FREQUENCY: Rare COST PER DOSE: 3pp+ ADDICTIVENESS: 1% DURATION: 1d4+4 hours EFFECT: A preparation of Golden Lotus takes effect half an hour after the user drinks a cup of extraordinarily foul-tasting tea. It puts the user to sleep and enables them to enter the Dreamlands. On the drug's expiry they will be returned to the mortal realms. They can sense when this is about to happen, receiving 1d3 minutes' warning.

There is only one known golden lotus plant. It grows in the Dreamlands, and is of substantial size. It is guarded by three gold dragons named Malherbe, Hillage and Gong, who never leave it. They permit certain humans (and one gnome) to harvest the plant, and receive substantial tribute in return. The motley collection of individuals whom the gold dragons favour call themselves the “Dreamgifters”, though of course the doses they peddle among the wealthy and degenerate are not gifts, and the price tends to rise substantially once they think addiction has set in.

GORANMOT TYPE: Arcane Contaminant FREQUENCY: Rare COST PER DOSE 35gp ADDICTIVENESS: 2% DURATION:1d3+1 hours EFFECT: The exact method of producing Goranmot is known only to certain trollish shamans but it is understood to involve allowing a giant leech to feed on human captives and then reducing the leech to a paste, admixing it with certain swamp-grown plants and anointing it onto a sacred rock. The trolls then caper around the rock making demented hooting noises, working themselves up into a religious frenzy. For a few hours thereafter, each troll's severed body parts may (50%) regrow in a mutated or multiple fashion, leading to trolls with additional limbs, prehensile tails, extra heads, or even (occasionally) gills, flippers or wings.

There is sporadic but ongoing warfare between the minority of trolls who think Goranmot is a sacred substance to be sought out and consumed at every opportunity, and the majority who believe it is an abomination.

LEECHBANE TYPE: Mundane stimulant FREQUENCY: Very Rare COST PER DOSE:90gp ADDICTIVENESS: 1% DURATION: 1d3 hours EFFECT: Leechbane has a mildly euphoric effect on the person who consumes it, similar to caffeine. It is named after the deleterious effects it has on bloodsucking creatures who then feed on the person.

Leeches and giant leeches who drink leechbane-saturated blood must Save vs. Poison at -4 or instantly die. Other invertebrates such as giant ticks or giant blowflies/horseflies must save vs poison at -2 or die within 1d6 rounds. Stirges must Save vs. Poison or be sickened —- a sickened stirge releases its target immediately and will seek to escape to its lair. Within 1d6 turns, it will start to experience diarrhoea and vomiting, and this will persist for at least 24 hours.

Vampires are extraordinarily sensitive to leechbane and have a 33% chance to smell the leechbane on the person's skin before they bite. (In vampire-controlled areas, consuming leechbane typically leads to cruel and unusual punishments.) If a vampire does consume leechbane-saturated blood then it will lose its inherent charm ability for about 24 hours and lose the power to assume gaseous form for about 8 hours. It must Save vs. Poison or be weakened for 8 hours, during which time its strength is reduced to 18 and its level-draining touch ability is lost.

Certain vampires voluntarily consume leechbane, either for their own decadent enjoyment or else for the purposes of building up an immunity. Such vampires will have an inherent resistance to the substance, so its effects will be mitigated or entirely eliminated.


MOLY TYPE: Occult Narcotic FREQUENCY: Very Rare COST PER DOSE: 1,800gp ADDICTIVENESS: 1% DURATION: 2d4 rounds EFFECT: Moly is an extremely rare plant with a black root and a white flower which temporarily annuls magic. If a human or halfling consumes it, he or she receives a bonus of +4 on all Saving Throws against magical effects for 2d4 rounds, but will be unable to cast any spells during this time. Dwarfs, elves, gnomes, half-elves or half-orcs are intrinsically slightly magical, and if they consume moly they must Save vs Poison or die. If they pass, they receive the +4 bonus and lose spellcasting ability as a human would.

MOONFLOWER SEEDS TYPE: Occult narcotic FREQUENCY: Very rare COST PER DOSE: 200 gp ADDICTIVENESS: See below DURATION: 1d4+4 hours EFFECTS: When combined with extract of puffer-fish liver, moonflower seeds cause a sub-hypnotic trance-like state in which the victim's will is totally submerged. They become automaton-like and will impress on the first person they see after entering the trance. That person becomes their “master” and they will obey any and all commands the master issues, including self-destructive ones. Owing to impaired brain function, the victim's intelligence drops to 1, they lose the power of speech, and they lose muscle co-ordination (-6 to Dexterity, minimum 3). They do not feel pain. If spoken to, they can respond only with inarticulate moans and grunts. Although the seed is not addictive in the normal sense, it has terrible side-effects. There is a cumulative 3% chance per dose taken that the victim's will does not return and they remain in their semi-brain-dead state forever, mindlessly obeying their master's commands until death. Preparing, administering, or trafficking in this recipe is inherently evil and will cause alignment drift towards evil.

PURPLE LOTUS TYPE: Occult Narcotic FREQUENCY: Rare COST PER DOSE: 100gp ADDICTIVENESS: 5% DURATION: 1-4 hours EFFECT: The powdered petals of the purple lotus are especially prized by certain degenerate wizards and illusionists. When the smoking fumes are inhaled from a brazier or incense plate, a 1d4 hour trance will result. As with astral travel, an individual under the effects of purple lotus will be completely unresponsive and incapable of any action during that time. After the trance is finished, a MU/IL may (10%) be able to recover any spells previously cast that day. Once an individual is addicted to purple lotus they may not memorize or acquire spells either normally or through the purple lotus trance without first making a saving throw vs. spells. All addicts will suffer 1d3 hp of damage per day. Each week spent without purple lotus, an addict must make a Saving Throw vs. Death to escape the addiction or continue to suffer the daily damage without the drug.

RILLIAN'S LADDER TYPE: Occult Hallucinogenic FREQUENCY: Very Rare COST PER DOSE: 500gp ADDICTIVENESS: None DURATION: 1-3 turns per dose EFFECT: Rillian's Ladder is concoction of funghi harvested in the land of dreams. It is usually brewed into a foul-smelling hot tea and brings forth 'hallucinations' from the mind of the imbiber so potent as to affect the world around them. The visions of the Ladder are in fact illusions as potent as a Phantasmal Force or Spectral Force depending on whether a single or double dose is taken. The exact nature of the visions is determined by DM based on the following table on 2d10:

1 Visions hostile to the imbiber and their associates
2 Visions hostile to the imbiber and beneficent to their enemies
3 Visions hostile to all
4 Visions hostile to the imbiber only
5 Visions hostile to the imbiber but beneficent to everyone else
6 Visions hostile to the imbiber but beneficent to their associates
7 Visions neutral to the imbiber but beneficent to their associates
8 Visions neutral to the imbiber and their associates but hostile to everyone else
9 Visions neutral to the imbiber but beneficent to their associates
10-11 Visions neutral to all
12 Visions neutral to the imbiber but hostile to their associates
13 Visions neutral to the imbiber and their associates but beneficent to everyone else.
14 Visions neutral to the imbiber but hostile to everyone else
15 Visions beneficent to the imbiber but hostile to their associates
16 Visions beneficent to the imbiber but hostile everyone else
17 Visions beneficent to the imbiber only
18 Visions beneficent to all
19 Visions beneficent to the imbiber and hostile to their enemies
20 Visions beneficent to the imbiber and their associates

Only intelligent creatures are affected by the visions; hostile visions will attack or act as traps, beneficent visions will seek to defend (in a non-offensive manner) or aid those they affect. Neutral visions will neither aid nor harm but may distract and divert.

Once every other round the imbiber may attempt a saving throw to reroll the attitude of the visions. Record the number of times Rillian's Ladder is used as tolerance develops in imbibers: the second time it is used an additional dose is required to have any effect, the third time it used two additional doses are required and so forth.

There is a chance of flashback lasting 1-2 turns every-time a former imbiber fails any saving throw - the chance of a flashback is the number of times taken as a percentage (so an imbiber who has used the Ladder 3 times has a 3% chance). There is only at most only one chance of flashback per day (and only if a former imbiber has to make a save and fails).

TAUPE GOOM TYPE: Mundane Narcotic FREQUENCY: Common COST PER DOSE: 30 gp ADDICTIVENESS: 6% DURATION: 2d6 hours EFFECT: This substance is prepared from a toadstool that grows on dung. It induces pleasant and soporific effects in certain carnivorous, mammal or semi-mammal species, including aurumvoraxes, carnivorous apes, hell hounds, owlbears, squealers etc. These creatures once addicted will behave tamely towards whoever or whatever regularly supplies them with the drug. Thanks to taupe goom, tribes of humanoids will sometimes have an owlbear or carnivorous ape chained up outside the entrance to their lair.

VIOLET HORSETAIL TYPE: Occult Stimulant FREQUENCY: Rare COST PER DOSE: 40gp ADDICTIVENESS:1% DURATION: 24 hours EFFECT:A drug which, when regularly administered to a semi-intelligent mammal, or one of animal intelligence, raises its intelligence to low. After two weeks of a daily dose, the creature begins to achieve a noticeable intelligence gain, and after another couple of weeks, it will be able to learn a language. At this point stopping use of the drug will be fatal and the animal's fertility will be reduced; any offspring are also likely to suffer birth defects and to be born addicted to the drug. An animal with hands (typically an ape of some kind) can learn to prepare the substance and administer it to an entire animal society.

WOURALI TYPE: Mundane Sedative FREQUENCY: Uncommon COST PER DOSE:1cp at point of origin, ranging up to 100pp (price charged by certain merchants selling to wealthy and evil sects). ADDICTIVENESS: nil DURATION: 1d3+1 hours EFFECT: Wourali is a paralysing toxin prepared from certain jungle vines and used by native tribes. It is effective only when injected. The target receives a saving throw vs poison to avoid the effects. They are fully conscious and aware of their surroundings for the duration of the paralysis.

Random Poison / Drug Form, Preparation, Delivery & Target
2 Nut / Seed Powder Smoking, Inhaling, Ingestion, Injection Halflings
3 Leaf Tincture Ingestion, Inhalation Dwarfs
4 Berry Paste Topical Application, Ingestion Elves
5 Bark Oil Smoking, Ingesting, Topical Application Gnomes
6 Juice Resin Smoking, Ingestion, Topical Application Gnomes & Dwarfs
7 Bile Incense Inhalation Giantkind
8 Flesh Philtre Ingestion, Injection All Demi-humans
9 Urine Preparation Topical Application, Ingestion All Humans, Humanoids & Demihumans
10 Fungus Capsule Ingestion All Demi-humans
11 Venom Pill Ingestion , Humans & Demi-humans
12 Blood Suspension Ingestion, Injection Humanoids
13 Bone Salve / Balm Topical Application Humanoids & Giantkind
14 Root Brew Ingestion Single humanoid race
15 Fruit Snuff Ingestion Fae
16 Chemical Poultice Topical Application Monster race
NOTE: Roll once for Form, and once for Preparation and Delivery
Random Poison / Drug Effects
2Death *Save vs. Death1d2 rounds
3SleepSave vs. Poison1d10 rounds
4ParalysisSave vs. Poison1d2 turns
5InsanitySave vs. Poison1d10 turns
6HallucinationsSave vs. Poison1d2 hours
7EuphoriaNo Saving Throw1d10 hours
8Suspended AnimationSave vs. Death to wake up*1d2 days
9Alignment Change *Save vs. Spells1d10 days
10Organ Failure *Save vs. Death1d2 weeks
11DamageSave vs. Poison (half / full)1d10 weeks
12IntoxicationSave vs. Poison1d2 months
13BlindnessSave vs. Poison1d10 months
14NauseaSave vs. Poison1d2 years
15AmnesiaSave vs. Poison1d10 years
16FearSave vs. PoisonPermanent
* Roll once for effect and Saving Throw and again for duration. Effects marked with an asterisk are always permanent.
Random Drugs of Note
1d6 TYPE 1d6 TYPE 1d6 TYPE 1d6 TYPE
1Psilocibin Mushrooms1Eredian Hoarfrost1Pipeweed1Black Lotus
2Giant Toad Secretion2White Lotus2Green Mandrake2Disenchanter Bile
3Tlalocan Cactus Heart3Ixian Powder3Sussuline3Jub Jub Fruit
4Catoblepas Glands4Russet Root4Pictish Ochre4Dragon Turtle Ambergris
5Green Lotus5Troll Wax5Blue Poppy5Nilbog Heart
6Stirge Spittle6Monkseye Fungus6Yellow Lotus6Unicorn Blood


Class CP
Gems Jewelry Maps/
Magic Items
I 25%:
30%: Any 3 items
II 50%:
Nil 30%:
10%: Sword, Armor or Misc Wpn
III 20%:
Nil Nil 25%:
10%: Any 2 items
IV 10%:
Nil 30%:
15%:1 potion +
any 2 items
V 5%:
Nil 15%:
25%:1 scroll +
any 3 items
VI Nil 10%:
30%: 1 potion, 1 scroll, + any 3 items except wpns
VII Nil Nil Nil 50%:
35%: 1 scroll + any 3 items
VIII 25%:
15%: 1 potion, 1 scroll + any 4 items
IX Nil Nil Nil Nil 30%:
15%: Any item
X 25%:
Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
XI Nil 30%:
Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
XII Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil 50%:
Nil Nil
XIII Nil Nil Nil 40%:
XIV Nil Nil
Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil 40%: 2d4 potions
XV Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil 50%: 1d4 scrolls
XVI Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil 90%;
70%: One of each item except potions & scrolls
Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil 85%: Two of each item except potions and scrolls
XVIII Nil Nil Nil 60%:
55%: 1 map
IXX Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil 60%: 1 Misc. item
+ 1 potion
XX Nil Nil Nil 70%:
Nil Nil Nil Nil
XXI 20%:
50%: Any 3 items
Random Treasure Hoard Modifiers
01-15 Very Poor -50% to all chances
16-25 Poor -25% to all chances
26-80 Moderate +/- 0%
81-95 Wealthy +15% to all chances
96-00 Very Wealthy +25% to all chances


NOTE: For MAGIC ITEM results, see the appropriate sub-table in Magic Item Assortments by Level

Dungeon Level 1 Treasures
1 250gp 35 z 69 80pp
2 100sp 36 600sp 70 350ep
3 1,000cp 37 Gold filigree sceptre (1,100gp) 71 900cp
4 600sp 38 70pp 72 400gp
5 MAGIC ITEM 39 300ep 73 700ep
6 500cp 40 100cp 74 700sp
7 3 Ambers (110gp) 41 MAGIC ITEM 75 350ep
8 1,000sp 42 100sp 76 MAGIC ITEM
9 700sp 43 900sp 77 200sp
10 300gp 44 100sp 78 1,100sp
11 200sp 45 800cp 79 90pp
12 600sp 46 600cp 80 1,200cp
13 550ep 47 300gp 81 500sp
14 200cp 48 750ep 82 60pp
15 Silver Weapon-hilt (50gp) 49 MAGIC ITEM 83 3x Pink Pearls (100gp)
16 500cp 50 400sp 84 100sp
17 110pp 51 1,000cp 85 500ep
18 50pp 52 400sp 86 1,200cp
19 100cp 53 2x Chalcedony (50gp) 87 900sp
20 Tiger Statuette (386gp) 54 30pp 88 100cp
21 100sp 55 600sp 89 800sp
22 800cp 56 100sp 90 MAGIC ITEM
23 300gp 57 300gp 91 900cp
24 700cp 58 150gp 92 700cp
25 800ep 59 MAGIC ITEM 93 200gp
26 MAGIC ITEM 60 200cp 94 500cp
27 900cp 61 1x White Pearl (100gp) 95 700sp
28 300sp 62 1,100cp 96 900sp
29 1,100sp 63 700sp 97 700sp
30 400ep 64 150ep 98 MAGIC ITEM
31 250gp 65 800cp 99 1,100cp
32 900cp 66 450gp 00 300cp
33 350ep 67 300gp
34 100cp 68 300cp
Level 1 Magic Items & Potions
1 Potion of Delusion
2 Cleric Scroll: 1 spell (lvl 1d3)
3 1d4 Arrows +1
4 Potion of Levitation
5 Leather Armour +1
6 Potion of Invisibility
7 Magic-User Scroll: 1 spell (lvl 1d3)
8 Potion of Healing
9 Dagger +1
10 Potion of Poison
Dungeon Level 2 Treasures
1 1,100cp 35 MAGIC ITEM 69 1,600cp
2 2,200cp 36 5 Tourmalines (100gp) 70 250pp
3 1,900cp 37 1,100sp 71 450gp
4 MAGIC ITEM 38 450gp 72 1,200ep
5 Adamantium staff (1100gp) 39 1,800sp 73 800ep
6 500cp 40 MAGIC ITEM 74 1,900sp
7 3 Deep green spinels (100gp) 41 MAGIC ITEM 75 200pp
8 1,000sp 42 1,050ep 76 2,100cp
9 700sp 43 White gold crown (1200gp) 77 650gp
10 300gp 44 MAGIC ITEM 78 1,300sp
11 200sp 45 1,500cp 79 2,200cp
12 600sp 46 850ep 80 200pp
13 550ep 47 1,900sp 81 MAGIC ITEM
14 200cp 48 1,050ep 82 1,100cp
15 Gem-encrusted ring (600gp) 49 200pp 83 450gp
16 500cp 50 2 Gold vases (500gp) 84 1,500cp
17 110pp 51 MAGIC ITEM 85 150pp
18 50pp 52 1,400sp 86 1,200sp
19 100cp 53 1,050ep 87 500gp
20 2 Gold chalices (600gp) 54 4 Platinum pins (400gp) 88 1,100sp
21 100sp 55 7 Red garnets (70gp) 89 200sp
22 800cp 56 450gp 90 8 Lapis lazuli (15gp)
23 300gp 57 1,800sp 91 1,700sp
24 700cp 58 950ep 92 600gp
25 800ep 59 150pp 93 4 Silver candlesticks (250gp)
26 900cp 60 2,000sp 94 150pp
27 MAGIC ITEM 61 1,200cp 95 MAGIC ITEM
28 300sp 62 1,150ep 96 300gp
29 1,100sp 63 650gp 97 2,100cp
30 1,200cp 64 700gp 98 250pp
31 250pp 65 450gp 99 5 red Spinels (110gp)
32 1,800cp 66 150pp 00 1,500sp
33 1,500sp 67 950ep
34 2,100cp 68 1,050ep
Level 2 Magic Items & Potions
1 Sword -1, Cursed
2 Scroll: Protection from Lycanthropes
3 Ring of Fire Resistance
4 Magic-User Scroll: 3 spells (lvls 1d3)
5 Spear +3
6 Potion of Animal Control
7 Potion of Flying
8 Sword +1/+3 vs. Trolls (N)
9 Scroll: Protection from Undead
10 Cleric Scroll: 1 spell (lvl 1d3)
Dungeon Level 3 Treasures
1 850ep 35 1,050ep 69 650gp
2 300pp 36 2,300sp 70 1,100ep
3 1,050ep 37 2,200cp 71 3,000cp
4 900gp 38 3,100cp 72 1,250ep
5 1,150ep 39 250pp 73 MAGIC ITEM
6 400pp 40 2,100cp 74 2,500cp
7 2,600sp 41 1,050ep 75 650gp
8 900gp 42 1,050ep 76 1,050ep
9 3,200cp 43 MAGIC ITEM 77 1,150ep
10 3,100cp 44 3,000sp 78 1,250ep
11 MAGIC ITEM 45 1,200ep 79 300pp
12 2,600cp 46 700gp 80 3,000cp
13 2,600cp 47 MAGIC ITEM 81 1,150ep
14 2,100cp 48 MAGIC ITEM 82 Map (3,000gp)
15 MAGIC ITEM 49 250pp 83 550gp
16 750gp 50 600gp 84 600gp
17 1,250ep 51 550gp 85 2,800sp
18 Black opal (900gp) 52 2,100sp 86 550gp
19 2,800sp 53 2,600cp 87 3,100sp
20 2,400sp 54 2,200cp 88 2,100sp
21 300pp 55 MAGIC ITEM 89 2,500sp
22 2 Rare books (2,000gp) 56 MAGIC ITEM 90 250pp
23 1,200ep 57 2,800sp 91 750gp
24 2,500sp 58 1,250sp 92 MAGIC ITEM
25 2,500sp 59 2,100sp 93 MAGIC ITEM
26 MAGIC ITEM 60 2,900cp 94 800gp
27 MAGIC ITEM 61 800gp 95 2,600cp
28 650gp 62 MAGIC ITEM 96 2 Mithril pendants (500gp)
29 850ep 63 MAGIC ITEM 97 2,300cp
30 600gp 64 1,200ep 98 MAGIC ITEM
31 1,300ep 65 350pp 99 3,100cp
32 2,600sp 66 2,200cp 00 9 Violet Garnets (500gp)
33 2,700cp 67 1,150ep
34 MAGIC ITEM 68 2,900cp
Level 3 Magic Items Level 3 Potions
1 Sword +1 1 Potion of Gaseous Form
2-3 Potion (see sub-table) 2 Potion of Flying
4 2 Potions (see sub-table) 3 Potion of Fire Resistance
5 Cloak of Elvenkind 4 Potion of Diminuation
6 Shield +1 5 Potion of Growth
7 Magic-User Scroll: 1 spell (lvl 1d3) 6 Potion of Healing
8 Sword +1/+2 vs Lycanthropes (CE) 7 Potion of Extra-healing
9 Dagger +2 8 Potion of Animal Control
10 Rope of Climbing
11 Cleric Scroll: 3 spells (lvl 1d3)
12 Sword +1, Red Dragon Slaying (LG)
Dungeon Level 4 Treasures
1 1,200gp 35 3,700cp 69 300pp
2 MAGIC ITEM 36 700gp 70 3,900cp
3 3,500cp 37 MAGIC ITEM 71 900cp + 800gp
4 3,700sp 38 3,400sp 72 1,850ep
5 450pp 39 1,850sp 73 3,800sp
6 3,800sp 40 3,200cp 74 4,200sp
7 14 Aquamarines (400gp) 41 MAGIC ITEM 75 1,650ep
8 4,200sp 42 400pp 76 MAGIC ITEM
9 3,700sp 43 350pp 77 450pp
10 600gp 44 400pp 78 MAGIC ITEM
11 3,200cp 45 MAGIC ITEM 79 MAGIC ITEM
12 MAGIC ITEM 46 3,200sp 80 3,300sp
13 4,100cp 47 2 MAGIC ITEMS 81 1,100gp
14 14 platinum goblets (400gp) 48 800gp 82 400pp
15 1,100gp 49 2 MAGIC ITEMS 83 1,650ep
16 350pp 50 4,100sp 84 MAGIC ITEM
17 700gp 51 350sp 85 400pp
18 800gp 52 MAGIC ITEM 86 3,200sp
19 1,300ep 53 1,900ep 87 3,300cp
20 500pp 54 3,800sp 88 2 MAGIC ITEMS
21 1,100gp 55 2 MAGIC ITEMS 89 3,700sp
22 4,100sp 56 3,100cp 90 1,800ep
23 3,700sp 57 1,000gp 91 3,900sp
24 3,400cp 58 MAGIC ITEM 92 300pp
25 800gp 59 3,700cp 93 1,700ep
26 3,800sp 60 1,600ep 94 MAGIC ITEM
27 3,400sp 61 1,650ep 95 800gp
28 2,100gp 62 1,650ep 96 4,200cp
29 1,150ep 63 3,600sp 97 MAGIC ITEM
30 MAGIC ITEM 64 1,700ep 98 450pp
31 MAGIC ITEM 65 MAGIC ITEM 99 350pp
32 1,100ep 66 4,200sp 00 3,600cp
33 MAGIC ITEM 67 Gem-encrusted mask (600gp)
34 10 White pearls (100gp) 68 2 MAGIC ITEMS
Level 4 Magic Items Level 4 Potions
1 Shield +1 1 Potion of Dragon Control
2-3 Potion (see sub-table) 2 Potion of Growth
4 Staff of Striking 3 Potion of Gaseous Form
5 Scroll: Protection from Undead 4 Potion of Invisibility
6 Ring of Invisibility 5 Potion of Diminuation
7 Cleric Scroll: 2 spells (lvl 1d3) 6 Potion of Delusion
8 Wand of Enemy Detection 7 Potion of ESP
9 Chainmail +1 8 Potion of Poison
10 Ring of Protection +1
11 Sword -2, Cursed
12 Longbow +1
13 Bag of Devouring
14 Ring of Delusion
15 Rope of Climbing
16 Ring of Weakness
17 Mace +1
18 Dagger +2
19 Magic-User Scroll: 3 spells (lvls 1d4)
20 Cloak of Elvenkind
Dungeon Level 5 Treasures
1 6,200cp 35 5,700sp 69 2,500ep
2 1,400gp 36 2 MAGIC ITEMS 70 2,100ep
3 1,600gp 37 MAGIC ITEM 71 MAGIC ITEM
4 450pp 38 MAGIC ITEM 72 2,400ep
5 5,700sp 39 1,600gp 73 5,100sp
6 5,500sp 40 MAGIC ITEM 74 400pp
7 500pp 41 5,300sp 75 5,300sp
8 350pp 42 1,300gp 76 1,500gp
9 MAGIC ITEM 43 5,500sp 77 450pp
10 MAGIC ITEM 44 2,400ep 78 1,400gp
11 5,700sp 45 2 MAGIC ITEMS 79 2 MAGIC ITEMS
12 1,600gp 46 6,100sp 80 5,400sp
14 1,600gp 48 5,500sp 82 2,100ep
15 1,400gp 49 500pp 83 5,300ep
16 5,700sp 50 1,400gp 84 1,500gp
17 3 Platinum Orbs (1,000gp) 51 2 MAGIC ITEMS 85 2 MAGIC ITEMS
18 1,600gp 52 6,000cp 86 MAGIC ITEM
19 MAGIC ITEM 53 5,300sp 87 1,500gp
20 5,800sp 54 2,200ep 88 MAGIC ITEM
21 13 Smoky quartzes (60gp) 55 5,100cp 89 MAGIC ITEM
22 5,900sp 56 2 MAGIC ITEMS 90 5,300sp
23 2 Gold Combs (1,300gp) 57 MAGIC ITEM 91 400pp
24 2 MAGIC ITEMS 58 2,300ep 92 6,200sp
25 2 MAGIC ITEMS 59 1,500gp 93 2,600ep
26 2,200ep 60 5,200ep 94 5,400sp
27 5,300sp 61 1,400gp 95 2,200ep
28 2,500ep 62 6,100sp 96 6,100sp
29 2,300ep 63 3 Gold Idols (1,300gp) 97 5,900cp
30 1,600gp 64 Gold Weapon-hilt (1,200gp) 98 5,900cp
31 5,600sp 65 2 MAGIC ITEMS 99 450pp
32 5,600sp 66 2,500ep 00 6,100sp
33 1,400gp 67 6,200cp
34 MAGIC ITEM 68 5,600sp
Level 5 Magic Items Level 5 Potions
1 Scroll: Cursed 1 Potion of Giant Strength
2-3 Potion (see sub-table) 2 Potion of Healing
4 2 Potions (see sub-table) 3 Potion of Undead Control
5 Shield +2 4 Potion of Poison
6 Boots of Elvenkind 5 Potion of Clairvoyance
7 Shield +1 6 Potion of Heroism
8 Sword +1 7 Potion of Growth
9 Magic-User Scroll: 3 spells (lvls 1d3) 8 Potion of Longevity
10 Ring of Delusion
11 Spear +1
12 Ring of Invisibility
13 Ring of Fire Resistance
14 1d10 Arrows +1
15 Wand of Paralyzation
16 Cleric Scroll: 2 spells (lvls 1d3)
17 Sword -2, Cursed
18 Chainmail +1
19 Scroll: Protection from Elementals
20 Spear -1, Cursed Backbiter
Dungeon Level 6 Treasures
1 450pp 35 1,700gp 69 6,100sp + 6,400cp
2 MAGIC ITEM 36 7,200sp + 6,100cp 70 Onyx Necklace (4,500gp)
3 MAGIC ITEM 37 6,700sp + 6,100cp 71 450pp
4 MAGIC ITEM 38 2 Violet garnets (600gp) 72 6,800sp
5 MAGIC ITEM 39 3,100ep 73 1,800gp
6 2,000gp 40 6,900sp + 7,000cp 74 2 MAGIC ITEMS
7 MAGIC ITEM 41 3,300ep 75 7 Star Rubies (600gp)
8 7,000sp 42 500pp 76 6,200sp
9 6,400sp 43 3 MAGIC ITEMS 77 3,200ep
10 6,200sp 44 7,000sp 78 1,800gp
11 MAGIC ITEM 45 6,400sp + 6,300cp 79 MAGIC ITEM
12 3,400ep 46 1,700gp 80 6,700sp
14 2 MAGIC ITEMS 48 6,900sp 82 3 MAGIC ITEMS
15 6,600sp 49 3,500ep 83 6,300sp + 6,200cp
16 3,600ep 50 6,400sp + 6,200cp 84 1,700gp
17 2 MAGIC ITEMS 51 MAGIC ITEM 85 2,000gp
18 2,000gp 52 3,600ep 86 6,300sp + 6,500cp
19 MAGIC ITEM 53 2 MAGIC ITEMS 87 1,900gp
20 3,600ep 54 5 Rare books (5,000gp) 88 1,900gp
21 1,700gp 55 1,700gp 89 2,000gp
22 1,800gp 56 1,800gp 90 MAGIC ITEM
23 1,900gp 57 14 Rock Crystals (50gp) 91 20 Carnelians (50gp)
24 500pp 58 Bloodstone Idol (6,000gp) 92 Gold Statuette (500gp)
25 7,000sp 59 1,800gp 93 6,800sp + 6,100cp
26 Gold bracelet (1,400gp) 60 MAGIC ITEM 94 6,900sp + 6,600cp
27 MAGIC ITEM 61 3 Black Pearls (600gp) 95 5,900sp + 6,500cp
28 19 Amethysts (100gp) 62 Silver Necklace (900gp) 96 MAGIC ITEM
29 6,900sp 63 7,000sp 97 2,000cp
30 3,500ep 64 MAGIC ITEM 98 3 MAGIC ITEMS
31 16 Jades (110gp) 65 2 MAGIC ITEMS 99 3,500ep
32 16 Pink pearls (120gp) 66 7,000sp + 6,100cp 00 6,100sp + 6,800cp
33 400pp 67 1,700gp
34 550pp 68 1,700gp
Level 6 Magic Items Level 6 Potions
1 2 Potions (see sub-table) 1 Potion of Levitation
2-3 Potion 2 Potion of Invisibility
4 Magic-User Scroll: 1 spell (level 1d4+1) 3 Potion of Gaseous Form
5 Spear +1 4 Potion of Flying
6 Spear +2 5 Potion of Fire Resistance
7 Sword +1 6 Potion of Healing
8 Shield +1 7 Potion of Delusion
9 Chainmail +1 8 Potion of Poison
10 Bag of Holding
11 Staff of Healing
12 Ring of Water Walking
13 Platemail +1
14 Leather Armour +1
15 1d20 Arrows +1
16 Scroll: Protection from Undead
17 Scroll: Cursed
18 Dagger +1
19 Chainmail +2
20 Cleric Scroll: 2 spells (lvls 1d4)
Dungeon Level 7 Treasures
1 4,600ep 35 4,500ep, 7,000sp, 7,200cp 69 MAGIC ITEM
2 600pp 36 500pp 70 15 deep blue spinels (500gp)
3 4,100ep, 6,200sp, 7400cp 37 2,500gp 71 2,300gp
4 4,100ep 38 2 MAGIC ITEMS 72 3 star rubies (1,200gp)
5 4,500ep 39 MAGIC ITEM 73 2,400gp
6 3 MAGIC ITEMS 40 4,400ep, 6,100sp, 8,000cp 74 4,600ep
7 4,700ep, 6800sp, 8,000cp 41 MAGIC ITEM 75 2,500gp
8 6,800sp 42 2,100gp 76 6,100sp
9 6,100sp 43 4,500ep 77 4 MAGIC ITEMS
10 MAGIC ITEM 44 6,400sp 78 7,000sp
11 4,200ep, 6,400sp, 8,000cp 45 15 chrysoberyl (100gp) 79 600gp
12 4,800ep, 6,200sp, 7,100cp 46 550pp 80 6,900sp
13 7,000sp 47 600pp 81 2,300gp
14 4,600ep, 6,200sp, 7,100cp 48 MAGIC ITEM 82 2,300gp
15 7,000sp 49 chrysoprase orb (4000gp) 83 600pp
16 2,300gp 50 450pp 84 4,800ep, 7,000sp, 7,500cp
17 450pp 51 4,400ep 85 4 MAGIC ITEMS
18 600pp 52 4,100ep, 6,300sp, 7,500cp 86 6,900sp
19 2 emeralds (1,000gp) 53 6,100sp 87 3 MAGIC ITEMS
20 4,300ep 54 4,800ep 88 MAGIC ITEM
21 4,300ep, 6,800sp, 7,400cp 55 6,900sp 89 2,500gp
22 2,100gp 56 600pp 90 450pp
23 Gold Box (4,500gp) 57 MAGIC ITEM 91 Silver coronet (1,800gp)
24 2 MAGIC ITEMS 58 2 MAGIC ITEMS 92 18 yellow topazes (500gp)
25 4 MAGIC ITEMS 59 4,500ep, 6,900sp, 7,800cp 93 4,800ep
26 4,700ep 60 MAGIC ITEM 94 15 black sapphires (500gp)
27 MAGIC ITEM 61 2,600gp 95 2,400gp
28 MAGIC ITEM 62 6,300sp 96 6,200sp
29 2,200gp 63 2,400gp 97 6,100sp
30 2,400gp 64 2 MAGIC ITEMS 98 4,600sp
31 2,100gp 65 Gold Idol (4,000gp) 99 500pp
32 2 MAGIC ITEMS 66 2 gold necklaces (2,500gp) 00 2,200gp
33 MAGIC ITEM 67 550pp
34 4,300ep, 6,700sp, 7,300cp 68 3 MAGIC ITEMS
Level 7 Magic Items Level 7 Potions
1 Scroll: Cursed 1 Potion of Delusion
2-3 Potion (see sub-table) 2 Potion of Diminuation
4 Sword +1, Flamebrand 3 Potion of Giant Strength
5 Shield +3 4 Potion of Heroism
6 Ring of Invisibility 5 Potion of Growth
7 Crossbow of Speed 6 Potion of Poison
8 Shield +1 7 Potion of Plant Control
9 Mace +2 8 Potion of Undead Control
10 Spear +2 9 Potion of Flying
11 Snake Staff 10 Potion of Dragon Control
12 Bag of Holding 11 Potion of Polymorph Self
13 Scale Armour of Vulnerability 12 Potion of Extra-healing
14 Two-handed Sword +1
15 Scroll: Protection from Lycanthropes
16 Scroll: Protection from Undead
17 Cleric Scroll: 3 spells (lvls 1d3+1)
18 Magic-User Scroll: 2 spells (lvls 1d6)
19 Scroll: Protection from Elementals
20 Wand of Metal Detection
Dungeon Level 8 Treasures
1 3,400gp 35 3,500gp 69 6,200ep
2 7,500sp 36 5,800ep 70 6,900ep
3 10 aquamarines (800gp) 37 3,200gp 71 4 MAGIC ITEMS
4 3,700gp 38 3,300gp,5,300ep, 7,200sp 72 5 blue sapphires (6,000gp)
5 Mithril diadem (2,500gp) 39 3,100gp 73 3,400gp, 5,700ep, 7,200sp
6 550pp 40 7,500sp 74 Turquoise sceptre (1,800gp)
7 3 MAGIC ITEMS 41 6,100ep 75 3,800gp
8 Agate statuette (1,900gp) 42 3,300gp, 5,800ep, 7,200sp 76 Gold Coronet (10,000gp)
9 6,200ep 43 Tapestry (1,900gp) 77 5,100ep
10 650pp 44 5,600ep 78 13star rubies (700gp)
11 6,000ep 45 3,500gp 79 3,400gp
12 4 MAGIC ITEMS 46 White opal (1,500gp) 80 MAGIC ITEM
13 7,600sp 47 Rare book (2,000gp) 81 3 gold earrings (1,500gp)
14 3,500gp, 5,600ep, 7,300sp 48 4 MAGIC ITEMS 82 4 MAGIC ITEMS
15 Adamantium seal (10,500gp) 49 Azurite scabbard (2,700gp) 83 5,900ep
16 3,700gp, 5,600ep, 7,800sp 50 5,300ep 84 3,400gp, 5,200ep, 8,000sp
17 3,400gp, 5,200ep, 8,000sp 51 600pp 85 3,800gp, 5,400ep, 7,400cp
18 3,600gp, 5,900ep, 7,300sp 52 4 MAGIC ITEMS 86 6,100ep
19 3,700gp, 6,200ep, 7,600sp 53 Jasper Idol (2,600gp) 87 6,000ep
20 3,500gp 54 4 MAGIC ITEMS 88 Tiger-eye locket (4,500gp)
21 600pp 55 5,100ep 89 3,500gp, 6,200ep, 7,700sp
22 20 red spinels (100gp) 56 7,600sp 90 700pp
23 7,400sp 57 3,400gp, 5,400ep, 7,700sp 91 5,500ep
24 7,100sp 58 MAGIC ITEM 92 7,800sp
25 7,800sp 59 600pp 93 5,100ep
26 3,100gp, 5,200ep, 7,800sp 60 3,500gp 94 7,500sp
27 7,300sp 61 10 tourmaline (1,300gp) 95 3,700gp
28 3,300gp 62 600pp 96 3,100gp
29 3,700gp 63 8,000sp 97 Platinum bracelet (5,000gp)
30 3,600gp 64 7,900sp 98 7,200sp
31 MAGIC ITEM 65 7,500sp 99 Rare incense (6,000gp)
32 2 MAGIC ITEMS 66 650pp 00 MAGIC ITEM
33 4 MAGIC ITEMS 67 3,100gp, 5,900ep, 8,000sp
Level 8 Magic Items Level 8 Potions
1 Sword +2, Dragon Slayer 1 Potion of Levitation
2-3 Potion (see sub-table) 2 Potion of Extra-healing
4 Scroll: Protection from Magic 3 Potion of ESP
5 Wand of Cold 4 Oil of Etherealness
6 Magic-User Scroll: 1d3 spells (lvls 1d8) 5 Potion of Longevity
7 Amulet vs. Scrying 6 Potion of Invisibility
8 2d10 Arrows +1 7 Potion of Poison
9 Cleric Scroll: 1d3 spells (lvls 1d6) 8 Potion of Invulnerability
10 Rod of Cancellation 9 Potion of Plant Control
11 Sword -2, Cursed 10 Potion of Healing
12 Wand of Fear
13 Scroll: Cursed
14 Sword +1, Locator
15 Ring of Contrariness
16 Sword +2 (N)
17 Crystal Ball
18 Sword +1
19 Medallion of ESP
20 Polearm +2
Dungeon Level 9 Treasures
1 MAGIC ITEM 35 22 platinum plaques (1,000) 69 650pp, 4,600gp, 7,100ep
2 6,500ep 36 750pp, 4,400gp, 7,200ep 70 800pp, 4,400gp, 7,000ep
3 MAGIC ITEM 37 Gold brooch (4,500gp) 71 Chalcedony helm (20,000gp)
4 4,300gp 38 650pp, 4,800gp, 6,300ep 72 750pp, 4,600gp, 6,700ep
5 8,500sp 39 21 violet garnets (500gp) 73 750pp, 4,600gp, 6,700ep
6 Magicum Crown (5,000gp) 40 5 MAGIC ITEMS 74 MAGIC ITEM
7 5 MAGIC ITEMS 41 4,200gp 75 8,100sp
8 8,400sp 42 6,300ep 76 6,400ep
9 750pp 43 4 MAGIC ITEMS 77 4,500gp
10 4,600gp 44 MAGIC ITEM 78 4 MAGIC ITEMS
11 700pp 45 2 MAGIC ITEMS 79 4,200gp
12 16 diamonds (1,000) 46 8,300sp 80 8,800sp
13 2 MAGIC ITEMS 47 MAGIC ITEM 81 7,200ep
14 4,100gp 48 5 MAGIC ITEMS 82 7,100ep
15 700pp, 4,300gp, 6,700ep 49 8,500sp 83 Mithril greaves (11,000gp)
16 6,800ep 50 800pp 84 8,200sp
17 25 Aquamarines (500gp) 51 6,100ep 85 MAGIC ITEM
18 4,300gp 52 800pp 86 700pp
19 4 MAGIC ITEMS 53 8,900sp 87 Gold statue (23,000gp)
20 700pp, 4,500gp, 6,600ep 54 MAGIC ITEM 88 4,700gp
21 2 MAGIC ITEMS 55 8,700sp 89 650pp
22 4,400gp 56 650pp 90 4,400gp
23 4,700gp 57 7,000ep 91 4 MAGIC ITEMS
24 700pp 58 3 MAGIC ITEMS 92 900pp
25 Gold Amulet (2,000gp) 59 5 MAGIC ITEMS 93 650pp, 4,700gp, 6,700ep
26 800pp, 4,300gp, 8,900sp 60 25 silver medallions (500gp) 94 Platinum knife (7,000gp)
27 7,100ep 61 800pp, 4,600gp, 6,900ep 95 4,100gp
28 4,600gp 62 8,500sp 96 6 MAGIC ITEMS
29 MAGIC ITEM 63 5 MAGIC ITEMS 97 9,000sp
30 6,800ep 64 750pp 98 4,300gp
31 6,200ep 65 6,300ep 99 750pp
32 4,800gp 66 7,000ep 00 8,900sp
33 6,600ep 67 6,900ep
34 4,500gp 68 650pp, 4,200gp, 7,100ep
Level 9 Magic Items Level 9 Potions
1 Helm of Alignment Change 1 Oil of Slipperiness
2-3 Potion (see sub-table) 2 Potion of ESP
4 Ring of Spell-storing 3 Potion of Flying
5 Shield +2 4 Potion of Extra-healing
6 Crystal Ball 5 Potion of Gaseous Form
7 Magic-User Scroll: 1d3 spells (lvls 1d8) 6 Potion of Invisibility
8 Wand of Magic Detection 7 Potion of Levitation
9 Hammer +2 8 Potion of Clairaudience
10 Cleric Scroll: 1d4 spells (lvls 1d6) 9 Potion of Healing
11 Boots of Elvenkind 10 Oil of Etherealness
12 Sword +2 (CG)
13 Scroll: Protection from Elementals
14 Scroll: Protection from Magic
15 Mace +2
16 Horn of Valhalla
17 Cloak of Protection +1
18 Ring of Protection +1
19 Bag of Beans
20 Ring of X-Ray Vision


Common cargo goods are abstracted into 500gp weight cargo units. Each unit may be stored together in a large crate, roll or bale, placed in a smaller container like an amphora, cask or sack or individually packaged in a bottle, bundle or bag. Luxury cargo goods can vary greatly by both weight and value and the individual GM should determine the exact amount, weight and disposition. A cargo unit of silver ingots would be both heavier and bulkier than a cargo of diamonds, for example.

Common Commodities Luxury Commodities
01-08 Raw Cotton 15gp 01-06 Armour 400gp
09-12 Raw Wool 12gp 07-09 Artworks 2,500gp
13-18 Raw Flax 30gp 10-14 Coffee / Tea 400gp
19-20 Furs, Hides & Skins 400gp 15-16 Diamonds 12,000gp
21-27 Glassware 250gp 17-18 Dried / Exotic Fruits 400gp
28-31 Iron Ingots 350gp 19-21 Fine Armour 800gp
32-35 Copper Ingots 480gp 22-27 Fine Leathergoods 750gp
36-38 Lead Ingots 100gp 28-30 Fine Weapons 1,800gp
39-40 Tin Ingots 800gp 31-33 Gemstones 8,000gp
41-47 Lumber 75gp 34-35 Gold Ingots 6,000gp
48-54 Wine / Ale / Liquor 40gp 36-44 Herbs 1,200gp
55-58 Grain 5gp 45-48 Ivory 2,500gp
59-60 Livestock / Meat 10gp 49-51 Jewelry 8,000gp +
61-62 Pipeweed 250gp 52-53 Exotic Animals 5,000gp+
63-67 Hemp / Jute 20gp 54-55 Narcotics 4,500gp
68-70 Dressed Stone / Marble 125gp 56-57 Pearls 6,000gp
71-78 Cloth 360gp 58-61 Perfumes 400gp
79-82 Luxury Cloth / Silk 1,500gp 62-64 Rare Metals 250gp
83-86 Leather Goods 100gp 65-66 Rare Woods 350gp
87-93 Pewter / Bronze / Copperware 400gp 67-68 Religious Talismans 500gp
94-96 Wooden Items / Furniture 125gp 69-73 Salt 500gp
97-98 Steel Bar-stock 1,600gp 74-77 Scrolls / Books 900gp
99-00 Slaves 50gp 78-81 Silver Ingots 1,200gp
82-83 Spell Components 800gp+
84-91 Spices 2,500gp
92-94 Sugar 1,500gp
95-00 Weapons 250gp


1 Ingots Clipped / Debased
2-3 Large Coins Contemporary, Foreign
4-6 Small Coins Contemporary, Local
7 Strings of Coins Ancient, Local
8 Nuggets Ancient, Foreign
9 Plates Melted / Corroded
10 Dust Counterfeit


These tables can be used to adding colour to both mundane and magical treasure items as required by the GM.

Weapon Details
2 Archaic Archaic Archaic
3 Blunt-tipped Crudely steel Crudely crafted
4 Crude steel Double-headed Easily pulled
5 Demi-human manufacture Dwarven manufacture Elaborate construction
6 Elaborate crossguard / grip Elaborate haft Elf manufacture
7 Giant-sized Giant-sized Finely crafted
8 Heavy / Unbalanced Heavy / Unbalanced Giant-sized
9 Inlaid with gems Inlaid with gems Horn
10 Inscribed with glyphs Inscribed with glyphs Inlaid with gems
11 Notched / Barbed Rusty Inscribed with glyphs
12 Rusty Single-headed Lacquered
13 Single-edged Spiked / barbed Unbalanced
14 Very fine steel Steel-haft Very hard to pull
15 Wavy Very fine steel Well-balanced
16 Well-balanced Well-balanced Yew
Weapon Details*
2 Awl Bardiche Archaic
3 Baselard Bill-Hook Ceramic
4 Bichwa Fork Ceremonial
5 Butcher Knife Glaive Crude improvised club
6 Ceremonial / Sacrificial Guisarme Demi-human sized
7 Cinquedea Halberd Flanged mace
8 Haladie Hammer Giant-sized
9 Katar Lance Holy water sprinkler
10 Kris Man-catcher Hooked mace
11 Main-gauche Partisan Morning star
12 Rondel Pike Plain rod
13 Stiletto Poleaxe Spiked club
14 Switchblade Spear Spiked mace
15 Throwing Knife Trident Two-handed
16 Tiger Claw Combination (roll twice) War-club
* For further details see Swords above
Armour Details
2 Archaic Archaic Archaic
3 Crudely crafted Demi-human sized Armet
4 Demi-human sized Dented / Scorched Aventail
5 Dented Exceptionally light Barbute
6 Exceptionally light Giant-sized Bascinet
7 Finely crafted Highly polished Crested/Feathers
8 Giant-sized Horned edges Demi-human sized
9 Highly polished Inlaid with gems Giant-sized
10 Inlaid with gems Inscribed with glyphs Greathelm
11 Inscribed with glyphs Leather bound Horns / Antlers
12 Painted Oddly shaped Open-faced
13 Rare alloy Painted / Heraldic Sallet
14 Rusty Spiked boss Spiked
15 Spiked / Barbed Very heavy Visaged
16 Very heavy Visaged Winged
Miscellaneous Item Details
2 Adamantium Animal fur Animal Fur
3 Bone Animal hide Animal Skin
4 Brass Cashmere Chainmail
5 Bronze Cloth trimmed with fur Cloth
6 Copper Crocheted Cloth trimmed with fur
7 Electrum Embroidered cloth Leather
8 Gold Hemp Linen
9 Iron / Steel Leather Monster Fur
10 Jade Linen Monster Skin
11 Mithril Monster fur Rubber
12 Orichalcum Monster hide Silk
13 Platinum Quilted Cloth Steel
14 Silver Silk Velvet
15 Stone Velvet Wood
16 Wood Wool Woven Reed
50% are bejewelled
10% are inscribed with glyph(s)
Miscellaneous Item Details
2 Adamantium Altar / Reliquary
3 Bone Animal
4 Brass Anthropomorphic humanoid
5 Bronze Brazier
6 Copper Demi-human
7 Crystal Demon / Devil
8 Gold Dragon
9 Iron / Steel Human
10 Mithril Insect
11 Orichalcum Monster
12 Silver Nonhuman
13 Stone Plant
14 Unicorn horn Triptych
15 Wood, common Vase / Jar
16 Wood, Rare Vehicle / Ship
25% bejewelled
10% topped with figurine
20% are inscribed with glyph(s)


01-25 Common text (accounting records, laundry lists, etc.) 5%
26-30 Legal text (contracts, writs, subpoenas, etc.) 10%
31-32 Erotica (poetry, cartoons, etc.) 15%
33-37 Dictionary / Lexicon (see Languages subtable p. XXX) 15%
38-40 Cyclopaedia (general or specific reference text) 15%
41-50 Literature (poetry, epics, plays, etc.) 10%
51-55 Religious (scriptures, tracts, epistles, hymnals, etc.) 20%
56-60 History (annals, chronicles, general histories, etc.) 15%
61-64 Medicinal (herbals, pharmaceuticals, anatomies, etc.) 20%
65-68 Biography (diaries, journals, etc.) 15%
69-70 Autobiography (famous or obscure persons or groups) 20%
71-75 Political (manifestos, pamphlets, rants, discourses, news) 10%
76-80 Philosophy (discourses, essays, treatises) 15%
81-85 Travel (travelogues, journals, gazetteers, ship's logs, etc.) 25%
86-90 Magical/Alchemical Journal (typically encrypted) 50%
91-98 Maps (mundane local, regional or national atlases) 50%
99-00 Spellbook or Magical Tome (GM's choice) 100%
01-30 Old Message 8%
31-40 List / Inventory 5%
41-45 Legal text (contracts, writs, subpoenas, etc.) 10%
46-55 Literature (poetry, epic, play, etc.) 10%
56-65 Letter (personal, administrative, etc.) 10%
66-70 Formula (alchemical, herbal, pharmaceutical, poison, etc.) 25%
71-78 Medicinal text (prescriptions, etc.) 20%
79-98 Proclamation/Announcement (see sub-table) 40%
99-00 Map (see sub-table) 50%
Book Format, Condition & Special Feature(s)
1 None Papyrus/Leaf Brand New Locked
2 Wood Wood/Bamboo/Bark Slightly Used Handwritten Commentary
3 Hide/Skin Parchment/Paper Used Unrelated Graffiti
4 Ceramic Vellum/Skin Worn Illuminated Script/Artwork
5 Bone Stone/Ceramic Water Damaged (1d3) Additional Languages
6 Bark Metal Burnt Encrypted
7 Clasped/Hinged Bone Ripped, Torn Invisible Ink
8 Rope/Twine Exotic (i.e Plastic) d% pages missing Protective Glyph(s)
Proclamations / Announcements
3 Insurrection (weapons and/or armour banned)
4 Submission (foreigners and/or demi-humans must register with authorities)
5 Criminal bounty (see Bounties p. XXX)
6 Tax on all foreigners and/or demi-humans (1d6gp)
7 Games / tournament announcement
8 Temple tax on all citizens (1d10sp)
9 Tribute tax on everyone (1d4sp)
10 New law enacted
11 Noble birth / death / marriage announcement
12 Holiday / feast announcement
13 Call to arms / Declaration of war
14 Employees wanted
15 Expedition announcement
16 Prophecy / Religious decree
17 Position wanted
18 Business advertisement
01-25 Common Tradespeech
26-36 Common Dialect (1-3: Northern, 4-6: Central, 7-9: Southern, 10: Halfling)
37-39 Old Common ( 1d10 x 100 years before present )
40 Archaic Common ( 1d10 x 1000 years before present )
41-50 Elvish (1: Elder, 2-4: Middle, 5-8: Simplified)
51-60 Dwarfish (1-2: High, 3-5: Mountain, 6: Deep, 7-8: Low )
61-68 Gnomish (1: Old Runic, 2-4: Calligraphic, 5-7: Shorthand, 8: Deep)
69-70 Orcish (1-2: Ogrish, 3-6: Orcish, 7: Ettin, 8-9: Eastern Magi)
71-72 Goblin (1-2: Hobgoblin, 3-7: Goblin, 8: Svartling Patois, 9-10: Bugbear)
73-75 Gnoll (1-7: Gnoll, 8-10: Kobold)
76-78 Wyrmish / Dragonspeech ( 1: High, 2-5: Middle, 6-8 Low)
79 Trollish (1-2: Deep 3-8: Surface)
80-81 Demonic ( 1-6 - Demonic, 8: Daemonic)
82-83 Diabolical (Devils)
84 Annunaki (1-2 - Astral, 3-8: Material )
85-87 Fae (1-5: Fairy, 6: Sprite, 7: Leprechaun, 8: Centaur)
88-89 Aquatic (1-5: Tritons, 6-8: Mermen, 9-10: Sea Elfen)
91 Cephaloid (1-6: Astral, 7-8: Material )
92 Slaasthaki (1-2: Classical, 3-8: Tradespeech )
93 Lizard/Amphibian ( 1-4: Lizard Man, 5-7: Locathah, 8-9: Batrachian, 10: Deep One )
94-95 Elemental ( 1-2: Earth, 3-4: Air, 5-6: Fire, 7-8: Water)
96-98 Monstrous (various separate languages e.g. Lammasu, Gargoyle, Harpy, Minotaur, Medusan, Sphinx)
99-00 Angelic (1-7: Lower Devic, 8-10: Higher Solari)


DIRECTIONS: Roll once each for form, type, status, direction and distance.

Map Forms
2d8 FORM
2 Crude wall graffiti
3 Rough map carved into a piece of wood
4 Inscription on a piece of hide / skin
5 Personal letter with detailed directions
6 Coded memo on a piece of scrap parchment
7 Map disguised to appear as a magical / clerical scroll
8 Carved in a piece of bone
9 Detailed engineering / topographical plans of the location
10 Jigsaw puzzle
11 Parchment rubbing of a stone inscription
12 Map drawn in invisible ink atop another text
13 Symbolic wall or floor mosaic / relief
14 Astrological chart
15 Tapestry or rug
16 Tattooed on a living creature
Map Subjects
01-05 False Map Planar map
06-50 Mundane Map (see sub-table) National / Area map
51-70 Monetary Treasure Map City / town map
71-90 Magic Treasure Map Continental map
91-00 Combined Hoard Map World map
Treasure Status
1 Untouched and unguarded
2 Hidden underwater
3 Stashed in a well-guarded lair
4 Buried under ruins
5 Entombed in a crypt
6 Cached in a settlement
7 In a temple / shrine
8-10 Treasure already looted


Artifact & Relic Generation

Bolverk's laughter joined his. ”Aye, wield it in glee,“ said the Jotun. ”Smite your foemen—gods, giants, mortals, it matters not. The sword is loose and the end of the world comes nigh!“

- Poul Andersen

The Broken Sword

From the Biblical Ark of the Covenant to Arthur's Excalibur to Tolkien's One Ring, powerful magical artifacts and relics have always been an important staple of mythology, folklore and fantasy fiction inspiring quests, pilgrimages and heroic sagas. Similarly, history and folklore is full of stories of places of great and often mysterious power - the kinds of places where the gods dwell and where the stairway to heaven begins.


Artifacts are unique magical or divine items, specially constructed with a variety of different shapes and functions by powerful, sometimes unknown beings. There are three type of artifacts described here: Arcane/Phantasmal, Divine/Druidic and Extra-planar. Artifacts will vary in form, from mighty weapons & armor to elaborate Arcane/Phantasmal machines, and multi-part utensils. While the exact methods of their construction may be unknown or misunderstood, in some cases, several different 'copies' may exist independently. All artifacts display, in some manner, both the personality and abilities of their creator - important clues (or warning signs!) for those attempting to possess and use such objects.

Relics are the physical remains, personal possessions or other important items belonging to a powerful being such as a saint, goddess, or demon prince; and only one type, Divine/Druidic, is covered here. Relics are even more closely tied to their creator than artifacts, and cannot be duplicated for obvious reasons. Great care and attention to their many restrictions is necessary, as the unwary handler can suffer dire consequences.

Sites are mystical places, located either in this dimension or elsewhere that function similar to artifacts or relics. As these are permanent locations, they may, at the GM's discretion have one or several guardians as well as traps or other natural hazards.

Segmented artifacts and relics are objects with several parts or pieces that have limited functions individually, but may be combined into a much more powerful whole. These items are considerably rarer, and in many cases a lengthy quest may be necessary to re-unite the missing pieces.

Artifacts, relics and sites all share certain characteristics which can be generated using the tables provided here. Restrictions (Table 5) detail which special requirements must be satisfied in order to use the item. Some artifacts may impart Minor or Major Drawbacks (Tables 11 & 12) to the user, which are similar to a curse (although a Remove Curse spell will not affect an artifact). Additionally, some artifacts may impart a Minor or Major Transformation (Tables 8 & 9) which affects a physical or mental change to a first-time user, often permanent.

Major and Minor Powers (Tables 6 & 7) are inherent abilities possessed by the item and available for use. In most cases, these powers function similarly to a particular spell. These spells will be cast at the level of the artifact, as determined in the generation procedure. Some powers however are unique and are detailed in the appropriate table. In the majority of cases, powers will be subject to limits on the frequency of use, as generated on Subtable A: Frequency Usage.

Primary Powers (Table 10) are unique abilities of world-spanning power. The entries are deliberately brief, and it is up to the individual GM to detail the exact extent and effects of these abilities according to his or her campaign.

Finally, some of these objects and sites will have Possession as a characteristic. While all artifacts, relics and sites are sentient in some respects, these items actively seek to impose their will on their users and use them like a slave or automaton. The first time the artifact is touched and each time a power is used the user must make a Saving Throw vs. Spells. If the saving throw fails, the character becomes a powerless thrall to the artifact's will and should be treated as a NPC under GM control thereafter. If the saving throw succeeds they may carry on as normal - this time.

The final generation step is determining the method for destruction of the artifact (Table 13). There will generally be only one method for destroying a particular artifact or relic. Sites are slightly different, requiring both the complete razing of the physical site itself and a further ritual desecration, which should be quite expensive and/or difficult to accomplish in itself.

Below are briefly the steps necessary to create a new artifact, relic or site, while Artifacts by Type details the requirements for each individual type, as first generated in Table 1.

Artifact Generation Procedure

  • Determine Artifact Type (Table 1)
  • Determine Artifact Alignment (Table 2)
  • Determine the Artifact Form (Table 3)
  • Determine the Artifact Source (Table 4)
  • Determine the method for the destruction of the artifact (Table 13)
  • Consult the Artifact Type description
    • Check for Restrictions, if any (Table 5)
    • Determine Number & Types of Minor Powers (Table 6)
      • Determine Usage Frequency for Spell-like Powers (Subtable A)
    • Determine Number & Types of Major Powers, if any (Table 7)
      • Determine Usage Frequency for Spell-like Powers (Subtable A)
    • Determine Type of Primary Power, if any (Table 10)
      • Determine Usage Frequency for Spell-like Powers (Subtable A)

Note: While random tables are provided to inspire creativity, Gamemasters are advised to hand-pick entries for the best results.

Artifacts By Type

Arcane/Phantasmal artifacts are constructed using powerful, and permanent Arcane/Phantasmal dweomers, typically by ancient high-level magic-users or illusionists in the distant past. Segmented artifacts have 1d8 components which have abilities both singly and in conjunction with their assembled whole.

Alignment: Any but 60% have the same alignment as creator
Minor Powers1d2
Major Powers:45% (any 1)
Primary Power10% (any 1)
Radiate Magic1d4 x 5' radius
Special Abilities:Spell-like powers as lvl 1d12+10 MU or Illusionist
Alignment: Any but 80% have the same alignment as creator
Resteictions: 50% (1d2)
Minor Powers1d4
Major Powers:1d3
Primary Power50% (any 1)
Radiate Magic1d4 x 10' radius
Special Abilities:Spell-like powers cast as lvl 1d20+15 MU or Illusionist
Alignment: Any but 80% have the same alignment as creator
Resteictions: +1d2 each
Minor PowersNone
Major Powers:None
Primary PowerNone
Radiate Magic5' radius
Special Abilities:Spell-like powers cast as lvl 1d12+10 MU or Illusionist
Alignment: As single parts
Resteictions: 40% (1d2)
Minor Powers+1d2
Major Powers:None
Primary Power50% (any 1)
Radiate Magic1d4 x 10' radius
Special Abilities:Spell-like powers cast as lvl 1d20+15 MU or Illusionist

Divine/Druidic artifacts may either be a gift from a deity, demi-god or the like, or a powerful religious item created by a group of their mortal followers. Segmented artifacts have 1d12 components which have abilities both singly and in conjunction with the assembled whole.

Alignment: Any but 60% have the same alignment as creator
Restrictions:75% of these artifacts can only be used by a Cleric/Druid of the same alignment as the creator/patron diety
25% of these artifacts can only be used by a Cleric, Druid, Ranger or Witch
60% (any 1)
Minor Powers1d3
Major Powers:60% (any 1)
Primary Power10% (any 1)
Radiate Good/Evil1d4 x 5' radius
Special Abilities:Spell-like powers as lvl 1d12+10 Cleric or Druid
Alignment: Any but 80% have the same alignment as creator
Restrictions:75% of these artifacts can only be used by a Cleric/Druid of the same alignment as the creator/patron diety
25% of these artifacts can only be used by a Cleric, Druid, Ranger or Witch
60% (1d2)
Minor Powers1d4
Major Powers:1d3
Primary Power75% (any 1)
Radiate Good/Evil1d3 x10' radius
Special Abilities:Spell-like powers as lvl 1d20+15 Cleric or Druid
Alignment: Any but 80% can only be used by a Cleric/Druid of the same alignment as the creator/patron diety
20% of these artifacts can only be used by a Cleric, Druid, Ranger or Witch
Resteictions: any 1
Minor Powers+1d2
Major Powers:None
Primary PowerNone
Radiate Magic5' radius
Special Abilities:Spell-like powers cast as lvl 1d12+10 MU Cleric or Druid
Alignment: As single parts
Resteictions: 60% (1d2)
Minor Powers+1d2
Major Powers:+1d2
Primary Power50% (any 1)
Radiate Magic1d3 x 10' radius
Special Abilities:Spell-like powers cast as lvl 1d20+15 Cleric or Druid

Divine/Druidic relics are the fragments or belongings of a saint, demigod, arch-devil or other powerful spiritual being. Segmented relics have 1d20 pieces which have abilities both singly and in conjunction with the assembled whole. These objects always have an alignment identical to that of their creator.

Alignment: Any; but these objects always have an alignment identical to that of their source
Restrictions:any 1
Minor Powers1d2
Major Powers:60% (any 1)
Primary Power10% (any 1)
Radiate Good/Evil1d2x 5' radius
Special Abilities:Spell-like powers as lvl 1d8+10 Cleric or Druid
Alignment: Any; but these objects always have an alignment identical to that of their source
Minor Powers1d4
Major Powers:1d2
Primary Power75% (any 1)
Radiate Good/Evil1d3 x 5' radius
Special Abilities:Spell-like powers as lvl 1d8+10 Cleric or Druid
Alignment: Any but 80% can only be used by a Cleric/Druid of the same alignment as the creator/patron diety
20% of these artifacts can only be used by a Cleric, Druid, Ranger or Witch
Restrictions: any 1
Minor Powers+1d2
Major Powers:None
Primary PowerNone
Radiate Good/Evil1d12 x 5' radius
Special Abilities:Spell-like powers cast as lvl 1d8+10 MU Cleric or Druid
Alignment: As single parts
Restrictions: 50% (1d2)
Minor Powers+1d2
Major Powers:+1d2
Primary Power50% (any 1)
Radiate Good/Evil1d3 x 5' radius
Special Abilities:Spell-like powers cast as lvl 1d20+10 Cleric or Druid

Extra-planar artifacts originated on an unknown plane or alternate universe, and exhibit characteristics often inimical to natives of the Prime Material. These artifacts tend to have bizarre, often technological forms & abilities and a surfeit of unpleasant side-effects.

Alignment: Any; determine randomly
Minor Powers1d4
Major Powers:75% (any 1)
Primary PowerNone
Radiate Magic1d6 x 5' radius
Special Abilities:Spell-like powers as lvl 1d12+10 Spellcaster
Alignment: Any; determine randomly
Restrictions:50% (any 1)
Minor Powers1d4
Major Powers:1d3
Primary Power75% (any 1)
Radiate Magic1d10 x 5' radius
Special Abilities:Spell-like powers as lvl 1d20+10 Spellcaster

Arcane or Divine/Druidic Sites are special areas 1d10 x 10' in diameter and function like artifacts or relics.

Alignment: Any, but 75% of these places have an alignment identical to that of their creator(s) or patron(s), while the rest have a randomly determined alignment
Minor Powers1d6
Major Powers:1d3
Primary Power75% (any 1)
Radiate Magic, Good/Evil1d6 x 5' radius
Special Abilities:Spell-like powers as lvl 1d20+10 Spellcaster



1-10 Minor Arcane/Phantasmal Artifact
11-20 Minor Arcane/Phantasmal Artifact
21-30 Minor Divine/Druidic Relic
31-35 Minor Extra-planar Artifact
36-42 Major Arcane/Phantasmal Artifact
43-50 Segmented Arcane/Phantasmal Artifact
51-60 Major Divine/Druidic Artifact
61-65 Segmented Divine/Druidic Artifact
66-75 Segmented Divine/Druidic Relic
76-96 Site
97-100 Major Extra-planar Artifact


01-35 Lawful (d10: 1-4 Good, 5-6 Neutral, 7-10 Evil)
36-65 Neutral (d10: 1-2 Good, 3-7 True Neutral, 8-10 Evil)
66-100 Chaotic (d10: 1-2 Good, 3-4 Neutral, 5-10 Evil)


1 Weapon Tooth / Teeth Rod, Staff, Wand Polyhedron Grove
2 Apparatus Skull / Head Chain-links Armor Cave
3 Armor Mummy Deck of Cards Weapon Island
4 Gem / Jewelry Hand / Finger Keys / Seals Rod, Staff, Wand Pool / Well
5 Clothing Skeleton / Bone Jewelry Book / Tablets Megalith / Henge
6 Book Writings Pages in a Book Vessel Tomb
7 Vessel Mask / Shroud Teeth / Bones Gem / Jewelry Altar
8 Rod, Staff, Wand Cradle Machine Apparatus Mountain Peak
9 Ark / Chest Skin / Nails Idol / Statuette Automaton Oasis
10 Musical Instrument Horn / Hair Armor / Clothing Vehicle / Ship Shrine / Temple
11 Utensil / Tool Footprint(s) Vessels Machine Pit / Chasm
12 Idol / Statuette Ashes Stones / Gems Implant Grotto


1 Archmage Patriarch Monster Elemental Earth Law
2 Illusionist Saint Deity Upper Plane Dragons
3 Demi-human Hero Sect / Cult Sect / Cult Lower Plane Elemental Magic
4 Demigod Demon / Devil Demigod Astral Plane Humanoids
5 Deity Demigod Archmage Æthereal Plane Arcane Magic
6 Necromancer Deity Patriarch Alternate Prime Material Phantasmal Magic
7 Demon / Devil Demi-human Hero Demi-human Hero Elemental Air Demi-humans
8 Witch Lich Lich Negative Material Plane Divine Magic
9 Lich Archdruid Demon / Devil Dreamlands Demons / Devils
10 Humanoid Hero Dragon High Druid Elemental Water Undead
11 Warlock Magical Creature Humanoid Hero Positive Material Plane Druidic Magic
12 Dragons Humanoid Hero Dragon Elemental Fire Chaos


1 User's alignment must be the same as that of the artifact
2 User must be a blood descendent of the artifact's creator
3 User must be level 1d10+10 or higher
4 User must be a spellcaster (MU for Arcane/Phantasmal artifacts, Cleric for Divine/Druidic artifacts)
5 User must have exactly the same alignment as that of the artifact
6 User must be of the same race as that of the artifact's creator
7 User must be a man/woman
8 User must allow their soul to be permanently entrapped in the artifact
9 User's Ability Scores must all be 15 or higher
10 User must be a virgin
11 User must be a ranking member of the same religion or order as that of the artifact's creator
12 User may only use the artifact in service to it's intended purpose or suffer immediate pain or death


1 1st-lvl MU/Illusionist Spell * 1st-lvl Cleric/Druid Spell * Major Transformation Minor Transformation
2 2nd-lvl MU/Illusionist Spell * 2nd-lvl Cleric/Druid Spell * (1d4)th-lvl Cleric/Druid Spell * Minor Transformation
3 3rd-lvl MU/Illusionist Spell * 3rd-lvl Cleric/Druid Spell * (1d4)th-lvl MU/Illusionist Spell * Major Transformation
4 4th-lvl MU/Illusionist Spell * 4th-lvl Cleric/Druid Spell * Minor Transformation 1st-lvl Cleric/Druid Spell *
5 Minor Transformation Minor Transformation Minor Transformation 2nd-lvl Cleric/Druid Spell *
6 Minor Drawback Minor Transformation Minor Drawback 3rd-lvl Cleric/Druid Spell *
7 Minor Drawback Minor Drawback Minor Drawback 4th-lvl Cleric/Druid Spell *
8 Major Drawback Minor Drawback Major Drawback Minor Drawback


1 5th-lvl MU/Illusionist Spell * 5th-lvl Cleric/Druid Spell * Major Transformation Major Transformation
2 6th-lvl MU/Illusionist Spell * 6th-lvl Cleric/Druid Spell * (1d4+3)-lvl Cleric/Druid Spell * Major Transformation
3 7th-lvl MU/Illusionist Spell * 7th-lvl Cleric/Druid Spell * (1d4+4)-lvl MU/Illusionist Spell * Major Transformation
4 8th-lvl MU Spell Major Transformation Major Transformation 5th-lvl Cleric/Druid Spell *
5 9th-lvl MU Spell Major Drawback Major Transformation 6th-lvl Cleric/Druid Spell *
6 Major Transformation Major Drawback Major Drawback 7th-lvl Cleric/Druid Spell *
7 Major Transformation Possession Major Drawback Major Drawback
8 Major Drawback Possession Possession Possession


*These results will have a 25% chance to use the sub-class. To determine the actual spell, roll on the appropriate spell table.


1 +1 bonus to the user's Prime Requisite Ability
2 +2 bonus to the user's Armour Class
3 Cause NPC reactions to the user to be never better than neutral
4 Confers a permanent sex change on the user the first time the artifact is held
5 Confers darkvision on the user
6 Curses the user with Lycanthropy (GM should determine type according to the artifact's alignment)
7 Immunity to Charm or Hold spells
8 Immunity to disease
9 Immunity to fear
10 Immunity to gasses
11 Immunity to illusions
12 Immunity to Magic Missile spells
13 Immunity to Sleep spells
14 Inflict an incurable disease upon the user. At the start of each month a saving throw vs. death must be made to avoid losing 1 point of CON. When the user's CON reaches 0, death occurs.
15 Inflicts light sensitivity upon the user, who suffers a -1 penalty to all die rolls while in sunlight
16 Permanently afflicts the user with one form of insanity/neuroses
17 Permanently endows the user with a poison touch that requires a Save vs. Poison
18 User needs no food or water for up to one week
19 User's alignment is permanently changed to conform to that of the artifact
20 User's metabolism is altered and they must consume 6x the normal amount of food & water per day


1 +2 bonus to all of the user's Ability Scores, normal racial maximums apply
2 +2 bonus to the user's weapon damage in melee
3 +4 bonus to one random Ability Score 1d4 points
4 Confers a Magical Resistance of (1d20+50)%
5 Confers an Armour Class of 0
6 Doubles the user's allowable encumbrance
7 Doubles the user's movement rate
8 Immunity to acid
9 Immunity to cold/frost
10 Immunity to electricity
11 Immunity to energy drain
12 Immunity to fire/heat
13 Immunity to poison
14 Raise the user's Prime Requisite Ability to 19
15 Spell Absorption (1d6+18 total levels)
16 User can cast combination spells (if a spell caster) as follows (roll d4)
1) 1st and 2nd level spells simultaneously
2) 2nd and 3rd level spells simultaneously
3) 3rd and 4th level spells simultaneously
4) 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level spells simultaneously
17 User is able to see in any conditions
18 User may become æthereal at will
19 User need never consume any food or water
20 User regenerates 2hp/turn when in contact with the artifact


1 Oracle - prophesies the certain future
2 God-Slayer - can slay one or more gods from a certain pantheon
3 Portal - opens a gate to multiple extra-planar planes
4 Doomsday Device- focuses earth energies to create natural disasters
5 Pocket Dimensional Realm- an entire world or plane accessible only through the device
6 Instrument of Creation - can permanently enchant new magic items
7 Soul-Trap - entraps souls, +1 Major Power per 10 levels so entrapped
8 Mesmerizer - Charms mass numbers of people
9 Immortality Device - confers immortality (not immunity to death by violence or magic however)
10 Elemental Construct - total power to summon & control ONE element
11 Space/time Machine - the TARDIS
12 Hybrid Incubator - facilitates enchanted cross-breeding (Manticores, etc.)
13 Magic Shield - confers 3d10 + 70% Magic Resistance
14 Examiner - unfailingly detects & permanently dispels even the most powerful magics
15 Entropic Lens - casts superior and wide-ranging misfortune, curses, aging, etc.
16 Illusion Projector - large multiple self-acting illusions (the holodeck)
17 Summoner - allows user to summon any known creature and control or imprison them for 1d6 days
18 Slayer - can permanently kill any living or undead being lesser than a demi-god
19 Resurrection Machine - can raise any mortal being from the dead with no time restrictions
20 Invulnerability. Wielder immune to almost all causes of physical harm. There will always be one weak spot (50%) or nemesis (50%) – e.g. Baldr's mistletoe, Achilles' heel, the weak spot in Smaug's armour


1 Confers a -1 penalty to the user's Charisma
2 Holy water within 10' of item becomes polluted
3 Confers a -1d4 penalty to the user's Charisma when a major power is used
4 Confers a -1 penalty to the user's Saving Throws vs. Spells
5 Confers a -2 penalty to the user's Saving Throws vs. Poison
6 User suffers a temporary loss of one of their senses for 1d8 turns when artifact is held/worn (1-2 Sight 3-4 Hearing 5-6 Smell)
7 Confers a 1d4x10lb weight gain on the user
8 Confers a 5d6lb weight loss on the user
9 User must make a Saving Throw vs. Spells to part with the item, even briefly
10 All small sources of flame (lamps, torches, etc.) within a 30' radius when a Major or Primary Power is used are extinguished
11 Any wood within a 10' radius when a Major or Primary Power is used will die and/or begin to decay within 1d7 days
12 Plants within a 10' radius when a Major or Primary Power is used will wither and die within 1d8 hours
13 All normal animals within a 50' radius will be hostile toward the user
14 Casting of normal spells within a 5' radius is impossible
15 Causes the user to experience short-term memory loss, starting with minor details and progressing eventually to total amnesia
16 The user is inflicted with partial hearing loss and may only hear voices at a shout. Spellcasters must shout their spells.
17 If object is used, then for 1d6 hours after use it cannot be put down.
18 Artifact is contrary. Must be persuaded to help before it can be used; persuasion takes 1d6 rounds, modified by GM according to wielder's Charisma and relationship with artifact.
19 Artifact temporarily drains one of wielder's experience levels when used. Level regained after 1d3 days.
20 Whenever artifact used, wielder surrounded by awestruck and adoring creatures (insects, small reptiles or mammals etc.) for 1d6 hours. 20% chance they will attempt to sing the wielder's praises.


2 There is a cumulative 5% chance each time a Major or Primary Power is used that one of the user's limbs will wither and rot as if inflicted with leprosy
3 The artifact places a Geas/Quest upon the user in keeping with its alignment and agenda
4 The artifact has a deep animosity toward 1d4 races and will force the user to attack them if encountered unless a Save vs Spells at -4 is successful
5 Confers a permanent -1 to penalty to one of the user's Ability Scores
6 Permanently subtracts 1d6 points from the user's Hit Points
7 The artifact must be activated each day by an offering (1d6 x 10,000gp)
or a sacrifice (1 human/demihuman 2-4 humanoid 5-6 monster)
8 Users alignment is permanently and irreversibly changed to conform to that of the artifact
9 Each time a Major or Primary Power is used, the most powerful normal magic item within a 30' radius will be irreparably drained of all magic
10 Each time a Major or Primary Power is used, the user ages 3d10 years. If the user dies, they will return as an undead guardian of the artifact
11 Each time a Major or Primary Power is used, the user suffers 2d10 hit points of damage
12 Each time a Major or Primary Power is used, roll 1d6, (1-3) the user's height increases 1d3 inches, (4-6) the user's height decreases 1d3 inches
13 Each time a Major or Primary Power is used, the user must Save vs. Spells or go berserk, randomly attacking anything within a 20' radius for 5d4 rounds
14 Each time a Primary Power is used, the user must Save vs. Spells or lose 1 lvl of experience
15 All intelligent beings within a radius of 20' must Save vs. Spells or be forced to act in order to possess the artifact for their selves.
16 Each time any of the artifact's Powers are used, roll 1d6, (1-3) the ambient temperature within a 60' radius is raised (1d4+1 x 10) degrees F for 2d4 turns, (4-6) the ambient temperature within a 60' radius is lowered (2d4 x 10) degrees F for 2d6 turns
17 If this artifact is used as a weapon, it deals double the normal damage, but the wielder takes normal damage from the resulting backlash
18 Each time a Major or Primary Power is used, everyone (including the user) within a 30' radius must Save vs. Spells or be forced to flee in terror
19 Each time a Major or Primary Power is used, all coins within a 40' radius will be consumed by the artifact
20 Each time a Primary Power is used, all within a 20' radius (including the user) will receive 5d4 points of damage
21 Each time a Major or Primary Power is used, there is a 5% cumulative chance that the user will become Ethereal, and remain so for 1d8 turns
22 Each time a Major or Primary Power is used, the user must Save vs. Spells or go insane for 1d6 days
23 Each time a Major or Primary Power is used, the user ages 1d10 years. All of the affects of aging should be applied to the user, although they will not die (of old age) as long as they possess the artifact.
24 Each time a Major or Primary Power is used there is a 50% chance of geas being placed upon the user. The geas must be completed before the artifact's Major or Primary Powers may be used again.


d% Method
01-03 A seal an the site of the artifact's creation must be broken with a +5 weapon
04-06 All memory of the artifact must be erased from all memory
07-09 Inscriptions on the artifact itself must be erased
10-12 It must be bathed in a pool of pure holy water for 7 years
13-15 It must be crushed beneath gears of pure adamantium
16-18 It must be crushed under the cloven heel of a demon lord
19-21 It must be destroyed by 1,001 wishes
22-24 It must be destroyed by a Grand Ritual of Severing
25-27 It must be dissolved in the waters of the River Styx
28-30 It must be fed to the Mother of All Dragons
31-33 It must be frozen on the Elemental Plane of Water
34-36 It must be ground to dust and consumed by its user
37-39 It must be incinerated in the fiery breath of an ancient red dragon.
40-42 It must be melted at the earth's core
43-45 It must be melted down on the Plane of Elemental Fire
46-48 It must be pulverized between two meteors.
49-51 The creator, or their soul, must be permanently destroyed.
52-54 It must be sealed in a specially-constructed pocket universe
55-57 It must be shattered on a magical anvil, or perhaps against another similar artifact
58-60 It must be soaked in the blood of 666 greater demons
61-63 It must be sundered by a +5 weapon
64-66 It must be sunk into the deepest ocean trench
67-69 It must be thrown into a volcano, perhaps on another plane
70-72 It must be thrust into the heart of the sun
73-75 It must be used to wound or slay a deity
76-78 It must sit in 1,000 years of total darkness
79-81 Only the end of the universe can destroy the artifact
82-84 Ten thousand Dispel Magic spells must be cast upon the artifact
85-87 The artifact can be easily destroyed; but will appear again, whole and undamaged in a different place or time
88-90 The characters must travel back in time prior to the artifact's creation, and stop it
91-95 Roll Twice. Ignore results of 91+. Both methods can or must be combined to destroy the artifact.
96-00 GM's Choice


1d4> 1 2 3 4
Minor Power At will 7/day 3/day 1/day
Major Power 3/day 1/day 3/week 1/week
Primary Power 1/day 3/week 1/week 2/month

Examples for Your Inspiration


Aegis Shield (Greco-Roman)

Andvarinaut (Norse)

Apollo's Bow (Greco-Roman)

Apparatus of the Mad Archmage

Ark of the Covenant (Judeo-Christian)

Armor of Achilles (Greco-Roman)

Asmodeus' Diabolic Rod

Axe of the Dwarven Kings

Baba Yaga's Hut (Slavic)

Book of Thoth (Egyptian)

Brísingamen (Norse)

Canon of Changes (Chinese)

Chariot of the Sun (Greco-Roman)

Codices of Innumerable Dimensions

Crane-Skin Bag of Cumhail (Celtic)

Cronus' Sickle (Greco-Roman)

Cup of Jamshid (Persian)

Cuthbert's Cudgel

Dancing Sword of Lightning (Chinese)

Excalibur (Arthurian Britain)

Flaming Shard of Ebon

Flying Throne of Kai Kavus (Persian)

Fragerach (Celtic)

Glassy Spheres of the Dragon Lords

Golden Automaton of Ur-nee

Hammer of Thor (Norse)

Horn of Geryon

Jade Books in Heaven (Chinese)

Juggernaut (Indian)

Kantele (Finnish)

Kaustubha Jewel (Indian)

Magic Mould of the Yu Emperor (Chinese)

Monkey King's Spear (Chinese)

Morgan's Organ

Necronomicon (Cthulhu Mythos)

Obsidian Chalice of Grevous Phlegh

Orcus' Bone Wand

Palladium (Greco-Roman)

Pandora's Box (Greco-Roman)

Pearl of Pricelessness

Pelian Spear (Greco-Roman)

Queen Labea's Amazing Sparrow

Regalia of the World Emperors

Ring of Xagy Gaxgy

Sampo (Finnish)

Seal of Solomon (Judeo-Christian)

Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar (Persian)

Skíðblaðnir (Norse)

Smoking Mirror (Mesoamerican)

Spear of Cuchulainn (Celtic)

Staff of Moses (Islam)

Sudarshana Chakra (Hindu)

Sword of Light (Celtic)

Sword of Peleu (Greco-Roman)

Tablets of Destiny (Mesopotamian)

Talisman of El'Kadim

Tarnhelm (Germanic)

The One Ring (Tolkien)

Throne of the Elder Ones

Urim and Thummim (Latter Day Saints)

Vajra of Indra (Indian)

Wand of Eleven Sections

Yessinda's Flute

Zeus' Lightning Bolts


Bone of Ullr (Norse)

Bones of Elisha (Judeo-Christian)

Buddha Tooth of Kandy (Indian)

Chair of Idris the Giant (Norse)

Crystal Skull of Lubantuum (Meso-American)

Eyes & Ears of Kyung

Hide of Leviathan (Judeo-Christian)

Hide of the Nemean lion (Greco-Roman)

Holy Grail (Judeo-Christian)

Sacred Cloak of the Prophet (Islam)

Seamless Robe of Jesus (Judeo-Christian)

Shroud of Turin (Judeo-Christian)

Spear of Destiny (Judeo-Christian)

Teeth of Nalledev

True Cross (Judeo-Christian)


Amarnath (Indian)

Angkor Wat (Southeast Asian)

Chaco Canyon (Amerindian)

Externestein (Germanic)

Great Pyramid of Cheops (Egyptian)

Grotto of Lourdes (Judeo-Christian)

Haleakala (Polynesian)

Kabbalah Stone (Islam)

Konarak Sun Chariot (Indian)

Machu Picchu (South American)

Mt. Kailash (Tibetan)

Mt. Koya (Japanese)

Mt. Shasta (Amerindian)

Mt. Sinai (Judeo-Christian)

Mud Mosque of Djenne (Islam)

Oracle at Delphi (Greco-Roman)

Porpherio's Garden Pool

Snake Mound (Amerindian)

Stonehenge (Arthurian Britain)

Tabernacle's Holy of Holies (Judeo-Christian)

Tower of the Winds (Greco-Roman)

Uluru (Australian Aboriginal)

Yellow Mountain (Chinese)


DIRECTIONS: Individual GMs, and and enterprising players are encouraged to keep a list of previous potions' consistency and color within a given campaign. Eventually through frequent use or perhaps, reckless trial-and-error, the PCs can with experience develop a proficiency in identifying certain potions.

Potion Appearance (Roll once per column)
1 Glass vial Thin and watery Black
2 Clay flask Thin Blue
3 Glass jar / bottle Viscous Brown
4 Glass beaker Oily Gray
5 Bone tube Bubbling Green
6 Metal canteen Lipid Orange
7 Leather skin Tepid Purple
8 Gourd Frothy Red
9 Stone vial Stagnant Yellow
10 Crystal flask Swirling White
11 Silver canister Opaque Blue and black
12 Gold pipe Translucent Red and brown
13 Sealed skull Clear Green and yellow
14 Old wine bottle Iridescent Red and yellow
15 Wood flask Phosphorescent Black and white
16 Pewter Decanter Striated White and blue
17 Copper phial Variegated White and green
18 Platinum Beaker Lumpy White and yellow
19 Horn / Antler Thick Roll again twice
20 Porcelain jug Dehydrated Roll again three times
Potion Flavours (roll 1d2 times per potion type)
01 Acid 26 Compost 51 Lemon 76 Pina Colada
02 Apple 27 Copper 52 Lettuce 77 Prune Juice
03 Bacon 28 Corn 53 Lime 78 Raspberry
04 Baking Soda 29 Cough Medicine 54 Liver 79 Rubber
05 Banana 30 Cucumber 55 Licorice 80 Rum
06 Beans 31 Curry 56 Mango 81 Salt
07 Blackcurrant 32 Diesel Oil 57 Marmalade 82 Sand
08 Bread 33 Earwax 58 Marshmallow 83 Sardines
09 Brown Sugar 34 Eggyolk 59 Marzipan 84 Soap
10 Brussel Sprouts 35 Eucalyptus 60 Mayonnaise 85 Soda Water
11 Buttermilk 36 Flowers 61 Meatballs 86 Spinach
12 Candy 37 Fried beans 62 Menthol 87 Strawberries
13 Carrots 38 Glue 63 Milk 88 Sulphur
14 Cauliflower 39 Grass 64 Mucous 89 Syrup
15 Caviar 40 Ham 65 Mud 90 Tea
16 Celery 41 Honeydew 66 Mustard 91 Vanilla
17 Cheese 42 Horseradish 67 Nuts 92 Vinegar
18 Cherry 43 Hot sauce 68 Onion 93 Vomit
19 Chewing Gum 44 Ice cream 69 Orange 94 Beer / Ale
20 Chicken 45 Ink 70 Paint 95 Wine / Mead
21 Chocolate 46 Iron 71 Paprika 96 Urine
22 Cinnamon 47 Kidney 72 Parsley 97 Bong Water
23 Coconut 48 Lamb 73 Pepper 98 Blood
24 Cod Oil 49 Latex 74 Peppermint 99 Water
25 Coffee 50 Leather 75 Petroleum 00 Honey


DIRECTIONS: First determine the type and either the weapon power or number of uses. If the item is a weapon there is a 25% chance it also possesses 1d2 unique magical abilities.

Magic Item Form
01-05 Helm
06-15 Clothing (see Clothing sub-table)
16-30 Weapon (see Weaponry sub-table)
31-50 Wand / Rod
51-60 Staff
61-70 Armour (see Armour sub-table)
71-75 Book
76-80 Miscellaneous Item (see Item sub-table)
81-85 Furniture (see Furniture sub-table)
86-95 Jewellery (see Jewellery sub-table)
96-00 Gemstone/Rock
Weapon Bonuses
01 Cursed -3
02 Cursed -2
03-04 Cursed -1
05-50 +1
51-75 +2
76-80 +3
81-87 +4
88-89 +5
90-96 Bane Weapon (See sub-table)
97-98 Double Bane (bonuses against 2 kinds of targets, see sub-table)
99 Triple Bane (bonuses against 3 kinds of targets, see sub-table)
00 Special: Roll 1d2 magical powers
* If the same kind of target is rolled twice, bonuses are cumulative up to a maximum of +7.
Armour Bonuses Item Uses/Charges
01 Cursed -3 01-05 1
02 Cursed -2 06-15 2
03-04 Cursed -1 16-30 3
05-50 +1 31-55 1/day
51-75 +2 56-70 2/day
76-80 +3 71-85 3/day
81-87 +4 86-95 1/week
88-89 +5 96-99 1/month
90-96 +1d4 AC but not Saving Throws 00 1/year
97-98 +1d4 to Saving Throws but not AC GM's discretion whether an item has a limited number of charges or uses
99 +1d6 to Saving Throws, +1d6 to AC
00 Special
Miscellaneous Item Types
01-05 Anvil 1 Bell 1 Bag 1 Boat
06-15 Bowl 2 Cornet 2 Barrel 2 Carriage
16-20 Candelabra 3 Drum 3 Box 3 Cart
21-25 Cauldron 4 Dulcimer 4 Bucket/Pail 4 Canoe
26-32 Chalice 5 Fife 5 Chest 5 Chariot
33-35 Comb 6 Flute 6 Pouch 6 Howdah
36-45 CONTAINER 7 Harp 7 Sack 7 Ship
46-48 Goblet 8 Lute 8 Waterskin 8 Wagon
49-55 Idol 9 Lyre
56-57 Lamp/Lantern 10 Mandolin
58-60 Mirror 11 Pipe
71-72 Phylactery
73-74 Saw
75-78 Scabbard/Sheath
79-83 Seal
84-85 Shovel
86-90 Statuette
91-92 Stool
99-00 Whetstone
01 Apron 01-06 Arrow 01-09 Amulet 01-04 Banded
02 Baldric 07 Arrow, Silver 10-14 Anklet 05 Brigandine
03-08 Belt 08 Atlatl 15-18 Arm-ring 06 Bronze Plate
09 Bodice 09-12 Axe, Battle 19-25 Bracelet 07-16 Chain
10-13 Boots 13-15 Axe, Hand 26-31 Brooch 17 Haubergeon
14 Cap 16 Axe, Two-Handed 32-34 Chain 18-21 Lamellar
15-16 Cape 17 Blowgun 35-37 Choaker 22-39 Leather
17-22 Cloak 18-19 Bolt, Heavy Crossbow 38-41 Clasp 40 Linothorax
23-24 Doublet 20-21 Bolt, Light Crossbow 42 Coronet 42-69 Plate
25-26 Dress 22 Bow, Composite, Long 43 Crown 70 Ring
27 Frock 23 Bow, Composite, Short 44 Diadem 71-74 Scale
28 Gaiters 24-26 Bow, Long 45-56 Earring 75-93 Shield
29-32 Gauntlets 27-29 Bow, Short 57-61 Locket 94-98 Splint
33-37 Girdle 30 Club 62-64 Medal 99-00 Studded Leather
38 Gloves 31 Cosh / Sap 65-68 Medallion
39-40 Gown 32 Crossbow, Hand 69-73 Necklace
41 Habit 33-34 Crossbow, Heavy 74-76 Pendant
42-43 Hat 35 Crossbow, Light 77-78 Pet's Collar
44-48 Hood 36-39 Dagger 79 Pin
49 Hose 40 Dagger, Main Gauche 80 Orb
50 Houppelande 41 Dagger, Poignard 81-93 Ring
51-53 Jerkin 42 Dagger, Rondel 94 Sceptre
54-55 Kirtle 43 Dart 95-97 Tiara
56 Loincloth 44-45 Flail, Heavy 98-00 Toe-ring
57-58 Mask 46 Flail, Light
59 Mittens 47 Halberd
60 Nightgown 48-49 Hammer, War, Heavy
61 Peignoir 50 Hammer, War, Light
62 Peplos 51 Javelin
63 Petticoat 52 Knife
64-68 Robe 53 Lance
69-70 Sandals 54-57 Mace, Heavy
71 Sash 58-59 Mace, Light
72-73 Scarf 60 Morning Star
74 Shawl 61 Pick, Heavy
75 Shift 62 Pick, Light
76 Shirt/Blouse 63 Polearm
77-79 Shoes 64 Shield, Spiked Buckler
80 Skirt 65 Sling
81 Slip 66 Sling Bullet
82 Smock 67 Sling Bullet, Silver
83 Stockings 68 Sling Staff
84 Stola 69 Sling Stone
85 Strophion 70 Spear
86-87 Surcoat 71-73 Staff
88-89 Tabard 74-75 Sword, Bastard/Claymore
90-92 Toga 76-79 Sword, Broad
93 Tricorne 80 Sword, Foil
94 Trousers 81-92 Sword, Long
95-97 Tunic 93 Sword, Rapier
98-99 Veil 94 Sword, Scimitar
00 Vest 95-97 Sword, Short
98-99 Sword, Two-handed
00 Trident

BANE WEAPONS: Weapons in the form ”+1, +2 vs skeletons“ or ”+3, +5 vs undead“ are generically called “bane weapons”. To generate a bane weapon, take the base weapon bonus (+1, +2, +3 or whatever) and make it an additional +1d2 vs a specific target.

1-2 Use Sub-table 1
3-4 Use Sub-table 2
5-6 Use Sub-table 3
7-9 Use Sub-table 4
Bane Weapons: Sub-table 1
d6/d6 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Birds Giants Dwarfs (E) Kobolds (G) Worms Dragons
2 Reptiles Trolls (G) Gnomes (E) Goblins (G) Slugs & Snails Unicorns (E)
3 Amphibians Ogres (G) Halflings (E) Hobgoblins (G) Crustaceans Pegasi (E)
4 Mammals * Ettins (G) Elves & ½ Elves (E) Lizard Men Arachnids Perytons (G)
5 Insects Bugbears (G) Humans Mermen Plants Griffons/Hippogriffs
6 Fish Gnolls (G) Orcs & ½ Orcs (G) Troglodytes Fungi Rocs
(G) If intelligent sword, will not be evil-aligned
(E) If intelligent sword, will not be good-aligned
*Includes only mammals in the “Animal” class, so not humans, demi-humans etc.
Bane Weapons: Sub-table 2
d6/d6 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Carnivores Aquatic/Marine Creatures Evil Creatures Demons Dogs/Canines Sheep/Ovines
2 Herbivores Flying Creatures Good Creatures Devils Cats/Felines Goats/Caprines
3 Omnivores Burrowing Creatures Lawful Creatures Daemons Bears/Ursines Cattle/Bovines
4 Vertebrates Extra-planar Creatures Chaotic Creatures Elementals Swine/Porcines Deer/Cervines
5 Invertebrates Insubstantial Creatures Male Creatures * Golems Horses/Equines Snakes/Elapines
6 Animals Unintelligent Creatures Female Creatures ** Undead Rodents/Murines Primates/Simians
**Misandric weapon, will function as -3 in the hands of a male
***Misogynistic weapon, will function as -3 in the hands of a female
Bane Weapons: Sub-table 3
d66 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Clerics Cavaliers Troubadours Anti-Paladins Harpies Dinosaurs
2 Druids Paladins Kung-Fu Monks Berserkers Chimæræ Slimes, Moulds, Jellies *
3 Witches Magic-Users Inquisitors Elementalists Centaurs Lycanthropes/Shape-changers
4 Fighters Illusionists Necromancers Manticores Shedu Fey
5 Rangers Thieves Warlocks Drakes/Wyverns Giants Dragon-kin
6 Barbarians Assassins Sorcerers Sphinxes Angels Hags
*Includes gelatinous cubes, black puddings etc.
Bane Weapons: Sub-table 4
d6/6 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Ghouls/Ghasts Shoggoths Moon Beasts Annunnakim Gnolls Basilisks
2 Zoogs Deep Ones Polypous Ones Cephaloids Grimlocks Catoblepas
3 Gugs Elder Things Slaasthaki Devil Rays Cockatrices Jabberwocks
4 Shantaks Great Race Ocular Tyrants Dvergar Locathah Gorgons
5 Nightgaunts Men of Leng Dark Elves Cheiropterans Pech Salamanders
6 Byakhee Mi-Go Aboleths Peikko Tritons Xill
Magical Powers
01 +1 to wearers' AC 35 Aetherealness 69 Protection from Evil/Good
02 +2 to wearers' AC 36 Astral Travel 70 Protection from Evil/Good 10'
03 +3 to wearers' AC 37 Petrifaction 71 Know Alignment
04 +1 to Saving Throws 38 Disintegration 72 Clairvoyance
05 +2 to Saving Throws 39 Paralyzation 73 Clairaudience
06 +3 to Saving Throws 40 Blindness 74 Raise Dead
07 +1 to AC/ Saving Throws 41 Finger of Death 75 Animate Dead
08 +2 to AC/ Saving Throws 42 Feeblemind 76 Heal
09 +3 to AC/ Saving Throws 43 Fly (1d6+1 turns) 77 Cure Disease
10 +4 to AC/ Saving Throws 44 Airy Water (1d6+1 turns) 78 Cure Blindness
11 Pyrotechnics 45 Detect Invisible (1d6+1 turns) 79 Remove Curse
12 Fireball 46 ESP (1d6+1) 80 Wall of Force
13 Delayed Blast Fireball 47 See Aethereal (1d6+1) 81 Force Sculpture
14 Cone of Cold 48 Invisibility (will) 82 Cause Fear
15 Lightning Bolt 49 Telekinesis 83 Remove Fear
16 Chain Lightning 50 1 Wish 84 Phantasmal Force
17 25% Magic Resistance 51 2 Wishes 85 Phantasmal Killer
18 50% Magic Resistance 52 3 Wishes 86 Audible Glamour
19 75% Magic Resistance 53 Minor Globe of Invulnerability 87 Prismatic Spray
20 95% Magic Resistance 54 Globe of Invulnerability 88 Tongues
21 Regenerate 1HP / round 55 Shield 89 Wizard Lock
22 Regenerate 2HP/ round 56 Push 90 Knock
23 Regenerate 3HP/ round 57 CURSED 91 Light
24 Immunity to Cold 58 Summon Earth Elemental 92 Darkness 15'
25 Immunity to Fire 59 Summon Air Elemental 93 Silence
26 Immunity to Lightning 60 Summon Fire Elemental 94 Silence 15'
27 Immunity to Acid 61 Summon Water Elemental 95 Dancing Lights
28 Acid Arrow 62 Plane Shift 96 Faerie Fire
29 Wall of Stone 63 Monster Summoning I 97 Feather Fall
30 Wall of Fire 64 Monster Summoning II 98 Jump
31 Charm Person 65 Monster Summoning III 99 Polymorph Other
32 CURSED 66 Monster Summoning IV 00 CURSED
33 Magic Missile 67 Monster Summoning V
34 Colour Spray 68 Monster Summoning VI

Magic Item Creation


Determine the intended item type, number of uses and/or functions and XP value.

GM notes the required ingredients and procedural materials necessary

GM calculates the total cost, and time required to create the item.

For each day or week spent constructing an item, the creator must roll for success or failure.

Item is finished.


COMMON: Everyday objects such as a piece of lint, a kernel of rice, an ounce of ale, scrap of parchment or a fly.

RARE: Common metals, mineral and gemstones, items. Common Animal or monster ingredients.

EXOTIC: Uncommon+ metals and minerals, items. Uncommon+ Animal or monster ingredients.


COMMON: Boiling, reducing, or crushing ingredients together in a cauldron or by mortar and pestle. Simple verbal and/or somatic enchantment requiring only materials or equipment normally on hand in a spellcaster's laboratory. Can be accomplished singlehandedly by a trained alchemist or spellcaster.

RARE: Slow distillation of the ingredients into an essence or powder. Uncommon requirements and/or enchanted equipment such as a magic circle, a forge, an altar or a well-equipped laboratory. In certain cases, a trained craftsman such as a smith, carpenter, scribe or a diligent apprentice may be necessary.

EXOTIC: Very complex alchemical or magical processes and equipment needed for the preparation. May require both an alchemist and a spellcaster, several craftsmen or a team of apprentices.


The hapless Lord Nhutsakh suffered an unfortunate groin injury after an unexpected random encounter with a crazed street trollop and her four angry cousin / brothers. He approached the alchemist Fauster, seeking a potion of regeneration. After careful consideration, the gentle GM decides that for it to be totally efficatious it must be drunk 3 times over a period of 3 months. So, the XP value of the potion is 500xp x 3 draughts for a total XP value of 1,500. The main required RARE ingredient he chooses is the bloody heart of a troll (priced separately by the GM as worth 350gp), powdered giant oyster shell (15gp), and a dash of elemental water (30gp). Preparation involves slowly reducing the ingredients in water for 15 days and straining into a tea-like concoction and contained inside a stoppered bottle. The total cost of the potion is 1,500 gp for time and labor and a further 395gp for materials, for a total cost of 1,895gp which Lord Nhutsakh readily pays before taking possession of the potion.

Single Draught1 Rare1 CommonXP Value/gp1 day/ 100gp200 - 1,000
1d3+1 Draughts1d3 Rare1d2 CommonXP Value/gp1 day/ 100gp250 - 2,500
Spell1 Rare + 1 Commonvar.½ XP Value/ gp1 day/ spell lvl100gp/ spell lvl
Protection1 Exotic1 Rare½ XP Value/ gp6 days1,000 - 2,000
Single Use1 Exotic1 CommonXP Value/gp1 wk/100gp1,000-4,000
Multiple Use1 Exotic/function1 Exotic/function2x XP Value/gp1 wk/100gp3,000-5,000
Limited Use1 Exotic1 Exotic *2x XP Value/gp1 wk/100gp1,000-5,000
Single Use1 Exotic1 Rare1/5 XP Value/gp1 wk/100gp4,000-10,000
Single Function1 Exotic1 RareXP Value/gp1 wk/100gp5,000-10,000
Multiple Fuctions1 Exotic1 Exotic/function5x XP Value/gp2 wk/200gp6,000-10,000
Limited Use1 Exotic1 Exotic/useXP Value/gp4 wk/100gp4,000-10,000
Single Function1 Rare1 Rare1/5 XP Value/gp1 wk/100gp5,000-8,000
Multiple Function1 Exotic1 Exotic/function5x XP Value/gp2 wk/100gp7,000-15,000
Limited Use1 Exotic1 Exotic/useXP Value/gp4 wk/100gp2,500-5,000
Single Function1 Rare1 RareXP Value/ gp1 wk/100gp2,000-4,000
Multiple Function1 Exotic1 Exotic/function5x XP Value/ gp2 wk/100gp4,000-7,000
Limited Use1 Exotic1 Exotic/useXP Value/ gp4 wk/100gp4,000-6,000
Single Use1 Exotic1 Exotic2x XP value/ gp1 wk/100gp200 - 2,000
Single Function1 Exotic1 Exotic3x XP value/ gp1 wk/100gp2,000 - 10,000
Multiple Function1 Exotic / function1 Rare / function §4x XP value/ gp1 wk/100gp2,500 - 10,000
Limited Use1 Exotic / use1 Exotic / use §2x XP value/ gp3wk/ 300gp500 - 2,500
Single Function1 Exotic1 Rare + 1 Common2x XP value/ gp3 wk/1,000gp250-800 per +
Multiple Function1 Exotic / function1 Exotic / function●2x XP value/ gp4 wk/1,000gpAdd values
Limited Use1 Exotic / use1 Exotic / use ●2x XP value/ gp2 wk/ 1,000gp3,000-5,000
Single UseI Rare1 CommonXP value1 wk/100gp20-50 per +
Single Function1 Exotic1 Rare, 1 Common2x XP value3 wk/100gp400-600 per +
Multiple Function1 Exotic/ Function1 Exotic/ function ●2x XP value4 wk/1,000gpAdd values
Limited Use1 Exotic/Use1 Exotic/ Use ●2x XP value2 wk/1,000gp1,000-5,000



Bottle of Spider Repellent

The clue's in the name

XP Value: 350 GP Value: 2,000

Elixir of Health

This magical draught completely and permanently cures mundane or magical blindness, deafness, disease, feeblemindedness, insanity, infection, infestation, poison, and rot. It will not restore any HP lost to any of the above or cure any associated wounds. Typically an elixir of health comes in a flask. Quaffing half of a flask will cure up to two of the above afflictions. Quaffing the entire flask will cure any and all of the noted afflictions.

XP Value: 350 GP Value: 2,000

Elixir of Life

This efficacious elixir will restore up to 20% of the total hit points to any living creature, regardless of their current health. If the victim is already suffering from wounds that reduced their hp to below 0, the elixir must be administered internally within 5 rounds of falling below 0hp. If successful, the recipient will be restored to 1hp but will be unconscious. Those treated in this way must rest for 1 day for every hp they were reduced to below 0. A Cure Light Wounds spell will negate the need for one day of rest. A Cure Serious Wounds spell will negate the need for 2 days rest, a Cure Critical Wounds spell 3 days, and a Heal spell will negate any need for up to a week of rest. Demi-humans and humanoids can be affected by this elixir.

XP Value: 250 GP Value: 2,500

Elixir of Madness

Drinking even a small sip of this elixir will cause the user to become insane as if affected by a Symbol of Insanity. After any quantity is drunk, the remainder of the elixir will lose its magic properties and become just a bitter, foul-tasting liquid.

XP Value: Nil GP Value: Nil

Elixir of Youth

This highly prized liquid reverses aging. An entire flask must be consumed to gain the benefit of a reduction in the imbiber's physical age by 1d4+1 years.

XP Value: 500 GP Value: 10,000

Oil of Acid Resistance

This oil can be applied to bare skin, cloth or any other material and confers a near invulnerability to acid for up to 24 hours. Each time a treated surface is exposed to acid however, the oil will lose a number of minutes of efficacy equal to the number of hit points of damage that would have been caused. A flask of this oil contains enough to protect one man-sized creature for 24 hours, 24 man-sized creatures for 1 hour, or any combination thereof.

XP Value: 500 GP Value: 5,000

Oil of Disenchantment

When applied to a living creature, this oil permanently removes all enchantments and/or charms place upon it. If applied to an enchanted item, the oil will remove enchantments/charms for 1d10+20 turns, after which the item will regain its former power(s). The oil itself does not radiate magic and when applied to an item, it will not radiate magic either for the duration of the oil's potency.

XP Value: 750 GP Value: 3,500

Oil of Elemental Invulnerability

This oil has four separate varieties (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) - roll 1d4 to determine which variety is discovered. When applied, the oil confers total invulnerability to the particular element on the Prime Material plane. 10% of oils of elemental invulnerability are particularly potent and will confer the same invulnerability when used on an Elemental plane. Each flask contains enough oil to cover one man-sized individual for a duration of 8 days, or eight man-sized individuals for 1 day each.

XP Value: 1,000 GP Value: 5,000

Oil of Immolation

This oil bursts into flame when exposed to air, inflicting 5d6 hp of damage to any creature hit by the oil. A Saving Throw vs. Spells is allowed, and success will reduce the the damage by half. When thrown, a flask of this oil can affect a maximum of 6 man-sized creatures. If a flask is opened, the holder will immediately suffer 1d4 hit points of damage and they must roll less than their DEX on 1d20 to stopper the flask before it explodes.

XP Value: 500 GP Value: 4,000

Oil of Clumsiness

This cursed oil will appear to be of a useful sort when applied until the creature to which it is applied enters into melee. In melee, they will have a 3 in 6 chance of dropping whatever weapon or other object(s) they are holding each round. Only a thorough application of a solvent such as pure alcohol will remove the oil before its potency wears off in 1d6 hours.

XP Value: Nil GP Value: 1,000

Oil of Impact

This oil offers extremely beneficial effects to blunt weapons (e.g. clubs, maces, hammers) and blunt missiles (e.g. sling stones and bullets). When applied to a melee weapon the oil will last for 1d3+2 applications, and each such application will last for 1d4+8 rounds. Each application will confer a +3 to-hit bonus and a +6 damage bonus. When applied to a missile, 1d2+3 sling stones or bullets or 1 larger missile may be coated. Each application has but a single “charge” and the missile will gain a +3 to-hit and damage.

XP Value: 750 GP Value: 5,000

Oil of Sharpness

This oil resembles the oil used to clean and protect metal weapons. When applied to an edged weapon it confers magical status to the weapon for 1d4+8 rounds. When found, the GM should roll on the table below to determine the exact efficacy of the oil found. A single flask will contain 1d3+2 applications.

1-3 +1
4-6 +2
7-12 +3
13-15 +4
16-18 +5
19-20 +6

XP Value: 100/application GP Value: 1,000/application

Oil of Stasis

This oil closely resembles a magical oil of another sort. When applied to an organic substance such as leather, paper or dead flesh, it confers the ability to resist the effects of time. Each year which passes will affect the item as if only a single day had passed. Additionally, a coated item will gain a +1 to any Saving Throws. Oil of Stasis does not itself decay or lose potency over time although it can be removed through magical means. A single flask of this oil will contain enough to coat a single horse-sized creature, eight man-sized creatures or any equivalent surface area.

XP Value: 500 GP Value: 2,000

Philtre of Beauty

When drunk, this substance grants the drinker a +1d4 to their Charisma for the duration of effect. If the effects wearing off are observed by any creature(s) formely affected by the Charisma bonus they will react in a hostile manner and possibly attack the drinker.

XP Value: 250 GP Value: 1,500

Philtre of Glibness

This philtre imparts to the drinker the ability to speak fluently (even lie) without risk of being detected or doubted. Spells such as Detect Lie will not reveal that the user is being deceitful, but may, at the GM's discretion, hint that some slight exaggeration is taking place.

XP Value: 500 GP Value: 2,500

Philtre of Stammering and Stuttering

This philtre appears to be a Philtre of Glibness when examined. The effects are detrimental however. Whenever the drinker attempts to speak (including a verbal component of a spell or reading a magical scroll) the words will be garbled and nonsensical. Spells will be spoiled and parlay attempts will result in a penalty of -25% to Reaction checks.

XP Value: Nil GP Value: 1,500

Potion of Fire Breathing

This potion allows the drinker to spit forth a cone of flame. The potion contains 4 draughts. The effects of consuming one or multiple draughts is as follows. Saving Throws vs. Breath Weapons apply.

1 10' x 20' 3d4
2 10' x 40' 6d4
3 10' x 60' 9d4
4 20' x 80' 5d10

After drinking, the imbiber can withhold the fire breath for up to 6 turns. After this time, there is a 90% chance the dweomer will simply expire harmlessly, and a 10% chance the potion will explode within the imbiber's stomach inflicting double normal damage to him or her with no possibility of a Saving Throw.

XP Value: 400 GP Value: 4,000

Potion of Rainbow Hues

This viscous fluid is always found stored in a metallic flask. When consumed, if the drinker concentrates on a single colour or combination of colours they will turn that colour or combination of colours within a single round, and will remain so for up to one hour. Each potion contains 7 draughts.

XP Value: 200 GP Value: 800

Potion of Silence

A potion of silence is similar to a potion of invisibility in all respects save that it makes the drinker inaudible instead of invisible. Any item that would be rendered invisible by a potion of invisibility will be silenced (so it affects the drinker's armour and any equipment personally carried). Unlike invisibility, offensive moves do not cancel the silence effect. If a potion of silence is used on an unknowing or unwilling target—for example, if it were tipped in a wizard's wine cup prior to an assassination attempt - then a Saving Throw vs. Spells (unlisted categories) is allowed to avoid the effects.

XP Value: 250 GP Value: 500

Potion of Ventriloquism

This potion will imbue the drinker with ability identical to the 1st-lvl Arcane spell, Ventriloquism. The potion usually is found with 1d6 quaffs. Effects will expire normally after 1d6+2 rounds.

XP Value: 200 GP Value: 800

Potion of Vitality

When consumed, this potion refreshed and revitilizes the drinker who might have gone without food, drink or restful sleep for up to 7 days. If consumed it will revitilize the drinker for a number of days up to 7 minus the number of days of such deprivation. Further, this potion will act as an antidote to poison and regenerate 1 Hit Point every 4 hours.

XP Value: 300 GP Value: 2,500

Magic Scrolls

Blah blah add Witch scrolls to the standard scroll rules blah blah

Ward of Acid

Provides protection against up to 20 HD of magical or non-magical acid for 1d4+8 turns depending on which comes first. Reading Time: 5 segments

XP Value: 2,500

Ward of Dragon's Breath

The reader of the scroll only is protected from all manner of dragon breath weapons for 1d4+4 rounds. Reading Time: 1 round.

XP Value: 2,000

Ward of Breath Weapons

The reader of the scroll only is protected from all manner of non-dragon breath weapons for 1d4+4 rounds. Reading Time: 1 segment.

XP Value: 2,000

Ward of Cold

Reader is surrounded with a 30' diameter sphere for 1d4+4 turns that protects all inside from normal cold and gives a +6 bonus to Saving Throws vs. Cold and resulting damage will be reduced by either ¼ or 1/8 if the Saving Throw is made. Reading Time: 3 segments

XP Value: 2,000

Ward of Electricity

Reader is surrounded with a 20' diameter sphere that protects all inside from electricity for 4d4 rounds. ReadingTime: 5 segments.

XP Value: 1,500

Ward of Fire

Reader is surrouded by a 30' diameter sphere that protects all inside from magical or non-magical fire or heat for 1d4+4 turns. Reading Time: 8 segments.

XP Value: 2,000

Ward of Gas

Reader is surrounded by a 10' diameter sphere that protects all inside from toxic gases, magical or mundane. Reading Time: 3 segments.

XP Value: 2,000

Ward of Illusions

Only the reader is protected from any and all illusory or Phantasmal magic for 5d6 rounds. Reading Time: 7 segments.

XP Value: 1,500

Ward of Paralysation

Only the reader is protected from any and all forms of paralysis, whether from spell, gas, etc. for 1d4+1 rounds. Reading Time: 1 round X.P. Value: 1,500 Ward of Plants A zone of protection from all plants, slimes, moulds and fungi extends from the reader in a 10' diameter sphere. If the zone is moved toward mobile plant life, the plants will be pushed away. If the zone encounters immobile plants it will not be able to keep moving unless the reader has enough STR and mass to uproot the blocking plants. The protection lasts for 1d4+4 rounds. Reading Time: 1 round XP Value: 1,000 Ward of Poison The reader is protected from any and all poisons and any poison currently affecting them will be neutralised. Such protection lasts for 1d10+2 rounds. Reading Time: 3 segments.

XP Value: 1,000

Ward of Mechanical Entrapment

The reader is protected from all traps of a purely mundane, mechanical nature for 5d4 rounds. The scroll will not reveal the existence of such traps however. Reading Time: 4 segments. XP Value: 2,000 Ward of Enchanted Entrapment A zone of protection from magical traps extends in a 10' diameter sphere centered on the reader. Magical traps will not function against those protected by the sphere. The scroll will not reveal the existence of such traps however. Reading Time: 8 segments.

XP Value: 2,000

Ward of Traps

A zone of protection from all extends in a 10' diameter sphere centered on the reader. All traps, mundane or magical, will not function against those protected by the sphere. The scroll will not reveal the existence of such traps however. Reading Time: 1 round. XP Value: 2,000 Ward of Water A zone of protection extends in a 10' diameter sphere centered on the reader. All forms of water cannot penetrate the sphere nor will they affect those protected in any way for 1d4+4 turns. Reading Time: 6 segments.

XP Value: 1,500

Ward of Enchanted Arms

These scrolls come in a number of specific varieties. The reader cannot be harmed or touched by the particular type of magic weapon for 1d4+4 rounds. When found, the GM should roll on the table below to determine the exact type of weapon warded against. Reading Time: 1 round. | 1D3 | WEAPON TYPE | | 1 | Blunt | | 2 | Edged | | 3 | Missile | XP Value: 1,000 Ward of Mundane Arms These scrolls come in a number of specific varieties. A zone of protection extends from the reader in a 10' diameter sphere. Those within the sphere cannot be harmed or touched by the particular type of weapon for 1d4+4 rounds. The scroll cannot protect against large missiles such as boulders from a catapult or ballista bolts. When found, the GM should roll on the table below to determine the exact type of weapon warded against. Reading Time: 1 round.

1 Blunt
2 Edged
3 Missile

XP Value: 1,000

Magic Weapons

Arrow of Fireballs (A/B/Ca/F/P/R/T/Tr)

These arrows are +2 to hit, and explode into a Fireball causing 6d6 points of damage when striking a target. The Fireball consumes the arrow, and if the arrow misses its target it will be broken. The creature struck by the arrow is not allowed a Saving Throw, although others in the area save for half damage .

XP value: xx GP value: xx

Bolts of Earthquakes

These function normally as +2 heavy crossbow bolts. When shot into the earth or into a stone structure they cause a 10d10 earthquake in a 30 sq. ft. area.

XP value: xx GP value: xx

Bone Mace (A/B/C/Ca/F/P/R)

A bone mace is wielded by favoured servants of Orcus, and sometimes given to Anti-Paladins as a reward for their service. It is a mace +3 that causes paralysis as a ghoul 3 times/day.

XP value: xx GP value: xx

Braeran's Stiletto (A/B/Ca/F/P/R/T/Tr)

Damage: 1d3/1d2 + Special

Braeran was a petty crook and mugger who tried to pass himself off as an Assassin, if he encountered someone making discreet inquiries about contracting an Assassin. If the target were a resident of his own quarter he would take the job and attempt to complete it, although his methods were unsophisticated. If the target resided in a quarter where Braeran had no access, and no association to gain it for him, Braeran negotiated a price in bad faith and then attempted to kill his employer upon receiving an initial installment for expenses. He had considerable success, mainly due to his blade which he had taken from the belt of a drunken sailor he had assaulted and robbed.

This small dagger's hilt is made of silver, wrapped in leather. The pommel has been worked into the shape of a small frog, with an open mouth. The piece is a rendition of a species native to the jungles. Its head is on a swivel which allows it to unlock and slide, allowing access to a small cavity which can be filled with liquids of the bearer's choice. On the guard is a small carving of two daggers lying horizontal, opposite ends, across a six pointed star. Pressing down on the star causes the contents of the chamber to evacuate through a deep groove that runs down the center of the blade from its tang to the tip; typically this is used to inject poison from the hilt chamber into a wound.

As the blade itself is not coated in venom there is no chance for observers to “notice” the same, and possibly be swayed by the use of poison to risk involving themselves by notifying the nearest watchman. The weapon is not enchanted in any way, and gives no bonuses to hit or damage.

Braeran eventually grew careless, as is wont to happen when enjoying illicit gain without consequence, and the Assassins' Guild became aware that someone using this distinctive blade was impersonating their members. In a stroke of luck, Braeran found out his secret was compromised, although he mistakenly thought the Assassins also know his identity. To escape, Braeran signed on as a hireling to a newly-formed adventuring group that was willing to purchase his exit stamp at the quarter gate. The group, who called themselves Magan's Men, have not returned to the city for three seasons.

XP value: 100; GP value: 150

Devil's Club (CDIMW)

This is an enchanted stick from a thorn creeper (c.f. MoM, pp 98-9). It is a +1 club. On a perfect roll of '20' the victim will be permanently scarred, suffering -1 to their Charisma.

XP value: xx GP value: xx

Hound's Tooth Dagger (A/B/Ca/F/I/M/P/R/T/Tr)

This dagger, formed of a huge sharpened dog's tooth set with a bone handle, appears to be a magical +1 weapon, and normally functions as such. However, on a natural “to hit” roll of 20, it will magically conjure a dog (cf. OSRIC: Dog, Wild) which will also begin to attack the target that was struck. The dog has 4hp and can be attacked as normal, and it will disappear in any case when its target is dead. It never needs to check morale and cannot be commanded to do anything other than attack the creature it has been conjured to fight. The hounds thereby summoned are black-furred, their eyes glow a spectral green, and they bring with them a preternatural chill in which their breath steams like jets of fog. It is not possible for more than three dogs at a time to be summoned by the Hound's Tooth Dagger.

XP value: 150; GP value: 300

Sword of Ineffable Evil (A/B/Ca/F/P/R/T/Tr)

Forged in the furnaces of Narak and quenched in the blood of a devil, this longsword radiates chaotic evil and has a wickedly sharp saw-edge along both edges of its pitch-black blade. In the hands of an Anti-Paladin, this is a magical longsword +4 that continually radiates Protection from Good in a 30' radius. The bearer may use it to Commune with a demonic patron (as the 5th-lvl Divine spell) once per week.

XP value: xx GP value: xx

Sword of Spell Stealing (A/B/Ca/F/P/R/T/Tr)

A +2 sword with special powers against any creature that has a spell memorised. (It only works on memorised spells, not spell-like powers, so the sword of spell stealing could not steal the powers of a unicorn or pit fiend, but it would work on a lich or naga.) If the attacker rolls an unmodified 20 “to hit”, then one of the target's spells vanishes from its memory; determine the spell lost randomly. If the attacker is injured, then he or she is healed 1hp of damage for each level of the spell stolen.

XP value: xx GP value: xx

Mace of Order (A/B/C/Ca/F/P/R)

In the hands of a Chaotic character this heavy mace functions as a cursed -1 weapon. For a character who is Neutral on the Law-Chaos axis, it counts as +1. For a Lawful character it is a +3 weapon and inflicts double rolled damage, i.e. (1d6x2)+4 vs small or medium-sized creatures and (1d6x2)+3 vs large ones.

XP value: xx GP value: xx

Mace of Smashing (A/B/C/Ca/F/P/R)

This +1 heavy mace increases the wielder's strength by one. This means that the strength is increased to the next whole number, so for example, a character with strength 18/32 would have an effective strength of 19 while wielding this weapon.

If the mace is used on an object, it must pass a Saving Throw vs. Crushing Blow or be destroyed. The mace of smashing is therefore prized by dungeoneering adventurers of the less subtle kind, since it can be used for breaking down doors or smashing open chests and other containers (although in due course, adventuring types may find the gentle sound of shattering potion-bottles, magical mirrors or other fragile contents upsetting, and may become tired of triggering traps).

XP value: xx GP value: xx

Mageblade (A/B/C/Ca/F/M/P/R)

This +1 longsword is usable by Magic-Users. Dagger proficiency is sufficient to remove the non-proficiency penalty for a mageblade.

XP value: xx GP value: xx

Hammer of Witches (A/B/C/Ca/F/P/R)

The hammer of witches counts as a +1 heavy warhammer in the hands of most characters. When used by an Inquisitor, it counts as a +3 heavy warhammer and inflicts double damage against any creature with spells memorised. It also empowers the Inquisitor to turn undead as a Cleric of the same level.

XP value: xx GP value: xx

The Millennial Maces (A/B/C/Ca/F/P/R)

These weapons were constructed by a race of sea giants now vanished from the Earth and are named after the most infamous of their kind who was known to have made good use of them in battle. The millennial maces are not magical items but artifacts of super-science that cannot be replicated by anyone in a standard fantasy setting. In appearance they look like slightly over-large footman's maces built of a single piece of some incredibly hard, iron-like dark substance that weights less than any known metallic alloy. The reduced weight means someone with the suitable weapon proficiency can make use of one normally despite its uncommon size and shape.

The maces confer no bonuses to hit but have two special abilities when activated by a command word. When this is done the head of the mace begins glowing white-yellowish, surrounded by a weaving field of energy that resembles flames and casts light equivalent to a lantern and emits a ominous humming sound just within range of hearing frequency.

The energy field has disruptive properties on matter down to the molecular level and causes horrendous damage, being able to crack and shatter even stone and steel. In combat calculate normal damage for using a footman's mace, including bonuses from Strength, Weapon Specialization, etc, and double the total. Inanimate objects struck by an active mace must Save vs. Disintegration or be destroyed.

Furthermore, within a 30' radius around the mace wielder all hostile non-supernatural creatures of Intelligence above Semi- must Save vs. Death or be struck by fear. This fear effect does not cause victims to flee but rather stay rooted to place, cowing and unable to do anything except maybe going into parrying mode. Each time a creature under the influence of fear is attacked by the mace-user it can re-roll the Saving Throw; upon success fighting back is possible although at a -4 to Hit. Creature affected by the fear field who manage to step outside of it, or who stop being under its direct influence due to the mace-wielder moving about, can make ranged attacks normally. The field of fear is not magical, but techno-psionic in nature so it will affect even normal beings normally immune to fear.

The power source of these maces is not infinite but is is self-recharging to a degree. When energy reserves go below a certain threshold the mace with go into “standby mode” and deactivate for a period of time as it siphons power from the Planes Beyond. To simulate this any natural “1” on an attack roll using a millennial mace means it will shuts down for a period of 1d4 days.

XP value: xx GP value: xx

Gladius of Flowing Steel (A/B/Ca/F/P/R/T/Tr)

In their natural form these rare magical weapons look like short swords made of a single casting of metal, the entire weapon, blade, handguard and handle is made of a solid-state mercurial metal alloy with no seams that can alter its shape. Upon command the entire weapon can change to the form of any straight-edged model of sword from Short Sword to Two-handed or anything in between.

These armaments work as +1 magical weapons for purpose of hitting, damage and for wounding creatures immune to mundane weapons. Besides this the wielder gains a +1 bonus to hit as the blade and hilt, regardless of the form adopted, always take on a shape that is perfectly adapted and balanced to the personal needs of the user.

XP value: xx GP value: xx

Phase Sword (A/B/Ca/F/P/R/T/Tr)

Sword that casts Blink (3rd-lvl Arcane spell) and can hit displaced, out-of-phase or æthereal things.

XP value: xx GP value: xx

Polearms of the Peasant Heroes (A/B/Ca/F/P/R)

There was once a peasant rebellion that benefited from the aid of master weapon-smith who unselfishly made many dozens of polearms to help the commoner insurgence against tyranny. Like most, this rebellion was crushed but its legacy lives on trough these weapons for the spirits of the peasant heroes that fought in died in those battles still linger on them.

In appearance these weapons look no different than standard fare polearms, although detection of magic will show they have a faint necromantic aura about them. They seem immune to both the effects of the passage of time as well as corrosion and rust from natural sources. They run the entire gamut of polearms except for pure pikes and halberds. Glaives, guisarmes and glaive-guisarmes being the most common models found-

In combat the Polearms of the Peasant Heroes confer a to-hit and damage modifier that varies according to the nature target they are being used against. When facing a lowly representative of authority or agent of the state such as a soldier or city watch member they work as +1 weapon, against a non-noble superior officer, judge or bureaucrat they get a +2 bonus, +3 vs. a titled noble, +4 vs. a high noble such as a baron or duke and +5 vs. a prince and +6 vs. a king or emperor; for these last two classes the victim must also make a Save vs. Death upon being struck by the weapon or perish immediately regardless of damage incurred. If used against persons of commoner or lower status they grant a variable negative penalty to hit and damage of minus 1d4+1.

These weapons are Neutral in alignment but will not harm users unless they are members of the higher classes, in case a noble attempts to touch one and is of any alignment other than Lawful Good, he will suffer magical damage equal to being struck by the weapon with the appropriate damage modifier for his social rank.

XP value: xx GP value: xx

Dastard's Foils (A/B/Ca/F/P/R/T/Tr)

An ornate case containing a pair of seemingly identical and fine foils. However the Dastard's foils consist of one weapon with a +1 to +4 bonus and one with a -1 to -4 penalty (The penalty is always the exact inverse of the bonus). Anyone faced with choosing a weapon from the pair will always choose the cursed weapon unless they pass a Saving Throw with a -4 penalty. Unlike most cursed weapons, the cursed foil can always be returned to the box provided the matching foil is also returned.

XP value: xx GP value: xx

Rapier of Wit (A/B/Ca/F/P/R/T/Tr)

This finely crafted rapier is +2 weapon which also grants a +1 bonus to Charisma when worn or wielded. Furthermore, provided the wielder can maintain a steady barrage of insults and is not prevented from speech in some way, they may confuse and befuddle their opponents, causing them to attack with a -2 penalty and a -1 penalty to armour class. Mindless or deaf opponents are immune to this effect.

XP value: xx GP value: xx

Flying Flange (A/B/Ca/F/P/R/T/Tr)

The Flying Flange is a rapier with quillion and guard crafted into the form of a kingfisher. This +1 weapon enables the wielder to make prodigious leaps as per the 1st-lvl level Arcane spell, Jump. Furthermore the wielder can avoid all falling damage on a successful Saving Throw. The wielder may also make a leaping charge, in which case the first successful hit inflicts double damage.

XP value: xx GP value: xx

Rapier of the Mark (A/B/Ca/F/P/R/T/Tr)

This thin and light rapier is a +2 weapon. On a successful hit the wielder may choose to mark the opponent with a personal and permanent signature, insignia or initial. The mark is clearly visible covering the victim's chest and will glow slightly with a soft but visible light even if the victim covers it, becomes invisible changes form. An opponent so marked must make an immediate morale check and must check morale every time they confront the wielder (should they ever meet again). Only a Remove Curse, Limited Wish or Wish will remove the mark.

XP value: xx GP value: xx

Battle Axe of Mighty Hewing (A/B/Ca/F/P/R)

These dwarf-made battle axes are one-piece weapons of solid black metal with heavy, dense blades made for the elite honour guards of their kings. Their magical enchantments grants +1 to-hit and +2 to damage. A character fighting with one can perform a Mighty Hewing manoeuvre for tremendous damage: instead of attacking in one round he pulls back the weapon and attacks normally on the next with full force. If the blow hits it will deliver double normal rolled damage, including all modifiers from Strength and Weapon Specialization.

When attempting a mighty hewing the axe's user cannot make multiple attacks or benefit from the “Fighting the Unskilled” ability of the Fighter class. Due to their awkward distribution of weight these weapons cannot be used one-handed or properly wielded by someone with Strength bellow 16. Someone with insufficient strength fights with the axe as if he lacked the appropriate weapon proficiency and cannot use the mighty hewing power.

XP value: xx GP value: xx

Bolts of Lightning (A/B/Ca/F/P/R)

These bolts are normally light crossbow bolts, although heavy crossbow bolts may be found. When striking a target a Lightning Bolt is unleashed, consuming the bolt.

The lightning bolt inflicts 6d6 points of damage, and the creature struck by the crossbow bolt receives no Saving Throw, but any creatures in the path of the lightning stroke do. Whether striking a target or not, the bolt will break.

Note that the lightning stroke is 5' wide and 30'long. If a solid object is within the stroke, say a stone wall, the stroke will rebound to its full length, e.g., if a wall is 10' behind the victim the stroke will rebound 20', enveloping the shooter if he or she is within 20' of the target.

XP value: xx GP value: xx

Thunderclap Arrow (A/B/Ca/F/P/R/T/Tr)

These magic arrows are of exceptional value, having +3 to-hit and damage. In addition, any victim struck by one of these arrows must Save vs. Breath Weapon at -3 or be stunned for 3d4 rounds. These arrows are effective on creatures of 600 lbs. or less. Creatures up to 1,200 lbs. save normally, and more massive creatures are unaffected by the stunning.

XP value: 1,000 GP value: 100

Swords of the Ancients (XXX)

The ebb and flow of peoples across the plains of the north is a fact of barbarian life. However to a man of kingly blood the second most important thing about his burial (the first is that it be a result of death in battle) is that it be in the earth of his homeland. When their enemies drove the tribe from their homeland the men of kingly blood stood on the borders of their homeland and divided into pairs and fought to the death, until at the last, Knorr the Unvanquished perished from his wounds having defeated his brother in single combat. The men of the tribe buried them there and pressed on to find a new homeland.

Accounts differ on how many pairs fought, or what weapons were used by all of the combatants but all agree that the weapons were changed by the use to which they were put. Four swords are known to exist. Seeming to be commonplace Minnatanian blades of ancient design but possessing a fearsome curse. All exert a pressure on the wielder of the blade to destroy the hereditary enemies (if any of these near extinct peoples may be found) and exert mastery over the tribe.

These intelligent swords have a purpose and a will of their own. The spirit of the kingly men of the ancient tribe live on, bound to the weapon they used to kill thier own brothers and sons. Lawful Evil, they exist to exterminate their hereditary enemies and all their works and promote men of ability to the rule of the tribe. The swords do not communicate with the wielder, but will influence the weak willed user to achieve their goals. They may also betray the user who is strong willed enough to resist their influence but otherwise unsuitable to rule (not a barbarian noble). Generally the abilities manifest as a +1 bonus to hit and damage in combat. If the sword has decided to betray the user it will be a -1 weapon, unlike most cursed swords casting it away will break the curse easily. Most barbarian warriors are distrustful of magic and may seek to cast away the sword if they realize it is magic, if the warrior is worthy of it's service the sword will seek to dominate the will of the user at least to make sure it is not discarded.

XP value: xx GP value: xx


Armour of the Porcupine (any who can wear that armour type)

Armour of the Porcupine magically inflicts damage on any attacker who hits the wearer in melee. There is no Saving Throw, but magic resistance will prevent this effect from working (treat the armour as an 11th level spellcaster). It can work on any number of attackers, even if they all hit in the same round. It is ineffective against damage caused by spells or missiles. Roll d% to determine the strength of the armour:

01-30 +1 1 hp per hit
31-40 +2 1 hp per hit
41-45 +3 1 hp per hit
46-47 +4 1 hp per hit
48-67 +1 1d2 hp per hit
68-75 +2 1d2 hp per hit
76-80 +3 1d2 hp per hit
81 +4 1d2 hp per hit
82-90 +1 1d3 hp per hit
91-95 +2 1d3 hp per hit
95-97 +3 1d3 hp per hit
98 +4 1d3 hp per hit
99 +1 1d4 hp per hit
00 +5 1d6 hp per hit

Each time the target is struck in melee, there is a 1% chance that the armour of the porcupine's enchantment will be exhausted and it will crumble to dust.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Armour of Quick Changing (any who can wear that armour type)

This armour provides normally (90%) +1, occasionally (9%) +2 or rarely (1%) +3 protective value. It can be donned or doffed in one round.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Armour of Swimming (any who can wear that armour type)

Armour of swimming will not rust or rot in water, and while fully immersed in water, has an encumbrance of zero.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Polished Shield (any shield-using class)

The polished shield acts as a shield +1. Its reflective surface also reflects gaze attacks such as a medusa's like a mirror does.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Survivor's Shield (any shield-using class)

The survivor's shield acts as a shield +1. Once in the wielder's life, the shield will empower him or her to re-roll a failed Saving Throw. Once this has been done, that will never again work for that character. Each survivor's shield will enable a maximum of three re-rolled Saving Throws - for three different owners - before crumbling to dust.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Monk's Shoes and Gloves (KFM)

These shoes and gloves are created in sets that cannot be divided. Each set consists of two shoes and two gloves; if any part of the set is damaged the remaining pieces lose their dweomer and become mundane items.

Usable only by Kung-fu Monks, these foot and hand-ware empower a monk's open hand attacks to damage creatures damaged only by magical weapons. Some sets have no plus to hit or damage, but will enable the monk to effectively strike creatures requiring silver or +1 weapons to hit. Others have varying pluses to hit and damage.

A further benefit is gained, for the wearer is protected from some effects while striking. Thus a monk could use open hand attacks upon a vampire without suffering energy drain, but if the vampire should strike him, normal draining would occur.

01-50 +0 200 1,000
51-80 +1 400 2,000
81-90 +2 800 4,000
91-96 +3 1,400 7,000
97-99 +4 2,000 10,000
00 +5 3,000 15,000

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Shield of the Undead (any shield-using class)

The Shield of the Undead acts as a shield +2. It absorbs the level-draining touch attacks of the undead, preventing them from working. When it absorbs a level-draining attack, roll 1d20. On a “1”, the shield crumbles to dust.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Amazing Aventail of the Forge-worker (XXX)

While not designed to work as true armour this set of magical leather apron and gloved leather sleeves works as a suit of +1 leather armor and grants great resistance against fire and heat. The wearer of the aventail suffers only half damage from any fire or heat-based attack whether mundane or magical, and no damage on a successful Saving Throw. Most aventails are dwarf or gnome-sized and used exclusively by their metal smiths but both races have been known to fabricate human-sized versions of these garments for their allies in situations similar to those that lead elves to gift outsiders with sets of elfin chain.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Shield of the Hoplite's Shade (XXX)

These round, hoplon-style shields come in all sizes from small to large. They grant no special bonuses to AC but upon command will expand in size until they grant 100% concealment and cover to the shield bearer making him fully immune to missiles shot from the direction the shield is facing. The weight of the shield will not increase and the effect will work for any wielder of size smaller than Large.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Helm of the Impassive One (XXX)

These close-faced visored helmets look remarkably utilitarian, being bereft of any markings, adornments or decorations. They are made of seemingly normal steel except for the the face-plate on the visor, which is built of a silvery-white alloy and bears no eye sockets or breathing holes. Despite this the wearer can see and breathe normally and is granted ultravision while using the helm with the visor down. He can also see through all visual illusions and is immune to all hypnosis, charms and detrimental, magic-based mental effects that rely on sight.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Shield of the Voracious Wind (XXX)

These circular medium shield shields of +1 to +3 enchantment are all embossed with a high relief shaped like face of a mythological creature or animal. Upon command the face's jaws will open to considerable size and inhale with the force of a strong wind, consuming any miasmas, vapors or flying insect swarms within a 20'x20' area in front of the user.

Within one turn the shield “swallows” and destroys what it consumed utterly. Until then the eyes on the face glow with a tenuous, eerie light and another command word will unleash the gases stored within on an area equivalent to the consuming effect.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Shield of Spiral Befuddlement (XXX)

These +1 medium or large shields all have a fan-like pattern imprinted on their faces, such as a swastika, meander or spiral that will swirl hypnotically once per battle when the wielder bangs it thrice with a weapon and speaks the command word. One creature within 20' at which the effect is directed must Save vs. Paralysis at -2 or be affected in the same manner as a Confusion spell cast by a Magic-User of level equal to the shield bearer. Creatures within range and near the target that can also see the shield swirl will also be affected but make their saves with a +2 bonus.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Hide Armour of Megafauna (XXX)

The secret of making these suits of hide armour is known only to certain primitive tribes living in remote hidden valleys and isolated plateaus where the large prehistoric animals still dwell: smilodons, glyptodons, mastodons, megaloceros, megatheriums and similar beings.

This armour is made only for tribal chiefs, elder shamans and champion warriors. In civilised lands it only slightly less rare than dragon teeth; what examples do exist were likely obtained by theft, plunder, or as a gift from a thankful tribe in return for a great service. Ancient shamanic rituals are performed over these armour grating them mild enchantments. Unlike normal hide armours they are not odoriferous and will not degrade with the passage of time.

Megafauna hide armour provides AC 5, weighs 30 lbs and limits maximum movement rate to 9”. They are effectively priceless and will never be found for sale in the open market. Classes restricted to leather armour, such as Druids and Thieves, can make use of this kind of armour normally.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Escafander of Hydrophilan (XXX)

These old suits of bronze plate armour were constructed by an eccentric mage that was obsessed with exploring the depths of the seas. They appear almost as enclosing as a suit of full plate armor, with some glassy substance covering the open spaces on the helm's visor. The escafanders have a +2 magical protective enchantment providing an AC of 2.

On land an escafander works like normal bronze plate for purposes encumbrance and maximum movement rate, but on water it becomes virtually weightless and allows the wearer to move normally as if he was wearing a ring of free action. Underwater the wearer can see, breathe and even talk normally. These armors are also very resistant to cold and pressure, a character wearing one is immune to normal cold and suffers only ½ damage from magical cold attacks (no damage with a successful Saving Throw); he will also be immune to damage from hugging attacks of the kind delivered by bears, yetis and other creatures.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Shield of the Fanged Maw (XXX)

These small metal shields all have a masterfully-wrought hideous fanged face carved on their outside. This face is imbued with a form of magical life and can deliver bites. When the shield bearer uses it in a bashing attack he causes 2d4 points of damage from a combination of impact and chomping damage. Using these shield for an attack requires no weapon proficiency and modifiers To Hit and Damage from Strength are applied normally. For the purpose of injuring beings immune to normal weapons, shields of the fanged maw count as armaments of +1 enchantment.

When the shield-bearer is himself assaulted in melee, should the attack roll miss by “1” it means the character managed to use the shield to deflect the blow and it bit out of its own volition, catching the weapon between its fangs and possibly disarming the foe. If the attack was unarmed then the fangs bite down on the attacking limb for 1d4 damage and the attacker will be caught unless he makes a Save vs. Paralysis.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Harnesses of the Barbarian Kings (XXX)

The harnesses are protective vestments once worn by some of the greatest Barbarian heroes of old. At first glance these patchwork armours can hardly be called “suits”. No two are alike, any harness can be made of a variety of different parts of leather, horn, bits of light chain, scale or lamellar, furs, bronze belts or even armour parts obtained from outside barbarian cultures such as gladiatorial leather sleeves or light gauntlets. Regardless of individual details all harnesses are distinctly barbarous in design and will look to any civilized warrior to leave altogether too much flesh exposed, often in a manner that would be considered shocking among polite company. The most frugal of harnesses may even make a wearer appear as if he or she is running around clad only in odd underwear.

By itself an harness provides only AC 9 protection and is equivalent to a leather armor in weight and encumbrance. However the sympathetic magic effect of having been worn extensively by great Barbarian heroes grant them the equivalent of a +5 protective enchantment for a final AC of 4. It is worth nothing this enchantment works solely against melee attacks, against ranged attacks the AC 9 value is used. With the exception of shields, magical bonuses to AC granted by other items will not if worn by someone dressed in these harnesses (effects other than AC improvement will still function). However, If the wearer dons any normal Barbarian helmet larger than a cap that he acquired directly from a Barbarian community by honest and legitimate means his AC improves by one. Thus while wearing an harness, a Barbarian helm and a shield a character would benefit from an AC of 2 against melee attacks and AC 7 against ranged attacks.

These armour can be used by all characters regardless of class and alignment, but its magical protective properties will not work for thieves, Assassins, arcane Magic-Users, cowards or Clerics who serve deities unfit for a Barbarian to worship.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Helm of the Boar (XXX)

Allegedly the property of some disbanded old knightly order these full helms of dark brown metal are shaped in remarkable likeness of the head of their animal namesake. They were designed to be worn with plate or heavier armours but will fit normal banded or splint armours if a smith adapts their gorget area.

The wearer of the helm gains full immunity from fear and has his olfactory sense improved to such an astounding level he gains the ability to track by scent like a Ranger of equal level. He will also be able to detect the smell of poison or other substances added to food or covering an item (recognising those smells will be a different matter). After gaining some more experience with the helm, anything from a couple of weeks to a month, the wearer can master his scenting ability to the point were he can operate by smell alone even in full darkness. The wearer gains a mental “scent picture” of the area 10 feet around him and only something fully inodorous will be “invisible” to him. In melee combat he can fight normally even while blinded or in full darkness with just a -2 penalty to hit.

The downside of these items is that the user becomes overly protective about friends, family and companions. There is a 5% chance that witnessing someone displaying overt hostility against any of those persons while wearing the helm will make the user loose control of himself and attack the one(s) responsible until they die, are rendered unconscious or flee the area.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Chirotheca of the Crimson Warrior (XXX)

These limb protective devices look like something of a cross between greaves, gauntlets and vambraces made of some lightweight reddish substance that feels plastic to the touch. A flat structure not unlike a fin extends from the wrist area to just before the end of the forearm.

When worn as a pair the chirotheca provide a non-magical +2 bonus to AC that can be used against two enemies per round in the same manner as a medium shield, except the wearer can fight with a two-handed weapon and still benefit from this protection. Using missile weapons such as bows and crossbows does not require removal of the chirotheca. When only a single chirotheca is worn it works just like a normal buckler would.

These items are also remarkably resilient to heat and will not be affected by normal fires. It is possible to safely handle red-hot metal or even touch melted stone while wearing one.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Plate Armour of Comfort (XXX)

These novelty suits of armour were designed by a famous artisan who went bankrupt due to their high production costs and poor sales. Only a few dozens were ever made. These suits of plate eschew chain links in favour of folds of silk of the highest quality and on the inside they are thoroughly padded with cushioning cloth and supple leathers in a most genial fashion. The end result is an armour so comfortable that it is possible to have a night of restful sleep while wearing one, waking up fully armoured on a moment's notice in case of an ambush.

While the armour itself is not magical it uses components of magical origin to avoid the discomfort associated with wearing armour for extend periods such as heat, grime and parasites; the wearer will not be affected by ambient temperature except in arctic or near-desert conditions and the armour won't rust or degrade.

These suits of plate grant an AC of 4, weigh 30 lbs. and allow a maximum movement rate of 90'. The value of one of these in the open market would be about 4,000gp.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Helm of Luminous Retribution (XXX)

This squarish-looking horned closed helm has the ability to project a shaft of burning yellowish light from the visor against a hostile creature up to 10' distant. A creature hit by the blasts suffers 1d6 points of magical damage per level of the wearer of the helm. A Saving Throw vs. Breath Weapons cuts the damage in half. This power may be used at will once per round but will only work against a clearly hostile creature that is attacking the wearer of the helm, and he cannot bear no arms in his hands otherwise the power will fail.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Glassy Helms of Eog (XXX)

Molded by the master gnomish artisan Eog these closed bulbous helms are made of transparent crystalline glass as strong as the highest quality steel. Helms of Eog offer the same protection as a great helm but do not impede sight or hearing in any way. The helm also acts as an air filter of surpassing quality, the wearer can breathe normally amidst smoke, sandstorms, etc and will only fail Saving Throws to resist detrimental effects from gases, miasmas, spores or other airborne agents on a natural 1 on a 1d20.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Glassy Shields of Eog (XXX)

More items borne out of the craftsmanship of master Eog. These small and medium shields are not magically enchanted but provide an AC bonus of 2 instead of the regular 1. Attackers have difficulty spotting which areas of the wearer's body are covered by the shield's transparent surface and thus a greater number of blows will be directed at it. The AC bonus of Shields of Eog can be used against one more attack per round than a normal shield of the same class.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Platinum Coin Scale Armour (XXX)

Perhaps the most expensive example of coin scale armour ever devised, only one such suit is known to exist and according to legend it drove the country of the king that ordered it made into economic ruin. This suit of scale armour is made from nearly one thousand large coins of imperishable platinum sewn together by a mesh of mithril wire. It provides protection one class better than normal scale armour (AC 5) and has equal effects on maximum movement rate and encumbrance. However, sentient creatures who understand the concept of money have to make a Saving Throw vs. Paralysis to attempt to attack the armour wearer due to a near-instinctive fear of damaging such a valuable treasure; if the save is not made the attacker can only strike blows at the few exposed areas on the wearer's body with a -4 penalty to hit.

The user of the armour gains a +10% reaction bonus in appropriate social circles and will lead professional troops with a +10% bonus to loyalty. The downside is the greed that the sight of such treasure instils on those that covet wealth, for each that admires such a beautiful work of art there will be another who plots to steal it for his own, and many may attempt to pilfer a coin or two from the suit unnoticed. Fortunately this was considered by those who made the armour: due to the strength and structure of the mithril wire holding the suit together attempting to extract a coin from it without using appropriate tools requires a Major Test of Strength (c.f. OSRIC p.1).

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

The Target Shield (XXX)

The original magical target shield was made by an Illusionist as something of a joke, but its superior protection against missile attacks soon led the magician to construct several more examples to buying costumers before he perished by a self-inflicted wound while handling a repeating crossbow.

These items are all medium round shields of +1 enchantment with concentric red and white circles drawn on their faces. This magical pattern affects all creatures that can see it up to 100' distant and subconsciously compels them to aim any ranged attacks they wish to make at the shield bearer at the bullseye on shield proper rather than at his person. As a result there is a 50% chance any successful attack roll at the bearer using a missile or thrown weapon will hit the shield instead. Even casters of aimed spells are 25% likely to inadvertently aim it at the shield if it is a permissible target for the magical effect. For incantations such as magic missile or disintegrate this has obvious benefits to the wielder, but in the case of spells like fireball it puts him in greater danger.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Armour of the Golden Knight (XXX)

This plate armour was made by a powerful sorceress as a gift to her only son when he was made a knight. Everything in this suit of armour: plates, chain links, mail coif, etc is built of pure enchanted gold that glitters spectacularly in natural light. The visor on the helm depicts the face of the original young knight that first wore it surrounded by a stylized coiffure resembling an aura of sunrays.

Besides its +2 AC protective enchantment this two other extraordinary abilities. It prevents bleeding, no matter how many cuts he receives the wearer will never die from simply due to blood loss and becomes immune to blood drain and similar attacks. Second, and most importantly, it will save the wearer from a fatal blow…once.

Any melee or missile attack that would reduce the wearer to -1 HP or less will cause no damage, and the weapon used to deliver what would have been the fatal blow shatters upon impact. Only magical weapons +3 or greater can resist this effect by making an Item Saving Throw. If the attack was unarmed or used a natural weapon such as claws the assailant suffers bone fractures in the body part he used to make the attack, suffering damage equal to what the attack would have caused.

After saving the wearer's life in this manner the armour loses its radiance and becomes dull yellow in colour. It looses both its +2 enchantment and blood drain immunity, henceforth working as normal plate armour. It is possible to “recharge” all the armour's powers for that one wearer if a special ritual involving the sacrifice of 5000gp worth of gold dust is performed by a willing spell caster or creature who has the ability to make magical armour. Determining the precise ritual may require consulting sages or extensive magical research.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Helms of the Horned Demon-Kings (XXX)

Allegedly these dreadful helms are made of the actual skulls of half-demon sovereigns of old that were dipped in a solution of enchanted silver. They look like over-sized silvery humanoid skulls with a pair of ram horns jutting out of the sides. The internal space is sufficient to fit a human head comfortably and the skull-helm eye sockets are wide enough to provide good vision when it is worn.

Donning one of these helms grants a limited form of illusionary invisibility. All the items on the wearer's body, including any armour worn, will vanish from sight, only items carried on the hands such a weapon remain visible. Others looking at the wearer see only the fully transparent form of his naked body with the bones underneath glassy flesh looking as ebony-black outlines. This illusionary effect makes the wearer harder to detect, as if he was using a cloak of elvenkind that is 10% less efficient and does not function in outdoor settings. The visual illusion also grants a non-magical +3 bonus to AC against all attacks except those made by creatures that do not rely on sight.

The wearer of the helm also benefits from full darkvision 60' range (those with natural darkvision see its range increases by 30') and a magic resistance of 20%. Against all Necromantic spells and effects the magic resistance increases to 40%.

Finally the helm grants its user the power to paralyse a single mortal creature with fear. If he surprises an enemy that is no more than 60' feet distant he may will the skull to shine brightly with a sickly green radiance, the eye sockets will burn fiercely red and attract the victims gaze unto them rendering the target motionless with a mixture of hypnotism and terror. Only a target that is of higher level or Hit Dice than the wearer of the skull can resist this effect with a Saving Throw vs. Paralysis. Magic resistance is useless against this effect as it is not magic-based but blind creatures are immune to it. Those that are held motionless with fear count as prone, defenceless targets and may be struck down with a single blow.

These skull-helms are thoroughly aligned with evil but anyone may wear them regardless of personal Alignment. However, the lingering presence of the demon-king's spirit on the structure that once housed its brain will begin corrupting the wearer towards wickedness as time goes by. There is a cumulative 1% chance per day the helm was worn, plus 1% more per each use of the helm's terror effect, that a character will opt to commit it an evil deed or resort to violence when it is the easiest solution to deal with a life-threatening or desperate situation. For each full week that the owner goes without wearing the helm this percentage decreases by 1%.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Horned Helm of the Wild Hunt (XXX)

These open-faced helms are aesthetically Barbarian and adorned with the antlers of a stag slain by the dog packs of the Wild Hunt. They confer no special protection unless the wearer abides by four conditions: he must fight naked, eschew the use of any shield and paint his skin with Druidic symbols; furthermore, no magical items of any kind that grant AC bonuses may be worn in conjunction with the Horned Helm.

The person that draws the symbols on naked skin, which may be the helm user himself, need not be a follower of the Old Faith, but the symbols must be properly painted for the process to work. Under these conditions case the helm user is protected as if he was wearing a suit of full plate armor for an AC of 1 plus any modifiers derived from Dexterity. The effect will last until the next sunrise or sunset, at which time the symbols must be washed from the body and re-painted anew. If the skin paintings are removed or defaced in the meanwhile the effect will end and cannot be re-activated until permitted by the cycle of the sun.

Each time a naked, painted helm wearer goes into battle there is a chance he is overtaken by a berserk fury at lash out against all combatants, friends or foes, at +1 to-hit and damage and with one extra attack per round until everyone in sight or the user himself is defeated. The probability of this happening varies according to the alignment of the helm user. Chaotic Neutral wearers have a 25% chance of falling to this effect while for those of different alignments the chance decreases by 5% for each shift either axis of the alignment matrix.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Breastplate of Potency

This armour is composed of two plates, chest and back, made from a material not unlike aluminium in appearance and weight but much more resilient than that metal. Both plates are masterfully chiselled in the shape of an impressively detailed muscular human torso. The breastplate will alter its shape and size to fit any small or medium creature that has two upper limbs, both plates adhering to each other like magnets without need for buckles, belts or latches.

The breastplate weights 10 lbs. and does not limit the wearer's maximum movement rate. It grants an AC of 5 to its wearer and increases his Strength by 2 (increments above STR 18 grant percentile strength equal to the maximum value for each category, after 18/00 the character will gain STR 19).

The one annoying feature of this magical armour is that it is quite hard to remove. The the back and breast plate unite with such force and perfection that seams cannot even be detected. Removal requires a successful Major Test of Strength, up to three creatures (the wearer and two companions each pulling at one of the plates) can combine their percentages. Such efforts can be attempted once per Turn. While comfortable, wearing the breastplate of potency for extended periods may be detrimental to the torso's skin, as it does not allow it to breathe normally.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Slick Leather

A jet black, lightly-oiled breastplate that secretes its own lubricant. It grants the wearer a 50% chance of slipping free of any grapple, hold or grasp. Determine its protective value on the following table:

01-11 +1 Nil
12-22 +2 Nil
23-31 +1 +1
32-43 +1 +2
44-49 +2 Nil
50-57 +2 +1
58-61 +2 +2
62-68 +2 +3
69-74 +2 +4
75-77 +2 +5
78-79 +3 Nil
80-81 +3 +1
82-83 +3 +2
84-85 +3 +3
86-87 +3 +4
88 +3 +5
89-90 +4 Nil
91-92 +4 +1
93-94 +4 +2
95-96 +4 +3
97 +4 +4
98 +5 Nil
99 Nil +5
00 +1d6 +1d6

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx


Bishop's Ring (C)

When worn by a Cleric with a wisdom bonus to his or her number of spells per day, the Bishop's Ring doubles that bonus. Thus:

Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4
13 +2 - - -
14 +4 - - -
15 +4 +2 - -
16 +4 +4 - -
17 +4 +4 +2 -
18 +4 +4 +2 +2

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Ring of Animal Friendship

When the wearer of this ring is within 10' of animals (Neutral alignment and animal-intelligence), any such creatures must make a Saving Throw vs. Spells. If the Saving Throw succeeds, the creature(s) must flee at their maximum movement rate away from the wearer. If the Saving Throw fails, the creature(s) will become pacified by the dweomer and will follow the wearer around. If a charge is expended such pacified creatures will actually defend and guard the wearer. Up to 12 HD of animals can be affected at any one time by the ring. A Druid wearing the ring can affect double this amount (up to 24 HD) and a Ranger 1 and ½ the normal amount (18HD). When discovered, the ring will typically have 24+1d3 charges. It cannot be recharged.

XP value: 1,000; GP value: 5,000

Ring of Possibilities

This ring resembles a Ring of Warmth (c.v.) but has three different abilities which can be used on command by the wearer. Each ability is identical to the ability of any other sort of magical ring, and the effects will last for 24 hours. Each particular ability is useable only once, and after three separate uses the ring will become simply a mundane piece of jewelry worth 1d6 x 100gp.

XP value: 5,000; GP value: 55,000

Ring of Blinking

When the command word is uttered, the wearer is affected exactly as if they were enchanted by the 3rd-lvl Arcane spell Blink (c.v.). This effect will last for 6 hours, after which the ring will require 6 hours to refresh its power before being used again. The command word is typically engraved somewhere on the ring; and the ability will function whenever uttered, even by someone (within 10') other than the wearer.

XP value: 1,000; GP value: 5,000

Ring of Cancellation

This ring resembles an ornate and valuable mundane piece of jewelry, and its enchantment cannot be detected by any means. When the wearer of the ring is targeted by a magic item the ring's true ability will manifest and the assaulting magic item will malfunction harmlessly. The GM should roll a Saving Throw vs. Spells for the item, and if failed the item will be completely disenchanted and rendered mundane. Whenever the ring cancels the power of another magic item it will require 1d4 hours to refresh before it can operate normally again. Magic weapons will not have their mundane damage cancelled by the ring, only their magical effects. Saving Throws for individual items should be rolled by the GM as follows:

1Automatic failure for any magic item
2Relics save successfully
3Artifacts save successfully
4Melee weapons save successfully
5Rods and staves save successfully
6Miscellaneous magic items save successfully
7-20Any item saves successfully

XP value: 250; GP value: 2,500

Ring of the Chameleon

This ring allows the wearer to magically blend in with his or her surroundings at will, allowing for 90% invisibility in normal surroundings. Further, when the wearer is surrounded by intelligent creatures there is a chance they will be mistaken for one such creature at a distance of 60' or less for a number of turns, depending on the intelligence of the observing creature(s) as follows:

Intelligence of Observing Creature(s) Cumulative chance of discovery/turn
3 or less 100% within 10'
4-15 5%
16 21%
17 22%
18 23%
18+ 25%

XP value: 1,000; GP value: 5,000

Ring of Cursed Failure

This cursed ring functions as a beneficial magical ring of another sort as follows:

d% Type
01-10Ring of Free Action
11-20Ring of Feather Falling
21-40Ring of Invisibility
41-55Ring of Jumping
56-80Ring of Swimming
81-90Ring of Warmth
91-00Ring of Water Walking

When the wearer enters into a stressful situation (e.g. melee, stealth, or a delicate maneuver) the detrimental effects of the ring come into play, lowering the wearer's DEX to half normal. Chances for success at Thieving abilities are lowered by half. Attempts at casting a spell with somatic components will fail unless a Saving Throw vs. Spells is successful. Once worn, the ring can only be removed by the application of Dispel Magic vs. a 12th level item. Removal in this way will permanently render the ring useless both detrimentally and beneficially.

XP value: 0; GP value: 5,000

Ring of the Faerie

This ring is a specially constructed Elven item given as a gift to allies of the Elves. There are three varieties: Good (75%), Neutral (20%), and Evil (5%). A non-Elven wearer is granted the following abilities as if he or she were an Elf.

Darkvision: 60'

Detect Secret Doors: 1 in 6 chance to notice secret doors when passing within 10', 2 in 6 chance to discover secret doors when searching, and 3 in 6 chance to discover concealed doors when searching.

Surprise: 4 in 6 chance to surprise when travelling in non-metal armour and alone, or more than 90' in advance of others, or with a party entirely consisting of elves and/or halflings. If a door must be opened (or some similar task), the chance of surprise drops to 2 in 6.

XP value: 1,000; GP value: 7,500

Ring of Jumping

This ring allows the wearer to jump 30' ahead, 10' backwards, or straight up (as per the 1st-lvl Arcane spell Jump). The ring requires but 1 segment to activate but can only be used thrice per 24 hour period.

XP value: 1,000; GP value: 5,000

Ring of Mental Fortitude

This finely made gold ring shields the wearer from the effects of ESP, Detect Lie, Know Alignment as well as any telepathic mind-reading abilities. The ring also grants the wearer a defense against mental blasts such as those employed by Cephaloids that grants a +1 to Saving Throws vs. such attacks and lowers any damage inflicted by 3 points.

XP value: 500; GP value: 5,000

Ring of the Ram

This is an ornate silver ring with the head of a ram as the device. If Detect Magic is used on it, it will indicate Evocation. When found, the ring will have 6d10 charges and can be recharged by a magic-user employing both Enchant an Item and Clenched Fist. The ring has two different abilities which can be employed by the wearer by expending charges as detailed below:

Ramming Force: The ring issues forth a damaging force to a range of 30' that vaguely resembles a ram's head. Such a force causes 1d6 points of damage for each charge expended up to a maximum of 3. This ability is particularly useful for knocking opponents from ladders or walls. Such an opponent must make a Saving Throw vs. Spells modified by the following:

Opponent or Circumstance Saving Throw modifier
Smaller than man-sized -1
Larger than man-sized +2
STR 12 or less -1
STR 18-20 +3
STR 20+ +6
Opponent with 4 or more legs +4
Opponent 1,000lbs. + +2
2 charges expended -1
3 charges expended -2

Battering Ram: This ability allows the wearer to Open Doors as if they were possessed of great Strength. One charge will function as if they had 18/00 STR, 2 charges as 19 STR, and 3 charges as 20 STR. Additionally, magically held or locked doors can be opened in this manner. Damage inflicted by this ability is identical to that of a battering ram, with double or triple damage from the application of 2 or 3 charges respectively. Magic items struck by this ability must make a Saving Throw vs. Crushing Blow. Attempting to destroy a magic item in this manner requires the application of 3 charges to have any chance of succeeding. Attempting to damage mundane items does not require three charges but a Saving Throw vs. Crushing Blow is applicable.

XP value: 750; GP value: 7,500

Ring of Shocking Grasp (C/D/M/W and Warlocks)

This ring appears to be an inexpensive and mundane piece of jewelry, and will reveal only a faint, unspecific aura of magic if examined with Detect Magic. When the wearer touches an enemy, with a successful to-hit roll, 1d8+6 points of electrical damage are inflicted on the target. After 3 successful discharges the ring will stop functioning for 1 turn while it refreshes it's magical power.

XP value: 1,000; GP value: 5,000

Ring of Nourishment (Any)

This ring provides the wearer with magical nourishment even though they may go without actual food and water for hours or even days. The ring also provides mental and physical refreshment so the wearer need only sleep for 2 hours to gain the benefits of a full 8 hours of rest. Before the ring can function it must be worn for a full 7 days. If removed at any time, a further 7 days will be required for it to again function normally.

XP value: 500; GP value: 3,500

Ring of the Summoner (C/D/M/W and Warlocks)

This plain silver band will instantly become a correctly-scribed pentacle when cast upon the floor and the command word is spoken. If the caster speaks the command word again, roll a d12. If the roll is 01-11, the pentacle becomes a silver ring once more. If the roll is 12, then the magic has expired. In this case, although the pentacle will fade, no ring will appear.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Ring of Truth (Any)

This ring allows the wearer to immediately detect any lie told in his or her presence. It also makes it impossible for the wearer themselves to utter an untruth. If the wearer encounters someone under the effects of another magic item that allows undetectible falsehoods (e.g. the reverse of the 4th-lvl Divine Spell Detect Lie or a Potion of Glibness) the wearer will be incapable of hearing any of the untruthful words being spoken whatsoever.

XP value: 1,000; GP value: 5,000


Wand of Blinding and Deafening (IM)

This wand casts the 2nd-lvl Phantasmal spells Blindness and Deafness. The wielder must specify which effect is desired with a unique command word when using the wand. Each effect requires a single charge and requires 1 round. The wand is rechargeable.

XP value: 200; GP value: 2,000

Wand of Enfeeblement (IM)

This wand casts the 2nd-lvl Arcane spell Ray of Enfeeblement. Each use requires one charge and one round. The wand is rechargeable.

XP value: 200; GP value: 2,000

Wand of Identification (Any)

Unlike most wands, the wand of identification may be used by any class. Using a charge will enable the holder to cast the identify spell. It may be recharged, but only by casting the Identify spell once per charge (and therefore using up a 100gp pearl per charge).

XP value: 250; GP value: 2,000gp

Wand of Force (XXX)

This wand has three separate functions, useable as follows:

Ray of Force: this use expends one charge and creates a ray of incandescent force springing from the tip of the wand that is equivalent to a +5 bastard sword in regards to to-hit and damage. Fighter types can employ this function.

Wall of Force: this use expends one charge and creates a Wall of Force as the 5th-lvl Arcane spell of the same name as cast by a 10th-lvl Magic-User. This function can be used once per round. Fighter types can employ this function.

Forceful Hand: this use expends a half charge and creates a plane of force identical to the 6th-lvl Arcane spell Forceful Hand. Only a Magic-User is capable of using this function and they must also have at least one of the Hand/Fist spells recorded in their spellbook.

This wand can be recharged by a Magic-User of 16th-lvl or higher. Additionally, when the wand touches a manifestation of one of the Hand/Fist, Wall of Force or Mage's Sword spells the wand will absorb a single charge of magical energy and the touched spell's effect will be instantly disintegrated (as per the 6th-lvl Arcane spell).

XP value: 3,000; GP value: 30,000

Wand of Locking & Opening (IM)

When one of the two command words are spoken and a charge is expended, this wand casts eiter the 2nd -lvl Arcane spell Knock or Wizard Lock as a 12th-lvl Magic-User. When found the wand will contain 101-1d20 charges and can be recharged by a 16th-lvl or above Magic-User.

XP value: 500; GP value: 5,000

Wand of Strident Polymorphing (IMW)

Once per day, when a charge is expended and the command word uttered, this wand casts the 4th-lvl Arcane spell Polymorph Other. Unwilling victims are allowed a Saving Throw vs. Spells with a -4 penalty. When found this wand contains 1d20+4 charges and can be recharged by a 16th-lvl or above Magic-User.

XP value: 800; GP value: 8,000

Wand of Webs (IM)

When a charge is expended and the command word is spoken, this wand casts the 2nd-lvl Magic-User spell Web as a 12th-lvl Magic-User. When found, the wand will contain 101-1d20 charges and can be recharged by a 16th-lvl or above Magic-User.

XP value: 400; GP value: 4,000

Ashknott's Staff (D)

Staff that doubles the damage on a Heat Metal spell

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Wychwood Staff (XXX)

Staff +1. If it hits a wraith, spectre, ghost, groaning spirit, shadow, or other insubstantial creature in melee then it will be drawn into the staff and trapped inside until either the staff wielder speaks the secret command word to release it, or another insubstantial creature is struck in melee, in which case any previous occupant will be ejected. Creatures ejected in this way will probably be quite angry with the staff owner.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx


Amulet of Borrowed Years (Any)

This magical item was developed as a defence against magical ageing. The amulet has a “life” of 101 years, and when its wearer would be subject to magical ageing, the amulet will age instead of the wearer. This magical ageing includes attacks by entities such as ghosts, or the effects of magical spells or effects including haste, potions of speed, or wish. As the amulet ages, rather than the wearer, the wearer is not subject to any system shock rolls that would normally be associated with magical ageing. The amulet cannot be recharged, and when it has “aged” 101 years, it crumbles into dust.

XP value: 2,000; GP value: 15,000gp

Amulet of Galidor (CD)

This magical necklace can only be used by a single-classed Cleric or Druid. While wearing the amulet, the priest or priestess' cure light wounds spells become more efficacious: he or she may roll the d8 for number of hit points healed twice, and choose which of the two results will apply.

XP value: 100; GP value: 1,000gp

Atlantean Sound Spheres (Any)

Atlantean sound spheres are novel devices. Each sphere resonates in thaumaturgic sympathy with the master sphere, which is double sized. The sound spheres are six inches in diameter, while the master sphere is a foot diameter. These spheres will transmit any sound around the master sphere to the subsidiary spheres as long as the spheres are within a 100 mile radius of the master sphere. To assign a subsidiary sphere, all the person needs to do is touch the smaller sphere to the top of the master sphere - the subsidiary sphere will glow yellow for a moment and then resonate with the master sphere. If a subsidiary sphere is placed near a master sphere the master sphere will of course pick up any sounds emanating from the subsidiary sphere - this allows the creation of sound networks.

These spheres are used for news, background music, performances of plays specially designed for performance to sphere audiences, and other such productions. There are rumours of bigger spheres that can broadcast over larger areas or cause master spheres to resonate in sympathy with the larger sphere. (This might explain the rapidity of Atlantean communication.) Spheres are also rumoured that allow two way communication.

XP value: 20; GP value: 75gp

Belt of the Veteran (FPR)

This magical belt will only function if worn by a single- classed Fighter, paladin, or Ranger. The belt of the veteran adds 2 hp to the wearer in excess of rolled hp, which are lost when the belt is removed. Thus, for example, a first-level Fighter rolls 7 hp; if she dons the belt of the veteran she becomes a 9 hp Fighter. Note that there is no way of using the belt to regain hit points any faster than normal.

XP value: 100; GP value: 1,500gp

Brooch of Missiles

Makes Magic Missile spells do +1 damage per die. When used roll d% per missile, if the result is 01 then the brooch crumbles to dust.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Candle of Swarming (D)

The manufacture and use of these candles is a tightly kept secret of certain Druidic orders.

Candles of swarming are similar in many ways to the Creeping Doom spell, although only wasps form the swarm it produces, which contains 40+1d6x10 wasps. The swarm forms in a single segment and attacks the nearest living thing (usually the person that lit the candle), moving in turn to other creatures within a 50' radius of the candle. The swarm will not, however, move outside of an enclosed room smaller than its maximum area of effect even if spaces such as under doors or ajar windows exist. Each wasp does 1hp of damage before dying; wasps that survive will feed on any carcasses and mutate into giant wasps in 24 hours. If large amounts of paper are available, the wasps will create a nest lair which will be defended vigorously.

Such candles are often used to replace other tapers in targeted priests' personal quarters, usually near various holy books or papers which require light to read at night. Sometimes Assassins are hired to place the candles in appropriate areas, other times the Druids themselves, using their shapeshifting abilities, will infiltrate church buildings directly.

XP value: 750; GP value: 5,500gp

Cauldron of Inexhaustible Victuals (Any)

Will provide enough cooked food for 6 people 3/day.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Dunce Cap (Any)

Cursed helmet that reduces wearer's INT to 3 when put on. Can be removed easily; INT does not return. Once it's worked it won't work again for a year and a day.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Fetish Necklace (XXX)

A collection of hand carved statuettes, no more than an inch high adorn this necklace of braided plant fibers or leathern thongs. Each depicts a different totem animal significant to the Barbarian's tribe. A complete collection of these fetishes will contribute to long life, good luck, success in the hunt and in love. It is important to note that while some fetishes are made by artists skilled with their carving tools, the fetishes themselves must be 'blessed' by tribal shamans. The necklace is of no consequence, and may be replaced at will.

Example animals are listed below, others suited to the campaign world are possible. The DM should determine the powers of the fetishes prior to discovery by the PCs. Any effects are possible, duplicating spells or potions as appropriate to the animal spirit depicted. Fetishes granting powerful effects should require some manner of recharging or only function periodically (i.e. once a week or daily). The DM may wish to rule that the necklace only functions as a complete collection and grants one (maybe two) limited benefits. For example, if the complete collection has been worn for a week or more, 1d4hp may be healed daily at will (for the wearer or others) and one to-hit roll of Saving Throw may be re-rolled daily as well.

Armadillo: a slow, sure animal; no hurry; gets things right; keeper of the home

Badger: the ability to reach a desired goal

Bear: inner power to perceive one's present circumstances; strength

Beaver: progressive builder; establishes and promotes family unity

Buffalo: steadfast endurance to rise above one's weakness

Coyote: humour; the ability to laugh at oneself

Eagle: soaring spirit transcending personal problems; a connection to the Divine

Fox: protection; camouflage camouflage

Frog: able to petition the spirits to bring forth abundant rain

Horned Toad: self-reliance; longevity in life; conservation of native bounty.

Horse: innate healing powers

Mole: amplifies connections to with the earth; keeper of the underground

Mountain Lion: resourcefulness; leadership

Owl: keeper of the night; controls the dark side of nature; wise, smart, patient, and endurance of mind.

Ram: used to gain an increase of herds

Raven: the beak, when scratched across an afflicted person's skull, releases its healing powers

Snake: power symbol of life, death, and rebirth

Turtle: long, meaningful life

Wolf: a teacher; a path finder on a never ending journey for survival

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Bear Claw Necklace (Any)

The power of the bear claw necklace comes from the spirit power of the bear, killed by the wearer alone and armed only with weapons of their own making. The necklace grants +1 to hit and damage, AC and saves. However it must be worn alone, that is with no armor or clothing above the waist. The claws of an Owlbear yield a necklace with greater powers, +2 to hit and damage, AC and saves. A more powerful version is said to exist, crafted from the claws of a great cave bear. A necklace crafted from the claws of the fearsome polar bear would be more powerful yet and would grant powers to Resist Cold (as per the 1st-lvl Divine spell).

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Campaigner's Bedroll (Any)

A character can get a good night's rest in a Campaigner's Bedroll while sleeping in any kind of armour. In the event of attack, the character can go from asleep to standing, fully armed and armoured, in 2d4 segments.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Inconspicuous Scabbard (A/B/Ca/F/R/P/Th/Tr)

When a bladed weapon is sheathed in this scabbard, anyone watching or searching the character is 90% likely to overlook both scabbard and weapon. Roll d% to determine what kind of blade it fits:

01-10Broad Sword
36-75Long Sword
76-00Short Sword

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Flute of the Byakhee (Any)

When played, this flute summons 2d6 byakhee (q.v.) They appear in 1d4 rounds, after which the flautist must roll an immediate Saving Throw vs death. If he or she succeeds, the byakhee will obey his or her telepathic commands. If the roll is failed, then the Byakhee will carry the flautist away, never to be heard from again.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Glassy Scabbard of the Genies (Any)

These exceedingly rare items said to be made by cooperation between the dao of the Elemental Plane of Earth and the marid of the Elemental Plane of Water. A glassy scabbard looks like a normal scabbard of superior quality wrought of a translucid adamantine alloy. Extremely resilient, the scabbard and the blade within get a +3 bonus on all Item Saving Throws. Regardless of size or shape any one-handed sword can fit in the scabbard with ease who will alter its shape if need be to envelop the blade. A glassy scabbard becomes immaterial when a weapon being taken out of it, allowing for faster reaction time.

When facing an enemy in combat who has a sheathed blade or an otherwise un-readied weapon, the owner of a glassy scabbard gets a +2 bonus to Initiative; if he himself is attacked while his weapon is still in the scabbard he suffers no penalties to Initiative. The owner will also get a +5% to Reaction Rolls from either genies or dao unless it is known that he obtained the scabbard by unlawful means.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Harp of the White Whale (Any)

Made from the bones of a white sperm whale, the harp of the white whale causes a terrible obstinacy in the opponents of the player. Unless a Saving Throw vs. Spells is made, those who hear the harp's music will continue to perform their last action, regardless the consequences, for the next 1-4+1 rounds. A new save is required every round by the unaffected if the harp is continuously played. Doing such is dangerous however, as after two rounds of playing the musician is subjected to the magic of the harp as well.

XP value: 2,000; GP value: 14,000gp

Horn of Silence (Any)

This brass horn has the following effects:

Cone of Silence - The horn is blown while pointing at a specific character or target. The horn produces a cone of silence in the direction of the target at a diameter of 1' for every five feet of distance from the person blowing the horn. This will disrupt communication, including verbal components of spells and the poetics of a bard or minstrel. The silence extends for an extreme range if not blocked by a surface - 5 miles or more. A horn of silence used by a Troubadour can silence thunderclaps. In this mode, the horn will not silence any sound moving through the air - it only silences sound sources.

Area of Silence-The horn is blown while pointing up or down in an enclosed space. All sounds in the area are suppressed. If blown in an open area the silence covers a 100' radius with complete silence, and sound returns slowly when exiting that area so that full sound is heard at 160'.

XP value: 5,000; GP value: 60,000gp

Lamp of Reason (IM)

Any Magic-User or Illusionist who reads a spell by the light of a lamp of reason receives a bonus of +1 to his or her Intelligence for the purposes of spell comprehension. This affects both the caster's chance to understand the spell and the minimum/maximum number of spells per level understood.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Bote's Marvellous Mask (AT)

This mask of black cloth may be used only by a single- classed Thief or Assassin. While wearing it, the character may add +10% to his or her chances of success in the skills Find/ Remove Traps and Open Locks. Melve's marvellous mask is not cumulative with gauntlets of dexterity or other items that add to thieving skills, and it cannot raise a skill above 99%.

XP value: 100; GP value: 1,000gp

Mirror of Cloning (Any)

This malign mirror appears to be a beneficial mirror-type. However, after 1d8 uses, the mirror generates a clone (as the 8th -level Arcane spell) from its owner's reflection. The clone slips away from the mirror the next time it can do so unobserved, and will then attempt to murder or otherwise dispose of the character.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Mirror of Spell Reflection (Any)

Handheld mirror has a chance to reflect incoming spells back at the caster.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Mirror of Obsession (Any)

Owner becomes increasingly obsessed with staring at his or her reflection.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Phial of Capacity (Any)

Phials of this type are usually made of crystal, 3“ long and 2” in diameter. These phials hold much more that size would presume, each holding a full quart of liquid. They are usually found in quantities of 1 to 4 vials. 10% of the time the phials found will hold a full gallon of liquid.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Pipe, Dwarf's (Any Dwarf or Gnome)

The Dwarf's Pipe has no effect when unlit. When filled with the very finest pipe-weed and lit, the pipe grants the person smoking it enhanced powers of alertness and concentration, such that he or she is more alert and less likely to be surprised (1 in 6 instead of 2 in 6). The smoker will also detect secret doors like an elf.

Dwarfish and gnomish fighters (including multi-class fighters) are capable of smoking a pipe while in melee combat. Members of other classes will suffer a penalty of -2 on their to-hit rolls if a lit pipe is in their mouth.

Smoking a Dwarf's Pipe limits movement speed to a maximum of 90'. Monsters with an acute sense of smell will automatically detect the smoker at up to 120' distance. Normal monsters may do so (1 in 6 chance if the pipe is smoked within 60').

The Dwarf's Pipe is made of clay and if dropped must save vs Normal Blow or be destroyed.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Pipe, Wizard's (IM)

A Wizard's Pipe is an enchanted calabash pipe made from a certain gourd that grows in the Dreamlands, treated with an obscure alchemical concoction and the spells Enchant an Item, Fog Cloud and Demi-shadow Magic· It can therefore only be created by a high level Magic-User and a high-level Illusionist working together.

If the Pipe is filled with the very finest pipe-weed and lit, then each time the smoker casts a spell, they should roll 1d20. If a natural “20” is rolled, the spell takes full effect but is not lost from memory (i.e. the smoker can cast it again later that day).

Smoking a Wizard's Pipe limits movement speed to a maximum of 90'. Monsters with an acute sense of smell will automatically detect the smoker at up to 120' distance. Normal monsters may do so (1 in 6 chance if the pipe is smoked within 60').

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Quill of Scroll Creation (CDIMW)

This enchanted writing implement is of great use to any spell caster attempting to inscribe a magical spell scroll. It gives its user a 10% bonus to the chance of successfully writing a spell onto a scroll.

If the quill is used along with a special ink that is attuned to the item, the chance of success in the preparation of a scroll spell is increased by an additional 10%. The manufacture of this ink is a costly and time- consuming process, taking at least a week and requiring ingredients of at least 1,000gp in value to make enough ink to last for six uses. This special ink must be mixed with the ink that a particular scroll normally requires. A bottle of this ink may be found along with the quill, but the ink will never be discovered by itself.

The quill degrades with usage and will eventually wear out. There is a 1% cumulative chance per use that the quill will break at the completion of the writing of the spell. Note that each attempt to inscribe a spell, successful or not, counts as a use.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Racaraide Lute (Tr)

The lute will deliver 3d8 hit points of damage to any non-Troubadour, or any Troubadour under 6th-level who picks it up and attempts to play it (Saving Throw vs. Spells applies). A 6th-level or higher Troubadour who uses the lute will gain lore skill as a 16th-level Troubadour (or as three levels above his or her current level, whichever is higher) and can sing the following songs as spell-like effects once per day:

1. Comprehend Languages

2. Hold Person

3. Teleport (once per week without failure)

Troubadours below 6th-level cannot use the lute even if they do not receive damage as described above.

XP value: 6,000; GP value: 20,000gp

Scroll Case of Protection (Any)

These scroll cases, typically made of steel, are typically etched with ancient runes of protection. Each scroll case is heavier than expected, and will typically hold 2 or 3 scrolls of up to 7 spells each.

The value of each scroll case is that it offers protection against damage to the scrolls inside against all forms of damage,. In cases where the scroll case is subject to damage it saves as steel at +2. Should the scroll case fail its Saving Throw each scroll inside receives its own Saving Throw at +2.

Scroll cases that offer more potent protection, as much as +5, are rumoured to exist but have not been reliably identified.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Sheath of Destruction (Any)

This finely engraved sheath radiates strong magic when detected for. All tests show it to be some type of magical sheath. Non- magical swords may be kept in it with no ill effects. However, when a magical sword is placed in the sheath a crackling noise is heard. The sword's magic is drained from it and the sheath crumbles to dust, leaving the possessor with a non-magical sword and no sheath to keep it in.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Skeleton Teeth (Any)

When found, describe this item as a leather pouch containing 3d6 fangs, incisors, canines or molars. Each tooth will, when thrown on the ground, become a skeleton (the undead creature) which will rise and obey the verbal commands of the creature that threw it. The skeletons will last 1d6 turns or until destroyed, whichever is earlier.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Ultimate Chamber Cauldron (K)

This heavy bronze or iron cauldron is embossed with a dragon on one side and tiger on the other. The cauldron is efficacious only when heated over hot coals or by magical means (heat metal, burning hands) and lifted by a monk using the forearms (requiring a successful major strength test). Passing this test confers a permanent +1 bonus to AC and Saving Throws to the individual. The bonus will never be conferred for additional attempts to pass the test. Each attempt to lift the hot cauldron causes 1d6+1 points of damage, requires a successful system shock roll to retain consciousness and leaves the individual bearing the cauldron's signature scars. Unconsciousness or death do not negate the bonus provided the strength test succeeds.

XP value: 3,000; GP value: 15,000gp

Vaenu's Robe (IM)

This magical garment would fit an elf, half-elf, or human. Flame red in colour, the robe is embroidered with a pattern of flames in yellow. Its true power does not become apparent until it is donned by a single-classed Magic-User or Illusionist, for only single-classed Magic-Users or Illusionists may make use of its dweomer, but to them its effect is invaluable, for it enables them to memorise and cast one additional 1st-level spell per day.

XP value: 250; GP value: 2,000gp

Book, Vocare Maleficum (M, Warlock)

This workbook, reputedly began by Loran the Maimed a few decades prior to immolation at the hands of a Class F demon, details the arcane theory behind the Cacodemon spell and aids in its research.

The covers and spine of the workbook are constructed of cold iron covered in Oliphant hide, which has been dyed in Annis spittle - which doubles as the ink used to inscribe the increasingly fevered observations of the crippled one. The spine is covered with miniature metal imps; variously posed in rows of three, across its top, middle and bottom. Its pages are parchment made from larval skin. In contrast to the content of the tome, which begins in a rather detached and studious tone progressing to verses of inchoate pleadings, the print remains austerely uniform in its perfect construction. The script is incomprehensible without the application of Read Magic.

There is a catch and leather strap across the book that will cause a poison needle trap to activate from the underneath the imp in the center of the spine unless one of the imps is rotated one-half turn, counter-clockwise. Which of the nine imps this is changes with each closing of the book, although it is never the imp which houses the needle; when the book is strapped shut the correct imp's eyes will glow red for 1 round. It is up to the owner to remember or otherwise note the correct imp. The poison is fatal; demons save at no modifier, but creatures of the Prime Material save at -4. Onset time is 2 rounds for demons, 1 round for Primes.

The information contained in the book allow for a +15% bonus to rolls to know the spell Cacodemon. Additionally, its pages contain the purported true names of four Class D demons (Morsibus, Calcare, Subigo, and Ultio), three Class E demons (Cruciata, Proditor and Domitor), and two Class F demons (Caducus and Imnolo); progressing in power towards the back of the workbook. It is unknown how many of these names are correct, although at least one is suspected to be incorrect, this error having played a critical part in Loren's demise.

XP value: 1,000; GP value: 30,000gp

Necromancer Magic Items

Note: All of these necromantic items radiate a strong magical aura of evil if Detect Magic, Detect Evil or Identify is used to examine them.

Brain Pan (Nec)

This item is made from the upper half of a polished human skull covered in twisted glyphs both inside and out, with a greenish-copper band encircling the edge. When a fresh (dead less than a week) human, demi-human or humanoid brain is placed inside, the Necromancer may telepathically Speak with Dead as the 3rd-level Divine spell of the same name. The duration is equal to 1 turn + 1 turn per level of the Necromancer. The Brain Pan may be used up to 3 times per day.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Six-Flanged Knife (Nec)

This wicked-looking dagger is made of silver and steel, with a bone handle. In the hands of a Necromancer it functions as a +2 dagger (1d4+2 damage), but it functions as a cursed -2 dagger if wielded by any other class. When used in melee by a Necromancer, it will act as a conduit for any other necromantic powers that normally operate by touch (e.g. Ghoul Touch, Vampiric Touch, etc.), inflicting 1d4+2 damage in addition to any other effects.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Obsidian Mirror of Khuush (Nec)

These are highly polished obsidian plaques, roughly 1'x 3', and framed in a thin band of inscribed silver. The Lich-lords of Khuush constructed several of these mirrors to enable their undead minions to move freely amongst the living. When the mirror is placed face down over the corpse of a freshly-killed and unmutilated human or demi-human for at least one hour, an 'image' of the deceased will be stored in its glassy black depths. If an intelligent human-sized creature, living or undead, grasps the mirror to his face and utters the command word, he will be cloaked in a strong illusion that changes his appearance in all respects to appear as that of the deceased. While cloaked in the illusion, the user's Charisma is two points less than that of the deceased. Dispel Illusion will not reveal or dispel the dweomer, but dispel magic cast at 10th-level or higher will dispel it immediately. The duration of the illusion is equal to 1d6 + the number of hours the mirror was placed over the corpse, up to a maximum of 24 turns. Only one image can be stored in a mirror at a time. If used more than once per day the mirror will fracture and be rendered useless.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

The Executioner's Chapbook (Nec)

This cursed folio is made of 13 sheets of cured human skin. Each page is covered in what appear to be stanzas of an epic poem or song written in dried blood and some unknown ichor. A Necromancer can read the text automatically; For all others, both Read Magic and Comprehend Languages spells are necessary to understand the contents. A Necromancer reading the book will immediately gain enough experience points to reach the next higher level. Non-Necromancers who read the chapbook must Save vs. Death or be driven permanently and violently insane.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Brazier of Seeking Tendrils (Nec)

When a specially prepared “incense” made from a sample of a human/demi-human subject and a vile waxy mixture of fat and brain matter is burnt within the brazier, 1d4 semi-translucent tendrils will slither out of the smoke. A Necromancer can order the tendrils to seek out the subject, who can be up to a maximum range of 1 mile away per level of the Necromancer. The exact location does not need to be known: the tendrils will unerringly take the most direct route. The tendrils move at a rate of 1 mile/turn and are invisible to everyone save the Necromancer and the victim. When the tendrils find the target, they attack as the 4th-level Phantasmal spell Phantasmal Killer (see the spell description in the OSRIC rulebook for more information).

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Skin Drum (Nec)

A cast-iron kettle drum covered with a taut piece of ensorcelled and tanned human skin. A femur drumstick hangs from a leather thong wound about the neck of the drum. When a Necromancer uses the drum as part of a beckoning ritual, the effective range will be doubled and the Necromancer will gain a further +2 to attempts to control any undead creature(s) answering the beckoning. A Necromancer may also use the drum to generate an aura of fear identical to the necromantic power of the same name. The Necromancer must concentrate while using the drum for either purpose: no other actions are possible, or the drum's effect will end immediately. The drum is quite heavy, equivalent to 500gp encumbrance if carried. A skin drum may be used up to 3 times per day.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Anti-Paladin Magic Items

NOTE: All of these magic items continually radiate evil magic.

Poison Scabbard

A scabbard that imparts poison to a blade if previously fed with the blood of a venomous monster such as a giant cobra or a manticore. Each feeding will supply enough of that same creature's poison for 1d4 applications to the weapon. Poison scabbards are most often sized for daggers, shortswords or longswords, and (rarely) two-handed swords.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Saddle of Slavery

A saddle that burrows into the flesh of a normal riding beast. The owner of the saddle may then telepathically communicate his or her wishes, which will be followed as well as the creature understands. The saddle exacts a high toll on such normal beasts however, which have a 50% chance per week of expiring.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Vestments of Demonflesh

This human-sized suit is made of the black leathery hide of a babau stitched with the hair of a marilith. It is held together by an array of straps and buckles. Once worn, the skin weaves itself into the wearer's own skin and cannot be removed. Alone, it provides an AC of 7 and may be worn under heavier armors. If the wearer is killed, the vestments may be removed as normal.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

The Mark of Kain

This cursed chaotic evil amulet initially grants the wearer +0 to AC. For each 10 murders the wearer commits, the bonus increases by +1, to a maximum of +4. Thereafter, if the wearer does not commit at least 10 murders a month, the bonus will go down to +0. If after one month the wearer again does not commit at least 10 murders, they must Save vs. Death or die - their soul forfeit to Narak.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

Damnation's Flail

This +4 footman's flail was forged in Narak and continually radiates evil in a 10' radius. It was intended for a demonic champion, and requires at least a STR of 17 to wield effectively. Against good or lawful foes it has a +5 to-hit and damage.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

The Blood-drinker's Cup

This cup is made of the skull pan of a succubus chased with silver. When filled with the still-warm blood of an enemy (human, demi-human or humanoid) and drunk the cup imparts the equivalent of a Bless spell as cast by a 14th-lvl Cleric. The cup may only be used 3 times per week.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

The Winged Cloak of the Fallen Ones

This is a leathery black cloak with silver buckles along the front. When commanded, the cloak will sprout a pair of bat-like wings that allow the wearer to Fly (as the 3rd-lvl Arcane spell) for 12 turns. The wings may only be used once per day.

XP value: xxxxx; GP value: xxxxx

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